False Eyelash Set Packaging

Even though I requested many changes this designer didn't lose his patience with me. I know it's hard working with a perfectionist, but this designer was the most accommodating person to work with. Thank you for for spectacular work and I'll be looking for you for my next project.


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Winning design #79 by nvillegas, Trade Show Swag Design for False Eyelash Set Packaging Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nvillegas

Project description

Generic False Eyelash Packaging This project consists of 4 items that will make up our False Eyelash Set. 1 false eyelash box packaging 1 false eyelash box merchandiser 1 lash glue packaging 1 lash glue merchandiser Project Theme: We are looking for a simple and clean design that will be eye catching that will encompass false eyelashes throughout. Please use Project theme throughout the project. False Eyelash Box Details: - no logo - no need for print ready ai file - We just need design and the details for the back label will be sent to the winner False Eyelash Merchandiser: - We need a print ready file for this project as the merchandiser has not been designed. - Please look at the example file we have attached, but note that a 8 cm header needs to be added to the top of the merchandiser just like the one depicted in the glue merchandiser example. - File must be scale-able in case of slight final dimension variations. - must hold 200 boxes of false eyelashes Lash Glue Packaging: - no need for print ready file just design Lash Glue Merchandiser: - Print ready file is needed - must be easy to assemble and not - Please use header to attract customers attention - Dimensions are provided in the example attached to our file.

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  • yes that's correct, please take a look at the example files i have attached to the contest.
  • Hi BIGinc, question: Merchandiser = is the holder Packaging = are the boxes (6cm X 11.5cm) and (2cm X 8cm X 8.5cm) -regards jpbituin
  • p.s. would a design with a limited colour palette be preferable to keep down printing costs or is a design using 4+ colours be acceptable?
  • Do you have any further design direction in mind, for example other brands you like or packaging that has a similar feel to what you have in mind? Regards Prendy
  • we currently don't have a net for the merchandiser, we are looking for help from the winner to design that
  • Hi Really interested in working on this. Just wondering if you would be able to provide an image of the net for the merchandiser to help get a ready for print file ready? Many thanks Prendy
  • Dear CH, i uploaded Lash glue for you to see, and soon i will upload rest of the products. regards
  • hi andrei, Yes we need to have the merchandiser box designed with the cutouts and fold sections specified. Please take a look at the attached files in the brief for the product specification. Thanks for your submission
  • sorry too colorful, please use less color and more minimal
  • very nice, please follow this theme for the rest of the items.
  • Hi CH I entered with #9. Let me explain: I designed a header for the merchandiser and a package for the eyelashes. If you like the theme I can adapt the design for the glue too. Do you need us to design you the merchandiser box itself? Like where it should be cut out, and where to be folded and so on in order to have the object itself at the sizes you specified? If so, let me be the first to tell you that FIRST you should check with a manufacturer of cardboard stuff, in order to see if they can DO cardboard objects with different patterns than their standard stuff. I hope it makes sense. I mean they have standard cutout shapes that fold to standard marchendisers. If you need a custom one, the producer has to provide the specifications and the unfolded sketch to the designer in order to have everything in place and ok... Regards, Andrei
  • not sold on the new pattern for the left side, can you try something else
  • :) ok, sorry english in not my first language :)but now i understand
  • i think you misunderstood me. the right side with the lines swirling around was ok, the left side with the different color checkered boxes doesn't match the project
  • like the top but then again don't like the checkers
  • i really like the right side of the packaging but i don't like the checkered boxes on the left side
  • Hello, sorry i didnt notice attached files :) my bad..i will send to you correction soon as possible best regards
  • I didn't mean to eliminate your other design. I actually like that concept better, but please remove the sketch lines as they don't have a purpose but can you please take a look at the attached files to the brief as they contain the dimensions for the product. There you will also notice that the glue box and eyelash box are separate.
  • all the lines make it look messy. Also the lash box doesn't come with glue, please take a look at the dimensions of the box in the example .jpgs attached to the brief
  • the merchandiser will be made of cardboard. So ideally we would like a flat piece of cardboard that can fold into the merchandiser. Ideally use as little pieces of cardboard as necessary