Forget Hangovers banner and packaging

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Winning design #29 by RockPumpkin, Trade Show Swag Design for Forget Hangovers banner and packaging Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RockPumpkin

Project description

I need two specific designs. The first is for our events and marketing. We are looking for designs to use on a pull-up banner with the dimensions 33.5”x96” viewing area is 84”. The banner is intended to give potential customers basic product information and FAQ. Attached is a sample POS card that has the information required for the sign. The only requirement is to stay within the color scheme of the product/logo. We would also like the logo to be at the top of the banner. Feel free to alter the font type and images!!! The second item is for new retail packaging. This new box will contain 3 and 5 individual units. The dimensions of the package will be 3"x3"x2" with a 2" hanger tab at the top with a bleed. (ex. Condom box) Attached is the current product packaging for the individual units. The new package does not have to be an exact replica of the current packaging but again we would like to stick with the current color scheme and include the information on back of the current packaging.

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  • Dear CH what do you think about my proposal ? :) let me know what can i change if its needed. Advantage: all the image is vector. sincerely, George
  • can you adjust yellow color to the orange that we use on the packaging
  • great first shot, appreciate the die-cut and folds included
  • Can we see it with a lighter background or white
  • tgp
    CH you have the big one in number #8 in white, and i have make some changes for packaging in number #9, and also i have make my own version of the one you like on number #10, for you to choose wich style you prefer. Thanks!
  • there is nothing original from the POS card
  • can you try it on a white background
  • can you try keeping it more simpler to the pos card layout
  • can you try some different font types
  • Will you've provide the retail package design in a printing template format
  • Thank you for the feedback. Please check updated entry #25
  • and please look at the new updated files we have uploaded !!
  • please include both banner and package design in one entry !!!!!
  • can you replace the patches with the new uploaded files and check the grammatical spelling. and also show us a version without the small text. just the bold text. also find an image with a prettier girls
  • can we get a visual on the back of the packaging
  • Please check #23 Sir. Please provide specific feedback so i can further enhance or revise the design. Looking forward to your response. Thank you
  • Can you include both 14 and 13 in one entry
  • Can all entries include both banner and packaging designs
  • Please check #29 Sir. all in one entry. Thank you so much
  • wonderful, can you include this with the banner design in one entry