Mother's Day Greeting Card

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Please design only the front of the card as your entry, and write the copy for the inside of the card in the notes section of the upload page. Your card can be heartfelt and inspirational or clever and funny, as long as it is related to Mother’s Day.

Please use only your own original work. Your card can either be designed and created on the computer, hand drawn, or even a painting that has been scanned, just be sure to create something new, specifically for this contest. This contest is a chance for you to practice your skills, follow a design brief, and most of all – Have Fun! As always, no clipart, stock images or copied concepts will be tolerated. Please no photo-manipulation, we want to see your artistic talents and drawing skills!

Please save your design as a jpeg or png file, and within 640x480 pixels. You will retain all rights to your design and are free to use it for any future projects.
Community Contests are open to all registered members of The winner will be determined by a voting poll that is open to all registered members of the community. Members will judge the entries on creativity, drawing skills, and your ability to follow direction. The prize for winning this community contest is a DesignContest T-shirt, and the winner will move one step closer to enrollment to the Elite Design Team.

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  • I corrected the shadow slightly how do I delete the 1st entry? or Replace it?
  • this is really adorable, I love the cute little birds! Nice composition and great sense of humor! Very well done!
  • Original Illustration & Design. Copyright.KennaSanchez
  • well, I can see the perspective of the rose, almost like it's laying on a table and the flower is closest to the viewer, so flipping it wouldn't really work, so maybe making the stem match the perspective of the flower, or adding some shading to the background to support the angle of the rose?
  • the rose illustration is beautiful, and your copy for the inside of the card is lovely. I think I'd like to see the rose facing upwards though, instead of upside-down.
  • Nice watercolor effect to your design, I would like to see it with a little bit more... It feels like something is missing, but I'm not sure what that would be... I like things to be simple, but maybe this is a bit too simple?
  • nice entry. I like that it is all in black & white, that is unique.
  • thanks for your entry, this is cute!
  • you have some really nice elements in here, but it seems a bit chaotic to me, I wish it were a bit more refined. Lovely messaging though.
  • Your composition is lovely, and I really like the overall design, but the design brief clearly stated that no clipart or stock photography was to be used.
  • We don't allow the use of clipart on any contests
  • thanks for your entry, your drawing is adorable!
  • gimme proper feedback plz.
  • Hi! Thank you for the feedback...Yup, maybe its too plain...I started to draw smthin else based on the same idea, and I will post it shortly, before the contest ends.:)
  • thank you for your comments. Yes it's coherent, but not the kind of card I would buy for my mum :). I'll try to enhance it more
  • I like the colors, but I can't tell what the drawing is, and the font feels a bit too spooky for the theme.
  • thanks for the revision! This is better, more organized. Nice message, nice cohesive feeling. Good work.
  • I like that you made the card look like a gift, but it appears that you used a stock image... I'd like to see you revise this without the photo used. Nice messaging.
  • this is one of my favorites. It's simple and clean, and has good composition and the hearts add to the overall theme. Nicely done.
  • really nice. lovely message, and I like the overall monotone feel to the imagery