Burger Tavern Restaurant Menu

We were given a very short time period, but we still were able to deliver to my client. A+++!

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Winning design #16 by Babba, Trade Show Swag Design for Burger Tavern Restaurant Menu Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Babba

Project description

This project is for a double sided restaurant menu for a Tavern that specializes in Burgers. The menu dimensions are 12x18. The front side: This side is all burgers. Would like an image of each of the burgers displayed on this side with the name under. Everything must be easy to read. The zip file contains the following: Logo - The logo to be placed on top of the front page Food Images - The food images to be used in the menu Menu Text - The names, descriptions, and prices for all of the items. Feel free to make any corrections to punctuation or wording as you see fit. Restaurant Images - Pictures of the establishment to give you a feel for what the place is about and what type of look to go for. The owner has mentioned maybe something with a wood grain type background, but still easy to read. Emphasis on the burgers and showing the burger images on the front of the menu is very crucial.

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  • @cmkenerly: Unfortunately, this is the only file for the logo the client has provided me.
  • Do you have the logo in vector format or a larger JPEG file?
  • @aandrei_24: Illustrator is preferred, but any adobe suite format is acceptable
  • Hi CH I'm working on it, and since i never organised a contest I wasn't aware that going blind is related to budget, sorry. I'm OK without blind, since one can always report a design if "inspired" too much from an earlier one. IS there any preference regarding the software in which to provide files? Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator or whatever... Check with your printer. Kind regards... Andrei
  • @anddrei_24: Sorry, I'm working on a strict budget for this project, I cannot make it blind. @Babba: The dimensions are in inches.
  • I am also entering your contest, I was just wondering if dimensions are in inches or cm? I guess inches, but just want to make sure.
  • Hi CH, I plan entering this contest. Can it be made blind, by any chance? Regards....
  • @HappyGd: The menu will be viewed portrait and non folded. The images may be altered and the tavern is located in Michigan.
  • Hello ryansonshine, I just have a few questions: — Would you prefer the menu to be viewed in portrait or landscape? — Is this a menu that will end up being folded? — Can the food images be altered or manipulated in any way, or are they to be used as is? — If you don't mind me asking, which state is Blue Moose Tavern located in? Thanks for your time
  • Again, "backside menu" design #16 - I wanted to change the coloring, and while I was doing it, I noticed that I had couple of mistakes with texting (design #12 - were some extra food tabs). Now, I fixed that.
  • Hi again! Here is entry #14 - the front side with white boxes, and #15 front side navy boxes. Please note on entry #12 the backside menu, is missing price on sandwich "Quadruple Grilled Cheese". I tried to place the moose horns, but it didn't fit to my design in top logo section well. Since we are running out of time, I couldn't change that overall look.
  • I can send you files now if you like. Or I can make some changes. Sorry, I took a rest for a few hours. I couldn't be awake anymore, as I physically couldn't bare it.
  • Ok I late for my new proposal, if you can rate my design , I will be very happy.
  • @Babba, if I elect you the winner can you send me the source files tonight so I may make the.changes.
  • Here is the backside. I hope you like it. I am dead tired, literary I can't open my eyes, so I am wondering what can do for you and if it can wait early morning, as I really can not do anything else at this moment. Please advise.
  • ETA = estimated time of arrival
  • I am doing the backside of the menu (if that is what you are referring to), with the much calmer concept.
  • Please help me out - what is ETA? BTW, sandwich "Quadruple Grilled Cheese" is missing the price.
  • @Babba: Excellent. I will let the client know. Do you have an ETA on the back side of the menu?
  • Hello... here I am back with #11. First of all I intentionally left couple of blue description so you can see the difference. I don't know, your client will have the final, but my professional thoughts is blue brings more contrast and it pops out. I have done every single image of a burger (a hell of work in PS, my eyes are dropping out:)). Also, you may say it looks messy, since every desc. box is different. The reason why I did it, is because I wanted to give a "personality" to each burger, because they are all different. I believe it attracts more the uniformity, as it might look boring. Please let me know what you think. Now I see, I forgot horns.