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Project description

We have a delivery truck that needs designing. The truck will be loaded with detergents to sell to small restaurants, bagel shops, delis, etc. Customers have to register online to sign up to be part of the route. When the truck pulls up in front of the restaurant, they can buy whatever items they need off the truck and pay on the spot. Popular items include hand soap, pot & pan soap, grease cutters, and floor soap. The truck is called “The Soap Mobile”. Our slogan is “Bringing ‘CLEAN’ to you”. The truck is painted light blue to give a sense of water. The design we are looking for is three-fold. First, we want this moving billboard to stand out even in the busiest of streets. Everyone should stop and stare at this truck. Second, it must clearly explain what our company offers and how it benefits you. And finally, it must clearly explain how someone can sign up on our website to join the route. We’ve uploaded a schematic of the truck with dimensions. Also uploaded is our “Soapman” character. The file should be done with Adobe Illustrator and must be backward compatible with Adobe Creative Suite 3.

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  • please check out entry #1 . need your feedback. thanks...
    • This design is too simple. We are looking for something very creative, something that will stand out on the busiest of streets. Also, we are looking for a design on the back door of the truck. Please refer to the truck sketch we have uploaded in the Brief for an idea of what the truck will look like.

    • ok... thanks for the quick feedback.. would work on another...

    • Hello CleanseTec, Worked with your requirements and came up again with entries #2 and #3 which would stand out and catch all eyes even in the busiest of streets.. Would be expecting your feedback... Thanks...

    • There are a few issues with this design. First, the truck will be a light blue color, similar to the one in your first design so we are looking for a design that incorporates this light blue color. Also, we make our own products so using photos of other dish soap will not be promoting our brand. We are looking for a simple yet bold design with fewer images due to our using of stencils to create the finished product on the truck.

    • Thanks for your feedback... Would try designing another... Please kindly upload some of your products so i can work with them... Thanks...

    • We are not necessarily looking to put our product pictures on the truck. If you can come up with a design without pictures of our products that would be great.

    • ok CleanseTec.. would do just that.. thanks.. Serexzo

    • Serexzo, I like the layout of design #4. It gives us space on the right side to relay some of our information to the customer. The right left side could use a little work. If you can make the "Bringing ___ to You part dirty and maybe make CLEAN shine that could look good. Also, try and incorporate some pots and pans in a 3 compartment sink or something along those lines to try and get our message across even more

    • Ok, thanks for your feedback would work on that soon... Thanks

    • Hello CleanseTec, i have modified #4 , please check out my entry #8 and #9. Thanks...

  • What dimensions do you want the designs to be? Tell me in either inches or pixels please!
    • The dimensions are listed on the attached PDF of the sketch of the truck.

  • hi ch. cleanseTec I am in I will send to you design as well as possible soon best regards babar786
  • We no longer want to put our Soapy logo on the truck. For all future designs, do NOT place the Soapy character in your design. Thank You
    • #Noted, I have submited entry #11, #12 , and #13 . I need your feedback... Thanks

    • The "Bringing CLEAN to You" part is good. Definitely looks like CLEAN is cleaner and stands out from the rest of the words. I have a few issues with the rest of your design. First, we sell soap, not pots and pans. Also, your designs, especially #15 looks like we are a trucking company. We are not a trucking company, we are a soap company looking to expand our business through the use of a daily route delivery truck. The Soap Mobile text as well as the rest of the truck can use some changing to be bolder and stand out more.

  • Dear CH, I've submitted entry #29 & #32 for your consideration, please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers
    • I like the font and look of design #32, but I do not like the positioning. It's hard to tell what the name of the truck is, SoapMobile or Bringing Clean to you. Try to re-arrange the text so that it reads a little better. Also, for your latest design, #37, try to add some color to the bubbles. Maybe add some pink for our pink hand soap, or Google soap bubbles and try to to give some of the bubbles that rainbow, reflecting tint.

  • This design is headed toward the right direction, definitely improving from your earlier designs. I like the water droplet as the 'O' and how CLEAN stands out. Try to make the 'Bringing' and 'To You' look dirty instead of just black.
    • I'm on it... Would make upload in mins... Thanks.. Serexzo.

  • I like the SoapMobile text, but I think you misunderstood my last comment. I liked the colors of the images, but did not like the red 'CLEAN' text art. Try and bring back the colors in the bottom and redoing the 'Bringing CLEAN to You' with a dirty look while the CLEAN looks brand new and sparkling
    • I'm on it...and if you rate the designs as your liking it'd be really helpfull to us designers.

  • The colors, bubbles, and city skyline makes this stand out, but the text is very simple and looks like it was created using Word Art. I would like to see a more professional, less cartoony version of this design
  • This is headed in the right direction. It is bold, and stands out but does not relay our message that it is a soap delivery service. It is important that people understand what the truck is doing just by looking at it
  • Getting better. Still would like to see the MOBILE part more. For the back of the truck design, get rid of the bubble and make The Soap Mobile going across the entire back with bringing CLEAN to you underneath also going across the whole thing. And for the front, stretch out THE SOAP MOBILE across the whole top so it's easy to read.
    • Dear CH, Thanks for direction on my design, it really help me a lot to go closer to your needs. As your requested, I have uploaded new version of #43, hope you like it. Thanks & Cheers

    • No problem. Like it so far but can still use some work. Try to add some color to the bubbles as well as the text. Also, get rid of the bubble that says Bringing CLEAN to You on the back. The MOBILE part of the logo can also be bigger

    • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design . #45 & #46 is another new option as requested. Please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design, so that I can improve it for you. Thanks & Cheers

  • hi ch. cleanseTec i have send to you Design #42 i hope you will like and give me comments i am awaiting your feedback babar786
  • If you could combine designs 32, 39, and 37 into one design that would be something we are looking for. What we would like to see is "The SoapMobile" logo from designs 32 and 39 in design 37. Also, remove the bubbles from the the top of 37, so the bubbles match the design of 32 and 37. We like the separation of the text in 37, the Bringing CLEAN to you text in 37, and the stripe but would like less bubbles and the other logo.
    • Also, for the Soap Mobile logo in 32 and 39 make the MOBILE part more distinguishable

  • hi ch. cleansetech I will send to you design before yours project time finish i hope you will like my creative work thanks babar786
  • Almost there. Can you please add the following bullet points onto the truck. -Quality detergents at discount price -Training of personnel on detergent use -Dispensers to meter detergents and reduce waste. Installed and maintained! -Weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly visits -No purchase obligations - no contracts. Just buy and save!!
    • Dear CH, I've uploaded new files as requested #51. Hope it meet your needs. please let me know if you have more comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers

    • Just change the bubbles to non-colored in the logo at #52

  • Like this design. Please change the text to "Join the Route at" and also remove the "for hand soap, pot and pan soap"
  • Like the logo. Not feeling the way the colored bubbles look. Would like to see new logo with old, non-colored bubbles.
    • Dear CH, Glad you like my design. I revised the bubbles to non-colored at #49. Hope you like it. Thanks & Regards

  • hi ch. cleanseTech I am working now I will send to you new fresh creative truck wrapper I hope you will like my idea and design work thanks best regards babar786
  • please make the bullet text white (or another color that is easier to read), make the check points smaller and add the following bullet point - "Board of Health potential violations reported to you on most visits."
    • Dear CH, Had make the changes as requested #56, make the bullet text uppercase can be easier to read. #58 is another option for you. Happy New Year !

  • Hi Cleanse Tec, thank for the feedback, i uploded the changes you suggested. Happy new year!
  • please try to incorporate the bullet points into the design rather than just copying and pasting onto the truck. it needs to be readable from a distance. also, if possible, create a 3D design similar to #53
    • Dear CH, I've uploaded new changes as requested #54. Hope you like it. Thanks & Cheers