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Project description

We are in need of three different designs and would like to see them all built by one designer. The designs include letterhead, a PowerPoint template, and a one-page marketing slick. It is important to us that all of these documents are built in a way that allows us to edit the text over time rather than being locked down. Our company marketing is designed to be clean, simple, and free of clutter. We have included a copy of our logo and a copy of our business card designs for your use/reference. The first design is our Letterhead. This needs to be done in Microsoft Word and should include our logo (attached) along with our address, phone number and website. Please insert the following info; 855-275-3483. www.5-five.com. 4617 Redwood Ct. Irving TX 75038. The second design is the PowerPoint template. This should include the cover page for a presentation and the template for the rest of the pages that come after the cover page. We'd like the design of the PowerPoint to fit well with the design of our Letterhead. The third design is the one-page marketing slick. This is the most important design of the three. The one-page slick is called "Partnering with 5.” It covers 3 main topics about our company, "Industry Leading Management", "How We Help", and "Proprietary Analytical Tools." We want to see what you can do to make these 3 sections appear on a one-page document using the sample information provided below. The content will change when we make our final draft but it should always consist of about the same amount of data or bullet points give or take 20%. We also have a technical chart that we would like to see on the one-page document as well. It is not meant to explain anything; the chart is simply there to show an example of our technical analysis capabilities. Please insert a sample chart as a placeholder. We are not strongly for or against any pictures on the page and will leave those decisions to you and your creative design. Also feel free to change the header names if you’d like. Info for one-pager below __________________________ Industry Leading Management Brian Hayduk President, First Choice Power and Juice Energy Worked with over 70 of the Fortune 100 15 years in the deregulated market Graduate of Lehigh University Jon Moore COO Constellation NewEnergy Director, MX Energy CEO, Juice Energy 13 years in the deregulated market Graduate of Yale Law and Princeton Josh Coleman Corporate Energy Management, Texas Instruments and Invensys, plc Deregulated energy leadership experience, TXU and First Choice 27 years in the energy industry Graduate of Texas A&M, Mechanical Engineering Eric Plateis Board Member NYMEX, Commodity Exchange Trader, Constellation & Bank of Montreal 29 years in commodity trading and risk management Graduate of Boston University Jeff Schiefelbein Led Commercial Team at First Choice Innovative approach to customer choice Graduate of Texas A&M Received the National Daily Points of Light Award How We Help We use unsurpassed knowledge from inside the energy supplier industry to help reduce and better manage energy costs for your business and your home through superior procurement and risk management. 5’s goal is to challenge conventional wisdom and redefine what’s possible. We will change the way you think about buying and managing energy. Services: • Independent analysis and energy procurement • Contract review and negotiation • Customized budget forecasting • Product, term, and timing strategy • On-going market monitoring and risk management • Predominant use studies • Green energy procurement • On-going customer service and bill reviews • Dedicated energy advisor for each customer Proprietary Analytical Tools Proprietary modeling (see chart) Understanding of all available products (fixed, float, heat rate, block, index) Ability to work with customers to structure solutions

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  • I posted the technical chart that we are using for the marketing slick to a webpage for your reference. The details about this chart are explained in the brief. Thanks http://5-five.com/charts/Chart%20For%20One%20Pager.bmp
  • Hello Sir, This proposal on letterhead, I'll upload more later. soft colors, simple and professional. Regards, vart
  • This is my first proposal on letterhead: clean, simple yet professional. Hope you like it. -- jjy
  • For any designer that only submitted one of the three requested pages we are very interested in seeing the other requests as well. It is important to us that we have consistency in the image and flow of the 3 marketing pieces (letterhead, powerpoint, marketing slick)
  • This design is too heavy on the color and not enough white space. Please revise or create new submission
  • This page looks nice but we have decided not to use photos of the team or the partners
  • We have decided that we do not want to add any pictures of the partners to the marketing slick. Please create designs that do not have a place for our team or individual pictures.
  • Cool PowerPoint template, curious to see your attempt at the marketing slick and/or the letterhead
  • Good design, simple and clean
  • FullHeads, thanks for the updated file. It looks good but we would still like to see a little less bubbles and possibly fade them out a little bit more. Thanks so much for working on this final version with us.
  • I already uploaded a letterhead with less bubbles for revision (it's in submit files section), if it's ok - let me know and i will arange all 3 dokuments to office programs and upload them for you. thanks FullHeads visuals
  • one more thing: i will need to know what office version you use, becouse some adjustment varies on different ones, is ir 2010, 2007, or newest ? well the main difference is between 2007 and other.. ..its not some huge difference, but for 100% quality would like to know..
  • Thanks 5, Ok , i will upload files with less bubbles in few hours for revision, and after confirmation i will import all stuff to microsoft products as asked and reapload everything again.
  • Congrats #30 - we really liked the designs and appreciate the additional info. Let's work together to finalize the letterhead and the one-page slick to see some options with less bubbles in the watermark. We look forward to the revisions.
  • Hello, Short technical brief: - Letterhead and One-Page Slick - As you briefed that you are going to edit and I suppose print it on office printer not in printhouse, there is a main crucial poit to this - any office printers printable area dont cover all page size, it will leave a small borders of white space, so as in many entries using graphics on edge looks great, but in real it will not be on edge, where still will be a white corner surounding page. So, as not the first time I do this, I made graphics watermarked on level that all ink and lazer printers a capable to print right, and faded corners to white to bypass of limitations of printable area. What about - One-Page Slick - I used a simpliest NLP method on section "How we help" to get more attention. used milestone words that generates impression of reducing energy usage, whitch i think is a goal of all this. (I prefere those words, but you could simply change them to others since it is a .doc file. If more service bullets addded, the "how we help" section decreases in font sizes proportionaly, this goes automaticaly in prepared word file.) - PowerPoint presentation - As it is mostly for screening puproses, here graphics can thrive. (in powerpoint document will be a button for "print version" - on one-click this will make presentation in same style but without gradients on white space to avoid muddy backgrounds on paper.) I used 20% of page for graphics, when optional is 10-20, but i suppose since presentations goal of impresion is not the last and slides number is not limited, this is a right thing. In all pieces the same two element used: a curved line and syliezed bubbles. Kind regards, FullHeads visuals
  • FullHeads, any update on when the new files will be ready for review?
  • i will upload all files on monday already in office suite, with revision , well if still will be needed a change, we will do that. Good day and till tomorrow.
  • Hello, Uploaded all files already , in word and powerpoint as asked also attached fonts used in design, simply open them and press "instal" on top left corner. If everything is allright please make "files confirmation" for finalization of project. Thank you. Kind regards, FullHeads visuals
  • Thanks FullHeads, we are looking forward to seeing the final files as soon as possible.