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Project description

We would like a logo similar(not exact--- interpret your own way) to the PGA Championship Whistling Straits logo.
Traditional typeface.
Thistle to be used (see link below for files)
Bonnie Doon Golf Club in the circle up top.
Sydney or Sydney Australia across the lower banner.
1897 for the date at the bottom.
Reflex blue is the main colour.

Tricky part---- this needs to be able to be embroidered no larger than 60mm x 60mm

Please contact with any questions.

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  • Yes the golf ball :) Might change it to a solid line and try a more elegant serif font. Would embroirder well but seems a touch heavy. Thanks!
  • A bit too busy. Really search for a very prestigous look.
  • Much better. Would like to see a serif font used. Try Caslon or something similar please. If you could make silvery back layer shield match up to the flat gray layer just above it that would be great. The shield shape needs to have the same width difference the whole way around. Looks like the layer has just been scaled up. Could you submit flat and black and white? Cheers, Rus
  • Sorry-- not sure how to change it to "need work"
  • Hi! Please use a serif font and change the banner shape to something similar to #5990. And change Sydney Australia to a serif font too please. Cheers
  • Hello Rus, Thanks for your feedback, Kindly mark this entry as "need work" if you want me to remove the wording "Gulf Club" below Sydney Australia. If you have any other revisions on this current entry let me know. Also if you want to see another concept no problem. Thanks for your time.
  • Hi, could you drop the "rope" look around the edge? Would like the banner to look like it wraps around the back. Could you try a different color other than the red? Maybe a tint of the blue? Very clean. Thanks
  • Sorry for the confusion. The gradient bit that I'm referring to is the 3 dimensional effects you have achieved. I would suggest taking the "Golf Club" off from below the Sydney Australia. Cheers
  • I like the idea with the shield. Any chance to go with Bonnie Doon on one side Golf Club on the other and move the 1897 to the bottom somewhere? Also maybe just a bit more 2d. Def. want a gradient version--- could you do a flat one too? Cheers, Rus
  • Hi Rus can you sign this design as need revision to take the thistle bits beside Australia off of :) Thx
  • Oh and forgot to mention - I have altered the thistle to the golf ball, You can not notice this at thirst glance, but it makes change.
  • very nice
  • Designers please remember to "only"make changes the contest holder asks for and no more. Entries will be removed if changes are made that have not been asked for, thank you.
  • any more requests for my entries? Thanks...
  • Very nice. Can you do one final one. Scale down the thistle, move it up a bit. Slide the banner up a bit and make the 1897 slightly bigger. Thanks for you entries. Cheers, Rus
  • You have already put, I have not seen :) Thanks
  • Hi Rus Can you put need revision that I can doing what you need Thanks
  • Thanks nermin, Very good. We would only take the thistle bits beside Australia off if you end up winning. Cheers, Rus
  • Hi imar183, Can you drop the stars? Square up the edges of the banner a bit(similar to onesummer). Just make the banner a bit smaller and make the veritcal height of the Australia a bit smaller. Cheers, Rus