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Winning design #10 by nvillegas, Trade Show Swag Design for Home automation brochure Sight and Sound Contest
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designed by nvillegas

Project description

I need a simple front and back mail out discussing home automation. Mainly the ability to control your home remotely very easily. The options we offer clients are remote viewing of live/recorded surveillance cameras, remote control of thermostats, garage doors, alarm, tvs, deadbolts, sprinklers, pools, spas, lighting indoor/outdoor. You can receive notifications of any and all home events. We install and use Control4 www.control4.com I do not care to boast their name, but what we can offer with their products. I would like to keep the design clean and direct. I like the idea of the systems making your home secure, green, and convenient. This will be direct mailed to upper end homes $300,000 and up. My company website is www.sightandsound.ms This should be double sided with the back having a graphic as well and a paragraph talking about home automation. and a spot for address and company logo for producing a direct mail out. I am looking for something ready to mail out. Not a picture with words I supplied. Please put in a little effort, I have many other things that need to be done for my companies. I am just testing the waters here instead of seeking a new advertising firm. Current company logo is attached. and here is the company info. Sight and Sound 2123 Oak Grove Rd Hattiesburg, MS 39402 601-450-4388 www.sightandsound.ms

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  • gil
    Leaps and bounds better than the other guys entries... My current logo is now attached to the contest. Can you take out the wording and replace with something like "Complete control of you Thermostats, Lighting, Garage Doors, Alarm, Surveillance Cameras from anywhere on your iDevice/Android" You do not have to use that verbatim, thats the point I would like to get across. Something describing the complete control and monitoring from anywhere. Emphasize on efficiency and safety.. Other than that, I REALLY like the design you have going. Thanks for the hard work.
  • gil
    Please read the entire description. This is nothing more than my words pasted on a picture. Thanks for the effort, but not at all what I am looking for.
  • I tried to make this look clean as possible if you could give me a critique it would be very helpful.
  • Hi, I would like to know if you already have a fixed size of the mail out or you want us to suggest a size? square, Rectangular, postcard size etc. Thanks and Regards
  • gil
    Nvillegas - is the last update just not over lapping?
  • gil
    nvillegas- "at your fingertips" not in your
  • gil
    Ignore my slider bar 1/100 I do not understand how that thing ranks the submissions.
  • Thanks CH. I'll make the necessary adjustment. But I'm a bit confused with your point system.
  • gil
    #7 is looking good. How bout changing "From Effectively" to " From your smartphone..." The size should be what is standard postcard 4.25" high x 6" wide. Thanks for all your effort!!!
  • CH, Thanks for the feedback. Entry #7 is the updated layout of entry #3. I replaced the old logo with the new one and replaced the wordings with something that focuses on efficiency and safety. Please let me know if there are still changes that you want to be done. Thanks!
  • gil
    Can you also upload the .psd files or the original creation files. I am going to modify it some, just don't know when I will get around to it... Thanks for your work I really like the design... Ciao
  • CH, Thank you for choosing my design. I uploaded the files. It's in PDF format with bleeds and trim marks. If there's any corrections or revisions that is needed to be done just let me know. I would really appreciate an immediate response from you so I would have enough time to do the corrections if there's any. Thank you.
  • I uploaded the layered files. All layers are unlocked. If there are still some corrections or file type that you need, just let me know and I'll upload it. Thanks!
  • Gil, there's a lock button on the layer palette. If you click that button for each layer, it will be unlocked. But I'm still going to upload the ulocked files with layered backgrounds. I'm really sorry about that. Thanks.
  • gil
    All the layers are locked... please unlock them... Thanks
  • gil
    Could you please send me the background as layers... I want to be able to remove the TV/Touchscreen images and not lose the entire background. Thanks, Gil
  • Gil, I uploaded the PSD files. You need to install the fonts first before opening the file in photoshop. I did the correction at the back. If there are still some changes, please let me know. Thanks!
  • Gil, some questions; 1.) Do you want me to change the heading in front from "A safe and convenient life at your fingertips? NOW, IT'S POSSIBLE!" to "A safe and convenient life at your home? NOW, I'TS POSSIBLE!"? 2.) At the back, I changed the text to "Want to live safely, conveniently and comfortably in your home? WE CAN HELP!" Is that what you want? Thank you.
  • Ok sir, I'll do the changes and upload the file. I'll also include the font.
  • gil
    Nvillegas - Can you please contact me gil@sightandsound dot com. I have couple little changes to make and would like the original layered files for my future. The front of the card needs to be adjusted like we did the back. "a flick of a finger" needs to be changed to "your home." "From Anywhere!!!" (in some size/color/font) needs to be added over We Can Help.. If you can take care of that and upload the source files I will be satisfied. Thanks for your great work. Gil Foreman...