Baby NasaKleen

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Winning design #21 by pureart, Trade Show Swag Design for Baby NasaKleen Contest
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designed by pureart

Project description

Drawing/Cartoon of using the Baby NasaKleen product. This project involves creating a cartoon of a young woman (mother) using our product Baby NasaKleen on her infant child. The product is a mouth suction nasal aspiration device. In other words, by using mouth suction, the mucus is sucked out of the baby’s nose. The drawing/cartoon should look something like Picture #1, but with the angle of the aspirator on the baby’s nose as in Picture #2. The

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  • Dear, it seems the attachment links are not working.
    • It should be fine now - the website had some problems.

    • Dear CH, I was hoping my design proposals #8, #9 & #10 could meet your expectations. I've made it less cartoon like, but more like simple and clean drawings, in order to represent and give better picture of the product usage itself. I am open for any suggestion you may have. Kind regards.

  • Designers since this is a print design cliparts are allowed but and most important make sure the usage agreement allows use of this kind if you win this contest you will be rquired to purchase the art or work out agreement with contestholder on this. It would be wise to make "original" art to make sure no problems exist or will happen.
  • I Changed the face on the second submission. She looked like she was blowing in the tube instead of sucking.
  • Hello, Do you have feedbacks on our designs, so we can do some changes to propose something better? Thanks
  • To all designers: All your efforts are appreciated, but we are looking for a more detailed type of graphic - as with #11 and #16.
  • Client asked for cartoon drawings, not to photo trace an actual image.