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We are looking for a logo that is crisp and sharp, and may or may not use specific imagery from the civil rights movement. This organization is open to all colors and creeds and the logo should reflect an openness. We are open to all color options.

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  • HP306, Thank You I have submitted a revision as you requested.
  • HP306, could you mark this as needs work, I will get you those revisions today
  • Please clarify. Thank you and regards, Annie
  • Please clarify. Thank you and regards, Annie
  • As noted in my entry as a disclaimer: I took that photograph and my understanding is that I can use my own work in creating a logo. Is this not the case? MY PHOTO can be viewed here: [IMG][/IMG]
  • It's not clipart.
  • Could you try this with just a few of the keywords from the speech (less text), I love where you are going with this! Great concept!!!
  • this is not clip art. I created this silhouette from an actual picture even changed it up some. Can you please point to the clip art you think i am using?
  • Clipart is not allowed at Design Contest
  • Clipart is not allowed at Design contest
  • thank u for the feed back i'm glad u like the new revision
  • This looks great! I love the font!!
  • Coy
    it appears that everyone is haveing upload problems today and we are trying to get to the bottom of it now. Just wanted to give you this heads up as to why there has been no revisions posted yet.
  • Coy
    Dear contest holder if you could click on the speach bubble you'll notice a popup that will allow you to mark each image as "i'd like to see a revision" and "wrong direction". You can leave feedback there and use the slider bar to give a rating of the image. this will allow the designers to submit revisons on that image.
  • I like where this is going from a color standpoint and I really like the font. Could you redo the "306" to be more representative of a motel door number? The 306 in our name stands for the room at the Lorraine Motel where Dr. King was staying in Memphis when he was killed. I am looking for interpretive, not literal representation of that. I hope that direction is clear, let me know if it isn't please!!
  • This is really nice. The "306" in our name comes from the room at the Lorraine Motel where Dr. King was staying when he was killed. The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis uses a "306" with small screws in it to indicate a number on a door and while we can't use that, obviously, this is a great way to emulate that. Really nice work!
  • Wow! Both of the designs you submitted are gorgeous. I love the idea of this being more of a gritty American Flag than a clean and clear one, since the Civil Rights movement is indeed a battle and our organization deals with at-risk kids. This is definitely a great direction!