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Winning design #7 by ardianet, Trade Show Swag Design for Cairns Bus Charters Contest
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designed by ardianet

Project description

Design Concept for our new brochure advertising our Bus Charter and Rental services. The brochure is to accompany the launch of our new website (and our new "Black, Red & White" branding). Create a professional and original design concept for our brochure. The objective of the brochure is to explain what services we provide to our customers and the simple process for customers to obtain these services. The brochure size will be 4pp A4 size (A3 folded to 4 x A4 size). 4PP A4 Brochure Template Flat Size: 297 x 420mm Folded Size: 297 x 210mm Bleed: 2mm Margin: 4mm The cover page will feature the company logo heading and your design concept. Page 2 (inside page) there will be a photo, Heading, sub-heading and text paragraph. Page 3 (inside page) will also feature a photo, Heading, sub-heading and text paragraph. Page 4 (the back page) will feature an "About Cairns Bus Charters" concept with photo, Heading, sub-heading and text paragraph. Please use sample images for pages 2,3 & 4 or your preferred design concept and filler text (lorem ipsum) and we will provide the content once the design concept has been awarded to the winner.

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  • Hi, do you have any template / measurement for the margin, bleed, & trim ? Thanks. Regards
    • 4PP A4 Brochure Template Flat Size: 297 x 420mm Folded Size: 297 x 210mm Bleed: 2mm Margin: 4mm

  • Great design. We would like to see some variations of this design with different concepts. We really like your work so far. Regards.
    • Hi, thank you for rating our entry. Yes, we are going to submite an alternative design. Best regards.

  • Do you have any alternative designs for us to review?
    • Hi, dear CH! Thank you for rating my entry! Check, please, my new entry #3. Any feedback from you will be great! Best regards, Anastasiia

  • Hi, my design is at #6 The upper-left is the front & upper-right is the back side. While the bottom image is for the inside page opened(the white faded line is only for page divider marker). Feedback appreciaed. Thank you. Regards
    • Fantastic design! Can we please just see a version where the blue on the cover-page is replaced by either white or a shade of grey (whichever you feel suits best)?

    • Hi, white version front side preview at #7 Thank you Regards

  • Great design! We have one design rated higher than your design however we have not received any alternative designs from this designer as we have requested. If you can please produce a few alternative designs we would be happy to go with you for your willingness to work with us.
    • dear CH, thank you for your comment. I'll give you the alternative designs. Please wait. Regards

    • hi, pls check #5. That's my alternative design. Please give me the feed back. Im ready for any changes. Thanks

  • We have uploaded some company images for reference in relation to the brochure designs.
  • Are you going to provide us with some alternative designs as requested or should we look to the other designers for the contests award..?
  • Hi, Any revisions to improve the design #10? Would like to do any revision. Thnak you so much!
  • Great design! We look forward to working with you in future. Please forward our files as .PSD with all layers in tact so that we can edit the text ourselves.