Climate Change Poster for 2 Degrees

It was mostly a good experience, but the website is not that intuitive, and we have had problems trying to read a message that was posted back to us, and the page would never load.

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Winning design #38 by Motiffmedia, Trade Show Swag Design for Climate Change Poster for 2 Degrees Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Motiffmedia

Project description

2 Degrees is a documentary film in the making. Please see We are wanting to produce a series of educational posters in conjunction with the film so this poster will potentially become a template for others. We hope the posters will be used in schools, shop windows, community notice boards and on peoples walls in their homes. The text for the poster is in the attached document. The posters need to be visually appealing so that people will want to put them up because it is such a cool poster! We want the poster to appeal to the general public, especially those who don't generally engage with environmental issues. Please do not include the words or symbols 2 Degrees in the poster, but include the web address at the bottom

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  • about #2 I would like to know your feedback on the design for further work. thank you very much
  • Hello, Do you have a preference on the size (dimensions) of the poster? Thanks
    • Hi - We'll get them printed either as A4 or A3. We expect people to be able to download them as a PDF also.

  • hi, please check out my design #10 .. hope you like it - let me know ;)
  • Hello CH, please check my desing #9 for your poster. Thank you! Best regards
  • I like the green background. I prefer the heading centred. Thanks
  • thanks, I find that main font too hard to read. I like the planet Earth image though.
  • Looking good, this is definitely a contender. Thanks
  • about #4 #5 Dear CH: I have followed your instructions and I uploaded two new designs. I'd like to get your feedback so I can improve the design. thank you very much for your cooperation
  • I much prefer entry #2. Its better visually, draws the eye in more easily...thanks
  • thanks for your entry. I like the way the text is all separated as it encourages people to read them all. I like the 'Enjoy...." sentence at the bottom being big and in a different font. Please don't include 2 Degrees in the design as people may not understand the relevance. Please include at the bottom
  • Hi thanks for this entry. It has potential. I like the simplicity of it. I think the text will be too small though. Please do not include the words or symbols '2 degrees' in the poster as I think many people will not understand the relevance.
  • Lovely. Are the hands holding the Earth your original image?
    • Dear CH, it is just a clip art. That image with both hands holding the Earth provides strong impact to the topic. So i pick this pic. If the concept is applicable, I can make one original to you. Thanks.

  • THANKS TO ALL DESIGNERS FOR YOUR EFFORTS. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT PROCESS. I REALLY LOVE YOUR CREATIVITY!! Do you have any feedback on the content of the poster? I'm open to hearing suggestions....
  • Thanks. Interesting image. I can imagine this being used in a magazine ad perhaps, or similar. As a poster it doesn't have quite enough visual appeal for the general public.
  • Lovely! Thanks...
  • I think I prefer your other one? Thanks
  • Thanks. I'm not sure about the black background?
  • Love the coloured text. Thanks
  • Thanks. Lovely! How will we ever decide?
  • Thanks. Lovely! How will we ever decide?