Allstate Security Sign

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Winning design #32 by Dskwkrs, Trade Show Swag Design for Allstate Security Sign  Contest
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designed by Dskwkrs

Project description

Well established local security alarm/guard company from Amarillo, Texas is looking for a new design for it's yard signs to be placed at customer's homes and businesses. Company is regulated by the State of Texas and certain criteria must be followed in the design to comply with State rules. The following must be integrated into the design: 1) Company Name 2) License numbers 3)Address. We would like for the following to be included as well: 1) web address 2) Company saying "These Premises Secured By" and "Peace of Mind Since 1926." We have a shield type logo that we have used since the company started and we would like to incorporate it into the design. Will upload this logo. Might possibly want to integrate some services into the design. Services would include the following 1)Security/Fire 2) CCTV 3) Home Automation 4) Access Control 5)Guard/Patrol.

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  • this is for a yard sign that wouldn't work at all.
    • Sorry, I completely forgot it's a yard sign.... :(

    • |--|

      Zsolty {*wrote*}:
      Sorry, I completely forgot it's a yard sign.... :(
      |--| Can you do something else?

    • |--|

      randall1 {*wrote*}:
      Can you do something else?
      |--| yes, I'll try to design a yard sign this time... :) Thank you.

  • This doesn't look very nice plus our colors are orange black and white. Plus the name in the middle is out of order check out our current sign before you design anymore.
  • can you make this one with a different font on the asi and put the website under the allstate security but drop the www?
    • Dear, here are new entries for your revision #36, #37, #38 & #78. I am hoping you will take them in consideration. If there is anything you would like change or add, please let me know. Kind regards.

    • Dear Randall, I don't want you think I gave up on the contest, as matter a fact I was waiting if you would have any further directions over my latest submissions (revisions), including entry #87. Hoping for your feedback. Best regards.

  • can you do a different design in the middle for the allstate security industries. maybe the big ASI and then under it the allstate security industries.
    • About #40 #41 #42 #43 and #44 Revised versions are #40 and #41. Not sure if you wanted to keep the banner style or without. Here are a few different ones with out the banner. #42 #43 and #44 For the font style for ASI in the middle would you prefer something futuristic or simple? How would this to be printed?. Cut vinyl? Printed on vinyl with UV coating or direct to substrate? Also what type of substrate is being used?.. Metal?. Coroplast? or PVC board? Thank You

  • hi CH i changed the color from yellow to orange and also replaced my shield with the shape of yours. Any feedback on the new entry #35 is welcome. Thanks Andrei
  • This is for a yard sign. This will not work!
    • I just want to remind you, it is more cost effective to make rectangular signs as opposed to a 'shaped sign'.

    • Thanks but as you can see we have been doing this forever so we can't change our shape now.

  • this is to busy can you make one with out the spikes on the top and middle and get rid of the white circle and lines in the middle.
    • About #29 Revised changes to 27 #30 #31 and #32 are color change from first batch of blue entries. Thank You

    • About #33 A different version from the others. Gotta run for a bit, any revisions will be submitted a bit later.. Thank You

  • Our colors are orange, black and white can you change the colors to that kinda hard to really look at it when it's yellow.
  • hi i uploaded #28. please take a look and let me know what to change. one questions: is the existing shield shape mandatory or can something else be used? thanks andrei
  • also lose the 800 # please
  • dont like the blue
  • dont like the blue
  • also to busy
  • i dont like all the orange
  • i dont like the black line thru the middle or how the black lines all come together.
  • neither will this one.
  • This will not work.
  • Instead of using words like security/fire , CCTV , access control , etc. maybe u could use icons like this?
    • Hello, here is my new design submit #26 (please disregard #25, due to tiny mistake in text fitting) with the service icons, hoping it will meet your requirements. Thank you!

  • Dear CH, I've submitted entry #23, hope you like it. Your feedback is always appreciated. Thanks.
  • Dear CH, I've submitted entry #22 for your consideration, hope you like it. Feedback is always appreciated! Thanks & Regards