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designed by slodkieserce

Project description

We would like a poster for our home location that brings back the glory days of aviation, the tradition of the Flying Tigers, and that has a vintage feel. We want this poster to become a collectible and very sought after. As we grow, each location will get there own poster.

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  • can u give us a link with the picture of your location, because the picture above cannot be used...
  • oh, I forgot. we do own the images we used as an example and yes you may use them, espsecially our location image as this IS what we are currently building here. Our logo as you can see, is on our buildings and structures in the artist rendering. Thank you again for your time and help and please feel free to use your imagination. We have been here before and been blown away ny the talent pool here. We LOVE you guys!!! (and girls...:) )
  • Hello. We would like a poster that looks and feels 1940's, that uses our location picture as a background. This airport was called CAL AERO in 1940 and was used to train fighter and bomber pilots for the war. We want to use these posters to advertise us and our location, but still have that 1940's feel, and who and where we are located. we would love for this poster to become a collectible and that is our aim. we will run a limited number, with some signed, probably as a give-away promotion. And yes, of course we will send you a few also!!! There are quite a few examples of WW II posters (like the famous "I want you" Uncle Sam poster on the net. We just really need everyone when they see the poster, want to visit the real thing. Good luck everyone and thank you!!
  • any feedback is welcome
  • What a fun contest!. Dear CH, your brief is to poor in content direction. What is the copy you would like us to use?, your logo?, could you please provide us all the necesary info/material we need to create the perfect poster for you? Thank you in advance! P.S. Dear designers, please use the comment section to explain the qualities of your designs and please avoid asking for feedback.
  • If you look at the links we included, we really like the posters that look old fashioned. For example, the Caproni poster, the F4U Corsair is great too under the prints tab. Camel and B-17 are really great too.
  • About#5 All is drawn(vectors), no images, no bitmaps!
  • Dear CH, Please, can you try upload again (nondamaged) file of airport image?
  • Hello CH, this is my new design poster with the picture you have provided..
  • We would like to see some entries with our rendering then some P-40s flying above and some parked outside. We also want our websie to be at the bottom, but high enough to where it will still be seen if framed. Thanks and we're very excited and impressed with everything we have seen so far!
  • I really like the weathered look you used on it too! =)
  • Hmmm...interesting idea. Would it be possible for you to take the people off our rendering and maybe add more military-ish dressed people?
  • This one is a little bit better. If you are going to use a landscaped back ground then we would like for it to look more like China.
  • Same as other feed back.
  • Your posts are looking too much like a magazine cover. Please remove the yellow tag completely from all entries. I'm also not liking the bright blue back looks too spacy. Also, the airplanes on al your posts look as though you took a picture of a model plane and therefore the planes don't look real in the pictures. Can you also please remove the "we are a licensed..." We don't want that on any of them either.
  • I really like the color scheme on this, please just fix the spelling mistakes.
  • Can you please fix the spelling of Flying and Tigers should be plural.
  • Used the picture you have provided (made a print screen of the example picture)
  • Hello ch this is my new design poster, the concept poster painted effect in 40's,, thanks before..