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Winning design #60 by avenirgrfx, Trade Show Swag Design for Delaware Real Estate Investors Association Contest
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designed by avenirgrfx

Project description

I need this loan process illustration to be re accomplished with a professional feel. DELREIA logo colors are PMS navy 282 and gold 124 Logo is uploaded in .jpg, .ai, and .eps

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  • Hello Mikey, Do you have any particular colors in mind, that you would like to see throughout the document?
    • I'll upload the logo and you can use those colors...but a page full of blue and gold may look bad. I'm open to whatever you think looks good.

  • Hello Mikey, I just have a question. What will this illustration be used for? A website, print, presentation, etc.? Thanks
    • |--|

      HappyGD {*wrote*}:
      Hello Mikey, I just have a question. What will this illustration be used for? A website, print, presentation, etc.? Thanks
      |--| Print and presentation. Not a website. It will be shared at meetings with private lenders to show them how the loan money flows from them, to us, back out to a real estate investor, back to us, then back to the private lender.

  • Dear CH Please see #6 uploaded . please provide your valuable feedback .
  • About #4 and #5 Dear CH, I uploaded two design. Blue #4 is looking very good for me and it is easy to read. And those two designs are all vector file, so you can print it as big as you like without losing quality. Thank you
  • I like how easy to read this is. Maybe each person should have a color and the the text box border, arrows correspond. For example, DELREIA is the DELREIA blue and so are the DELREIA arrows. The text boxes for notes have a thicker border in the same blue. Assign a color to the Lender and Investor-Borrower and do the same. Note boxes lighter, players heavier. These are my thoughts on this. I am also very open to a new design that illustrates the same information.
  • Would prefer a little less color. I like how you have different colors for each person involved. Text boxes a bit dark for easy reading. Don't be afraid to change the illustration style if you can keep what it is communicating the same.
  • Would prefer a little less color and our logo to be transparent on that background. The text would be easier to read if the text box color was lighter. Don't be afraid to change the illustration style if you can keep what it is communicating the same.
  • i preferred the dashed line from the note card to the arrow. add start icon to tail of arrow leaving lender vs the front of the arrow. I'd like to see the center logo set in a white background, eliminate the light blue ring, make the blue and gold border/arrows go in the other direction (the direction of the flow of the loan) with the lenders gold arrow pointing to the gold section of the blue/gold border. Then have the remaining 3 sections of the blue gold border be blue to represent delreias part of the process. Also, the arrow going from investor borrower to delreia could be blue. that would make 3/4 of the sections blue and the lender 1/4 gold. Note card edges not as apparent as they could be. maybe lighten the overall background?
    • HI Mikey I have submitted #30 revised design , it contain 2 option one with shadow and 2nd without shadow , Please provide your feedback on the same .

  • About #20,I think it's better to move the "play" and "stop" signs to the left of the arrows,and to make them a little bit bigger,what do you say ? :)
    • I agree...thank you for suggesting. I'd really like them to stand out enough that its obvious to a first time reader where the money begins and ends.

    • alternative idea (and more explicit) would be to eliminate the start and stop icons and number each arrow 1,2,3,4.

    • this was my idea a few hours ago :),I will make 2 designs with "start and stop" and with "1,2,3,4".But I'm more concerned about the blue colour now,I'll be back soon.

    • I can show you two more designs.If you keep eliminate the older designs I won't be able to work with you because I have a limit of 7 entry's ,eatch time you rate one of my design over 30 points...I can upload a new one :)

  • start and stop more distinguishable and moved to the points of the tip and tail of the arrows. That will either reduce the size of the arrow or you'll have to move it slightly...not sure what would look best. also, id like to see the note cards not transparent...keeping the blue a lighter version of the blue in the logo.
  • I like it. id like to see the start and stop icons between the lender box and the tip or tail of the arrows. Also, I'd like to see the arrows stretched to above the center of the lender and investor boxes while keeping them in the same position on the delreia box. thank you.
  • note card boxes lighter but blue
  • perhaps lighter in the note cards so the 3 parties stand out more? Arrows could make it more obvious that it is going from party to party not the note card to the party. I'd like to see a start and stop as well. start with the lender moving money to delreia and end with delreia returning the money.
  • i like the obvious distinction between the note cards and the parties involved. i'd like the note cards to be lighter. maybe a lighter version of the blue in the logo??? Arrows possibly a little heavier?
    • Thank you for your advices and rating.I will open the project now to improve it.All the best!

    • Let me know please if I'm going in the good/wrong direction with number #16 :)

  • I'd also like to see an obvious start and stop to the cycle.
  • i like the background weight and color. I'd like all note card borders for delreia to be the gold color. I like the weight of the border around the 3 people involved (could possibly be better if heavier???), and I like the weight of the note card border. I like where you are going with the arrows but its how they go in and out of delreia that im having an issue with. MAYBE it would look better if the gold arrows coming out of delreia came out the same way as they do from the lender and borrower??? and eliminate the directional arrows around the delreia logo border.
  • moving in the right direction. im not fond of the human icons illustrating more than one part as the lender or borrower. overall too basic.
  • I see the start and stop which is important, but they need to be more obvious. I like that all of the delreia note cards are the same color, but I'd prefer the note card headers to be the same blue as in the delreia logo (if they arent) I'm not sure what the human icons are illustrating. I'd like to see the center delreia logo appear simple. perhaps the same border and background color as the lender and borrower, and eliminate the dashed borders. I like the professional feel.
  • Dear CH, would need your feedback on entry #13. Thanks
  • I like the neutral background, but would prefer it be a little lighter. I like the colors going around the center. I think it would helpful to see the 4 segments of the colored band around the logo correspond to the party giving or receiving the money. All arrows should be going to the right, as the flow of money begins at the lender, then goes to delreia, then the investor-borrower, then back to delreia and then back to the beginning at the lender. Perhaps a 'start' and 'stop' icon would help the illustration. I'm trying to think of how the human icons lend to the illustration, or how they can better and I'm low on ideas. Except that they may work if they are color coordinated with the step of the process and are running money from point to point. I don't like the footer image. overall good submission.
    • Hi I have submitted #12 with revisions , can you please provide feedback on the same .