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Project description

We need a new grahpic art concept to be applied to a new line of souvenir items. The image must incorporate many iconic images of the Boston area, icnluding bu no limited to: skyline, zakim bridge, ducklings statue, faneuil hall, USS Constitution, etc. It must be artist concept, not photographic.

message from the administration: Please note that this is an illustration and not a logo contest. The use of the canvas in this contest is not obligatory

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  • Please ignore this one, I uploaded the wrong file which was in the wrong format.
  • the text should be limited to "Boston" only.
  • Hi, Should there be any text in the artwork?
  • The sports icons are copyright
  • Stev27, your comments are correct.
  • Hello, I want to be sure I understand this correctly. You are looking for one illustration that includes a collage effect of several Boston landmarks and attractions, is that correct?
  • Sure, no problem, I've seen your website, so helpfull, Im going to add those elements and I saw that the lobster plays a good part of your cuisine so Im going to add a one as well. Greetings.
  • Thank you for the feedback! I will make the suggested changes!
  • i think the clovers should come out as well
  • this is getting there! I think the BOSTON needs more color, and the Paul Revere statue and Boston lighthouse should be brought in.
  • for refernce, please see the home page of our website and look at our calendar cover. If you need more refernce art, please email me for jpegs
  • no basketball and football needed. Perhaps boston light, the ducks, and beanpot. Also, I need to see it without the "since" portion. Cut it off below the ribbon
  • Okay thanks for the feedback, examples of your existing artwork would be helpful thank you
  • this could be something... remove the second text line and get more illustrative in the letters. Its a little too linear
  • not bad in concept, however having the ducks that prominently displayed looks a little scary
  • needs more iconic represenation
  • this could be something if more local icons are incorporated
  • to architectural and modern
  • This is too linear. I like the concept, but it needs to be more illustrative and needs more use of boston icons.
  • this is getting there... just the images with ribbon would be better. Also, adding the baseball in place of the moon perhaps? If you need examples of our existing artwork, let me know