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Winning design #5 by vart4riony, Trade Show Swag Design for First Aid Cellular 1st Annual Cell Phone Toss Contest
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designed by vart4riony

Project description

First Aid Cellular is hosting the 1st Annual Cell Phone Chucking contest. This epic event will test the skills of the most angry cell phone users as they take out their aggression on lack of reception, lost calls, and down right dirty cell phones. The contest winner will be determined by the longest thrown cell phone that will be provided. Each phone will be the same type/brand. Please incorporate our logo into the design. Additional logos need to be added as sponsors sign up. Please create a section to basically add logos within a blocked out area near the bottom of the page. Or be creative on positioning of additional logos. Poster Brief Suggestion: Have you ever been upset with your cell phone provider? Did you ever feel like chucking your phone out your car window? If you have answered yes to the previous questions this contest is for YOU! Take a chance for charity and throw your old phone as far as you can; which is guaranteed to relieve some stress. You'll not only raise money for a great charity, you'll have a chance to win some awesome prizes and be listed on our website as the United States Record Holder. Original: • One male and one female winner (17 years and older) • Traditional throw • Purely the length of the throw counts • The one who can throw the cell phone the furthest is the winner • The winner of this will be the United States Champion for 2012 Freestyle-Individuals: (MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE THIS EVENT) • Open to any age • The style and aesthetics will be judged • The overall appearance is crucial. If you dress like a clown you will get extra points. • The more bizarre you dress and act the more points you can earn. • Length of throw counts also • The honorable judges of 3 persons will judge the performance, grading is from 1 to 10 points • The competitor with the highest score wins • One throw per competitor Team Freestyle: (MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE THIS EVENT) • Over the shoulder throw. This is the only contest that has an over the shoulder throw. Teams can comprise of men or women, boys or girls. max. 3 persons per team The throwers back must be to the field and feet facing away from the field. team members' scores will be summed up and the highest score wins • One $5.00 donation or one used cell phone will be an entry fee one throw per competitor Team Original: (MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE THIS EVENT) • Traditional throw - as far as you can throw the cell phone. • Teams can be made up of men or women, boys or girls. max. 3 persons per team • The thrower should throw the phone as far a possible. • Team members' throws will be averaged and the longest averaged score wins one throw per competitor. • One $5.00 donation or one used cell phone will be an entry fee Juniors: • Traditional throw • Only for children 0 to 10 and 11 to 16 years old (ID must be presented if asked) • One throw per competitor • The one who can throw the cell phone the furthest is the winner

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  • Okay, I changed it. But, I'm only aloud to submit 3 designs and I've already occupied 2 spots on that. I'll create another one for you and submit it in spot number 3 for you to look at. Thanks.
  • change chucking to thowing, also we are going to want to see more than just one design
  • Yeah, that's no problem at all. If there's any more suggestions, just let me know and I'll be happy to help you!
  • Needs changed to 1st Annual Cell Phone Throwing Contest
  • Bear with us as the details and specifics might change, looking for mostly a design at this point with some other minor changes to integrate in after Wednesday this week.
  • Date Sept 19th 2012 Time 9am Location TBD, but will be on the University of Nebraska Omaha Campus website to donate to is
  • Added a new suggestion for the contest brief, also we are supporting the Wounded Warrior Project and have loaded the best logo I could find for their organization. Please add this info to your design, I like the lighter colors, the title needs to be changed from TOSS to THROWING CONTEST
  • Hi CH, Do you have a date/time/location for this event poster, as well as a website? Thanks, applecoregfx
  • I don't get the "United States Champion For 2012" statement, also company logo and Wounded Warrior Project logo must not be altered from what was provided.
  • Our company logo should not be altered in the final draft.
  • Hi firstaidcell My entries are #9 & #10 Anticipating your comments and size of the poster Thanks
  • Ah, I apologize CH. I can only submit one more design, so are there any other changes you would like to see me make in addition to the Wounded Warrior change? Thanks
  • The contest is to benefit Wounded Warrior Project they are not a sponsor.
  • I like this one so far. We'd prefer this be in a PSD layered format so that we can adjust text as needed. There could be close to 20 sponsors so the space near the bottom would need to be flexible.
  • Hi firstaidcell My new entries are #20 & #21 Now I am created size of the poster is 24"x32". Anticipating your comments please Thanks
  • Hello sir As per your advice I corrected my design (Old #11) New #17 Your valuable suggestion please Radha
  • Hi CH My corrected new entry is #16 (old #12) Thank you for your rating and comments Eraser
  • Size of the poster should be able to scale to 24x32ins at least or bigger.
  • hi i have design another 2 posters so i waiting your comments our design than i will change something thanks
  • This contest will be extended, so don't worry if your not getting feedback, waiting for a meeting to happen wednesday so that the feedback will focus more on details. The designs so far look great all.