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Project description

Hi there, We have a freelance site for home improvement jobs. The site is called and we need someone to create a door hanger that we can use to advertise our services. The key is "When contractors compete, you win!" this is for home repair/improvements feel free to ask any questions. I will like it to have the same colors as the site in it.

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  • 4.25x11. There is a illustrator or photoshop templet at You can show me any size now and I I select you, you can make it to fit the templet. The front side is to advertise to for the consumers and the back side is to advertise to the contractors.
  • What is the size of the door hanger you want. And does need to be a back and front design. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Maybe you can show some blueprints on both sides
  • Re: About #2 Are there any specific images you are looking for?
  • make the front one color and the back a different
  • Maybe you can ad some images or something, try to line up the 123
  • Hi Sir do you have any recommendations whats words to be on the front and on the back..
  • hi there, Please see my notes, the front is for customers, the back is for contractors. Also the logo needs to be there, you can copy it from the site for now. Please show people or something on this. It needs a different look. Thanks
  • Hi there, please go here and download the illustrator temples and make put them in there and send me the temples back. Thanks
  • Hi, thanks for choosing my design. I'll upload the winner file, I just want to know if you need it in corel, illustrator or some special program? not specific in the brief, any changes before sending? Good day.
  • I have made the appropiate changes on the design, I hope this is what u was expecting. I already sent u the files so u can check them. Anything else, we will be on touch. Have a nice day.
  • on the PDF's please remove the lines on the temple you downloaded and the safe zone in purple
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  • How do I change the text. there are a few text errors
  • Ok, done. Check ur inbox. =) Have a nice day.
  • Done, i send it to you sepparately u can check them. Anything else, we will be on touch.
  • Can you please send me the image in print ready PFD. One PDF for the front and one PDF for the back. The last PDF you send with both on it, they are not accepting. It needs to be split into 2 PDF's