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designed by aandrei_24

Project description

It is our main handout to explain to potential clients about our company and our services. Four pages of text that usually bores due to the lack of graphics, color, and themed layout. We would like graphics color and theme of design to be added to this raw text. Would like the file to be an editable Indesign document that will be printed on 8.5x11 paper. Hopefully the product will look more like a magazine then an essay.

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  • Yes it will be printed on 8.5x11 paper and an editable indesign or pages document would be best.
  • Hello mattstockmal, I just have a couple questions: — Will this handout be printed on letter-sized paper (8.5x11) or is there a particular paper size you had in mind? — What file type would you like the handout to be submitted as? Thank-you
  • It will be printed on two separate pages front and back but, we would like pages two and three to interact in someway as if it were a magazine article, wether a image connects them or something of that nature. Yes the document can contain bleed.
  • Matt, I have a few more questions, just to clarify on a couple things: — Will this be printed on one 8.5x11 page that will be folded like a pamphlet, or will it be printed on two separate pages front and back? — Can this document contain any bleed? Thanks again
  • Yes we woud like the logo to be incorperated since it is a marketing brochure, the text should be included in the design.
  • Matt, Did you intend for the two samples (logo and text) to be incorporated into the design?
  • Hello CH Please find my entries #8 for page 1&2, and #9 for page 3&4 and please give your reviews and feedback. Here I have also tried to concise your complete document in 3 page to create a room for complete cover page. Therefore the font is Calibri, 12pt. So the writeup is easy to read and understand. I hope you like. You are always welcome for changes. Thanks Rahul Designs
  • I was mistaken in My ratings before, I really like the magazine style and many pictures.
  • We would really like a cover page to be added to the design if possible, we plan to make them into little booklets so a title pages before all the info would be nice
  • CS Thanks for your input, any suggestion for improvement? thanks Robert
  • Thanks for the ratings... Any guidance? Another layout? More simple design? No pictures? Fewer pictures? Kind regards!
  • Hello CH #3 - page 1, #5 and #6 are page 2-3, #7 is the 4th and last page. Indesign made, editable file. It has three stock photos that might have to be bought. For now they are previews in order to fill the boxes. Feedback and comments are welcome Regards Andrei
  • Dear CH I have submitted my first as well as the contest's first entry as a sample. By this I want to know that have you like the proposal or do you want some more dense design. It is ok that you need four pages where three pages (2,3 and 4) having same layout while the fist page will be same format but more attraction. I really need your review and feedback, because I belief in hard work rather than Unnecessarily Chat. I will cooperate you at each level but also need your appraisal. Thank you and Regards N. Creations
  • Aandrei, it there any way you could change the color scheme back to the original tan and dark blue and then spread out the document the the more recently submitted one Thanks, Matt Stockmal
  • #19 Hi, Ive just uploaded an entry with high resolution for the inner pages. (Please check it with the max resolution.) Two columns (easier to read), page numbers, different font types for the text and the title, reading direction guide lines !!!, and a lot of tiny thing... Hope you like it! Regards, winters
  • Hello again CH I upload the new one - #14 - general view to see the layout It's 6 pages (a front and a back cover, as well as 4 interior pages). It uses roughly the same design as my previous entries, but i used a shade of blue from your logo. The pics are stock pics, you can replace them with you own, some free ones, ore even get rid of them. The font is 12pt with enough space to read confortably, the quotes on the margins are from the text (you can change them to whatever phrases you think are most important to be highlighted) I will upload pages individually #15, #16, #17 ad # 18 at higher resolution too, to check them out in detail. Regards Andrei
  • Dear CH Thanks for the clarifications. I am glad I don't have to stick to 4 pages. I will upload smth later today. Regards, Andrei
  • Dear CH, i jst wanna ask, do you prefer a single colr scheme? or can we use a more colorful one?
  • Yes It does not have to be four pages, I would like the appearance to be not as full
  • I want to clarify something: I know I shouldn't say anything about others design but winters' design is 6 pages not 4 as stated in the brief. So, do I have to stick to 4 pages (actually 3, since the front cover has no text) or can i go to 6 pages (front and back cover + 4 pages?). I ask because with 6 pages i can have more white space and not having to look so full. Tommorow I'll modify my design to a lighter blue shade you have in your logo and the beige/ivory i came up with... I just want to be clear on the number of pages so to know what to work on. Regards, Andrei