I still can not beleive this site exist and that whole process was so easy and enjoyable. The designers were so responsive and made it much easier to get to the final design and what we were completely happy with! We will definitely be using this site for our future work and will let others know about it as well! Designers Touch


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Winning design #24 by rajagee, Trade Show Swag Design for Brochures Contest
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designed by rajagee

Project description

Hello, We are a full production event design and party rental company. We are looking to create a modern but useful brochures for our business that will not be too busy to board the client but have most of the useful information of what we exactly do and provide. Mainly the 5 main services party rental, draping,lighting, floral, Mandaps & Chuppahs have to be clear. Our website is and would like to use our logo and maybe anything that is useful from there. Clean, modern, chic is what we are looking for, can't wait to see some of the great works out there. p.s. thinking to change the logo so if we find a good designer we might go for a change with that as well.

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  • Dear Ch, please check my 1st entry in your contest i hope you like my new idea & style appreciated feedback thanks
  • Thank you so much for your entry and working on this! Here are few things that we would like to see possibly. -Colors: we would like to use earth tones - would it be possible to see the back - we need to have our 5 services - Need to use different photos which we can sent if necessarily -on one fold where it say about us, we can take the "about us: and just have our name Thanks!
  • Thank you so much! We really like what we see and think we can make this work with some changes, here are some comment, notes and changes that we like to see: - we like the color scheme - Photos have to be change so can you let me know how to send you or let you know what to use for what? - Please move the from the bottom of the front page to contact us. - we can remove the gallery and move the contact us under about us with some space - please add our website to contact us page - we really like what you did with the 6 services and the round photos. - Please remove theme from the services so we can have only 5 - move floral where mandap/ chuppahs are now and move mandaps to where theme is now. -We would like to leave the middle part for party rental only - for party rental, would it be possible to have small round ones with each rental item: please see our website and go to rental page you see how they have china, glassware, linens and same order can we have small circles saying those so clients know what we provide. we can use the same photos that we have on each let me know if any questions. Thank you so much and looking forward to see if any of these changes would work :)
    • Dear CH, thank you so much for feedback i have upload new design as your required changes any more please feel free to ask me thanks again

    • Thank you so much Rajagee!! -For the party rental sections, if you can please remove the client experiences from there as we want to leave everything about party rental only. -The part that say our showroom is open ...can go on the bottom of that section. - between the first paragraph and the bottome section, we would like to put circles with what we have on our party rental page on website, for example china, glassware, flatware and etc...same order the they are there and can use the same photos. -on the front page in that big circle we need a more of a wow photo, can you try the one that you have on party rental? the one with flowers in the middle of the long table? or if you think the one from the lighting is better you can use that too - Then we can change the one in the small circle depending in what we have in the big one. - On contact us, can you please put Alberto's information all together and Midia's all together: Cell: 408.425.4804 Office: 408.771.0107 Cell: 860.796.1562 Fax: 530.688.9051 - and maybe center the contact us in the middle too ? with the two icon on the bottom Thank you so much!

    • Dear Ch, thanks for appreciated feedback! i upload as your required changes & three different style titles, contact us page etc i hope you like my new designs thanksss

  • Hi Ganlemi, We love your vision and the clean and modern look of this different brochure!! Thank you! We like to see some possible changes so please let us know your thought and if it can work: - Please remove theme from the services so we have only 5. - we will have a larger space so we can have a wider party rental and we wanted to see if we can fit all type of rentals that we have maybe in small circles or whatever that you think will look good. - If you go to our site and click on party rental you will see the 16 boxes such as china, glassware and those are what we like to add somehow in that party rental box on the brochure in the same order that are there. - we have to changes some photos but we can do that as we go. Thank you and can't wait to hear from you!
    • Thanks for your feedback, i'm glad you like it! I'll work on those things

    • Dear CH, made those changes you asked me, not completely sure that's what you had in mind so please let me know. Hope you like it and i'll be waiting for your directions

    • Thank you so much! yes that's what I was talking about on the Party rental section. Would it be possible to try and see how square boxes would look like instead of circle since everything else is in that shape? Also on the front, if we want to change the photos, can I just tell you which photos to use? Thanks again!

    • I agree squares will look better and i'll be happy to change the pictures to the ones you choose. Unfortunately i'm a level 1 designer in DesignContest which means I can only post 3 designs per contest right now and i only have 1 left to upload. So i need you to tell me any changes you would like and of course if you actually pick mine I have no problem to continue working on it and change pictures to those of your preference. Thanks!

  • Thank you Mahmoudra! Unfortunately this wont work for what we are looking for. once again thank you!
  • Hi, I uploaded a new design #14, I changed the rental pictures to squares and put them inside of another box to match the design of page 2, separating images from text. I also changed some small details: I added a capital W in the first text box matching all of the titles, reduced the contact info size and made the website stand out changing its color and size. I hope you like it! Either way, I have really enjoyed working on your project!
    • Hi ganlemi, We wanted to thank you for your beautiful work! and making the changes so quickly every time we asked for them. We really enjoyed your style and vision but in the end it's the boars decision on what to choose so they have decided on a different style. Keep up the great and wonderful work and hopefully when we post a new project soon again we can work together. Thank you so much again!

  • Hi Ganlemi, Thank you so much for the enetires and making the changes. We just renewed our account for another week so we can work on details and hopefully get to the one we choose. So just wanted to make sure I got it right, are you saying since you already entered 3 you can't do anymore correct? Sorry just making sure ;) thanks again and will be in touch
    • Hi CH, I'm glad to hear from you. You got it right, I have only 3 uploads per contest. However, I've been searching the forum and seems that if you want me to make any changes you only need to rate any of my previous entries over 30. Every time you do that, i'll get 1 aditional entry. So it's up to you!

    • Thanks for your rating points! I'll continue to work on your project since I have 3 aditional entries now. Plese let me know if there's something in particular that you would like me to do or change

    • I am glad we were able to do that :) As of now I would really like to see the photos on front to change. I am not sure what is the best way to tell you which one you would like to see ? but this might help: - 6 photos on the home page anything that you think will work the best and best angle and part of them that you think will be good. - you can use some from our services page as well - can we somehow add the first line from the home page that say every event has a story the brochure?

    • Of course! I'll work on those things and i'll get back to you soon :)

    • Thank you! We have to have the decision by tomorrow for our company so it would be great if you are able to send us something before than.

    • Hello, do you think is there a chance we can have the changes today? they are asking us to close this project- Thanks!

    • i'm so sorry, I didn't notice this last 2 messages. I was planning on finishing it tonight but I just read this and did something in no time. I was hoping to work a little bit more on it. I don't know if it is already too late but I uploaded anyway

  • Hi rajagee, Thank you for all the new entries and your hard work. My account has expired and did not had a time over the weekend to look at the new posts. I just renewed for another week so I can work on details. We will go over the new ones and let you know by tomorrow to make the changes needed. Thank you so much!
    • Dear CH, thanks for informing ! any changes please feelfree to ask me any time ...

  • Hi Rajagee, We have made all the final changes on this and I think we are very close to finalize it :) they are really going towers your design. thank you for all your hard work and making the changes. I was wondering if this can be done by tomorrow so we can send it for the print? - We like the #15 how it opens in the middle and has the name on it. - For inside of it we want to go with #10 ( so #10 for inside of #15) - If you can please change the photo of the floral circle to the one I have on the services floral the pink and white one. - Also if you can please change the mandap photo to the orange and coral one that I have int he mandap album under services. I think it's # 1-(4) - for the circles that has the party rental items, can we remove the boarders and just have one round black line ? - on front for the photo behind the big circle I wanted something more softer like the one I have on the services page background but not sure how I can send you that photo? - On mandaps and chuppahs can we change the / to & please ? - For the background inside is there a light and soft pattern that you can use instead of a photo or just plane would be good since we don't want to make it busy with ll the writing ? Last thing would be few spelling that I need to change that I found and will work on tonight and email you by tomorrow if that's ok Thank you so much and let me know if you have any questions please . Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    • Dear Ch, i upload new designs different style, Background, picture & color, all changes done any more changes please feel free to ask me thanks

  • Dear Sir, Thanks for rating ! & i upload new design included front title your logo i hope you like it thanks
    • Hi Rajagee, Thank you ! We really like the way that #10 is as far as how on the rental part is only the rental and those round photos of the other services are not part of it. Is there a way to put those photos with the text on each side with that service and leave the middle for rental only?

    • Also, is it possible to change the background photo to something softer and less busy? you can even use the same photo as the big round in front for the background of inside and outside of it maybe? I hope I am not confusing you ;) Thank you! We have to have the decision by tomorrow for our company so it would be great if you are able to send us something before than.

    • Dear CH, thanks for feedback & changes ! i upload new design rental part saprate & other services 8 left side & 8 right side I think this nice balance but your comments very important for me. i also change the background more softer use one image in background i hope you like Thanks again

    • Hi Rajagee, Thank you! I am so sorry maybe i did not explained it correctly, but the small round rental items should stay in the same page as rental in the middle. Also if we can change the background photo on the front too ? we don't want that boarder around that big circle, less boarders and lines would be much better for what we are looking for. Also for the circle on Mandap can we use the photo of the mandap that we have on the services for mandap ? the outdoor birch

  • YES!! Great work thank you so much for making all the changes that we had requested. I just wanted to make sure #18 opens in the middle like #19 . They love it! There are few small things that need to be corrected: - On the rental there is a miss spell on props and themes / it say drops instead of Props - if you can please fix that. - On mandap there should be a mandap photo but there is a photo of floral. If you click on mandaps on the website on the bottom of the page there are two photos of a bright orange and pink mandap. One of the photos had more vibrant and brighter color, if you can please use that. -Can we take that white shadow from the big front circle and just leave that white line? - On rental can we change the photo on chair covers to something that fits ? if you go to rental page then click on chair covers then go to page 2 in the middle row last photo the ivory cover, if we can use that it would be wonderful. - last thing I am going to send you the new and fixed text so you can copy and paste and hopefully DONE! :) THANK YOU AND HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON!
    • Dear CH, thanks for appreciated feedback & comments i am working on it & upload soon

    • Thank you so much!

    • Sorry to bother you but since we have a time difference I wanted to ask this. Do you think if I send you the corrected text which will be the last thing to do tomorrow can we still get it done tomorrow night? not sure how the time difference work but hopefully we can get it done by then so I can select it and go for print on Sat. Sorry for the pressure and thank you for your hard work.

    • Sir i upload new designs #22 as your required opens & inner & second #23 my options i thinks #23 folding correct & #22 open & inside not match I prefer 23 is the best folding & open actual setting anyway what do you think ? any time you ask me any changes & text i am there 16 to 18 hours Thanks again i really like your style of work.

    • Thank you so much Rajagee for always being available and your fast responds :) I finally received the approved text from our department and here it is: ( as far as the space in between paragraphs I guess you can do what fits good on the page. I love the way the text goes round against the circle. Draping: Fabric draping designs enhance the ambiance and create a dramatic focal point to any celebration or special occasion. Draping is also an ideal decorative tool for covering an unsightly ceiling or transforming a sparse venue space into an festive or elegant setting. Designer Touch draping and ceiling treatments vary in style and can transform any sight into a beautiful and memorable space. We also offer fabrics for video shoots and install permanent draping such as sound and stage, studios, or any commercial venues. Lighting: Lighting scheme is an important part of any event and it will make your special day truly shine. We use only the latest technology in lighting to create the most dramatic effects. We use LED colored lighting to match and enhance your décor, along with state-of-the-art pin spot lighting that highlights your beautiful center pieces. We also provide projections, with personalize options ranging from the bride and groom’s names on the dance floor to images/patterns against the backdrop, walls and ceilings. Rental: Our team at Designer Touch is dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional service and quality products. We believe in personal touch and take pride in working closely with each customer to understand and meet their needs. We offer on-site consultations and our commitment to provide you with unique quality products. Please visit our website for detailed listing of our products and services. If you are not able to find the product that you're looking for on our website, please contact us, as our inventory is constantly expanding. We also specialize in creating custom made canopy and furniture design. *** the above text to go above the photos then under the photos you can put this text : Our show room is open by appointment, please contact one of our event specialist to arrange for a personal visit. Floral: Designer Touch prides itself on custom designs. From beautiful bridal bouquets, stunning centerpieces or the venue’s decorations, Dt offers an array of professional decorating and floral services that will make your special event memorable. Whether your special day is in a large ballroom or a small intimate gathering, you can be sure that your flowers and decor will be breathtaking. Mandap & Chuppahs: Designer Touch specializes in providing custom built and designed Mandaps & Chuppahs for your wedding ceremony. Weather traditional or contemporary, our creative team focuses on design and originality to make sure your special day is unique and personalized to your taste and style. Mandaps & Chuppahs decor may be further enhanced with backdrops, flowers, lighting, furniture and props. Please Make the T on Elements & Theme capital Can you please take the shadow from around the big circle in front and leave the white line only that you had before? Also I think there was a misunderstanding, we had asked to fix the color on chair covers but I see that chair has changed. For chair please leave what we had and if possible fix the chair cover as what we had asked in last note :) On buffet and catering can we make the photo little smaller to fit? if not no worries Last question, we are trying to tell the printing compnay what type of brochure this is but they are asking for the size, would that be something you can give us? I want to make sure printing this style will not be a problem as most of the designs are the tri fold which are boring and we love the way you did this that opens in the middle :) thanks!

    • Dear Ch, thanks for text & new changes i am still working your these changes & upload #22 & 23 Style brochures i hope you finalized one of the best for printing thanks

  • Dear CH, i upload new design #24 & #25 updated version please check & feedback thanks
    • Thank you so much Rajagee for your hard work and making all these changes. We are happy to say that we finally decided on #24 - Thanks again and we will enjoy your work for sure!