Boulder Snow Removal and Landscaping

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I need a new logo for our company. See old logo at

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  • the contest has been extended.
  • Thursday 4/29
  • We can extend the contest until Thursday 4/30.
  • I'm open to any type of logo. Since the name of the company explain what we do. The illustration will no me mandatory. I do not have a color limit.
  • Coy
    can we extend this contest at least a week. I'm working on something based off his last logo, since he hasn't replied to sharie.
  • Do you want to stay with an illustrated type logo (your curent logo has a retro kinda look and feel), cartoon like or more serious side? Do you have a color limit?
  • Maybe Snow removal in blue and landscaping in green and bigger?
  • I like this one, maybe bigger letters for Snow removal & lanscaping and smaller boulder
  • I like the one with the trees better, if the trees were more define.
  • too winter. Need lanscaping incorporated.
  • I like this logo a lot. Let play with the Boulder font. See if we can do "Snow removal & Landscaping bigger"
  • Thio boulder word is too big, i woul like Snow removal and Landscaping bigger. Also we need some green for the landscaping part