Bathroom Towel Infrared Heater

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Winning design #167 by hongxia, Trade Show Swag Design for Bathroom Towel Infrared Heater Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hongxia

Project description

We are looking for designs that we can print on white glass surface for our towel dryers. We print on UV printer - can be multicolor, can be single color. Most often our towel dryers are placed in the bathrooms - this can be a residential house or the hotel. So we are looking for really cool and exciting things we can print on our products. More info about our infrared heaters can be found here: - German Version - English Version ***you can use clipart if you owe the license*** we would be able to use the clipart for re-production and distribution onwards.

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  • I agree, can you make the contest blind? But honestly this technology sounds kind of awesome lol.
  • Dear CH, Please Give Specification about the format you need, PSD or AI ?
  • Dear CH, I have attached my second design, this illustration makes the product is looking cool and artistic with blue light. any advice or feedback would be appreciated. Thank You, arthwork
  • Hi CH, I use color of green and symbol of fire on my design represent warm and nature. please if any feedback or comment. Thanks, arthwork
  • Hi, aandrei_24, the size of the heater will vary. Width most common would be 25 inches, the height can be up to 80 inches.
  • Hi there! I don't have specific preference on the design type. The design has to be COOL, so our customers would want to buy our heaters. Hope it makes sense. We will probably be buying multiple designs from this contest.
  • please make this contest has blind. what type design's you like...
  • Hello CH Can you please be more specific than in your brief? - What size is the heater (LxH) in cm? - Do you need pictures, motifs, floral, abstract etc. - A theme would be nice... - One design or more? Thanks.
  • Dear CH, can you please rate our designs just to know are we on the good tracks :) Regards,
  • Hi CH! just submitted a patterned design, all on the same concept that look to me very appropriate. tell what do you think. thanks! assaf
  • Hi guys, I made the contest Blind as many of you requested. By the way, you can use clipart, as long as we will owe the license for reproduction and printing. This is very important and the winner will only be honored if the licensing will be confirmed as valid.
  • Please, be more original and do not steal other designs!
  • Hello.I recommend changing the contest to blind contest, so that you achieve original and unique designs from the designers ;)
  • Dear CH, plese check my concept for your heaters #19 :) my english maybe is not a perfect but if you like my idea, plese let me know :) best regards,
  • Hi CH... I submitted my first entry no #14 This draft is editable, so if you want any changes, just tell me and I will revise it kindly. Hope you like it.. Thanks Regards
  • Helo CH - I've uploaded #7 - the painting was created by myself. Pls let me know if something like this you would prefer. Kind regards.
  • Hello! I have just submitted my proposal #3. I was inspired by Piet Mondrian's paintings (note: this is not Mondrian's piece, but my work inspired by this wonderful artist), beauty of simplicity and timeless, also easily fits to modern home, modern bathroom. There are 3 more design proposals - #4, #5 & 18. Design #18 is part of music notes from Beethoven's "For Elise". Btw, I was also thinking that all of these could fit nicely with heaters bars. Regards.
  • the concept isn't bad. Try using no background. the background will be white glass
  • About #38 It is okay to remove the logo from design but What about the design and concepts?
  • we don't need our logo on it