Infant Massage Educator Needs Energetic and Informative Marketing Brochure

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Winning design #53 by maxx, Trade Show Swag Design for Infant Massage Educator Needs Energetic and Informative Marketing Brochure Contest
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designed by maxx

Project description

I need a 9inx6in card with both sides different and full color
This card will be used as a mass marketing tool such as a hand out at trade shows or included in gift bags, and available for customers to take from a display stand.
It must include my logo
One idea is to possibly incormporate a safari theme but it is not to be over done or childlike.
My target audience is women 20-40 year old
I have found that most potential customers do not understand what infant massage is and therefore; this print must be clear and concise about the purpose and beneifts of infant massage. Please see my website for details
It needs to include the bar code I have attached for smart phones to read.
Must include a coupon for 25% off of any service but can not be combined with any other offers.
The file submitted needs to be editable so that the coupon, barcode reader, and changable information and can be updated periodically.

With the suggestions of the designers I have included below the information I would like in the brochure. I don't want this to take away from your creative thoughts so still feel free to make modifications but this should help guide your designs

My certification is through the International Association of Infant Massage and their logo can be used in the brochure as long as it is small and does not disctract from the brochure.

What does a class involve ?
My courses are taught over 5 weeks to give both the parent and baby time to learn and become comfortable with the massage. Each week parents learn strokes for a new part of the body while reviewing strokes from previous classes. Pressure, rate, rhythm, the length of the massage, respect, bonding, why baby cries, baby’s body language, position of the baby, relaxation and parent empowerment are some of the skills and tops that will be discussed.
Benefits for Baby and Parents
• Promotes better sleep
• Boosts immune system and improves blood circulation
• Helps digestion and waste elimination
• Balances respiration
• Relief for teething pains
• Helps you learn about your baby (his or her needs and desires)
• Caregivers report feeling more comfortable and confident in their ability to care for baby.
• Parents learn to understand and respond to baby’s cues.
• Parents acquire techniques to comfort, calm and soothe their babies.
• Provides an additional avenue for close and nurturing contact.

I offer Private and Group classes

Regular classes are for infants up to one year of age

Special consideration classes are for children up to seven years of age and include: premature infants, children with special needs and medical conditions affecting growth/development, adopted babies, and babies in foster care with the intent to adopt

Testimonials I think the best testimonials are the two below
"My husband and I loved learning infant massage with our infant daughter. She loves getting her daily massages, they have been a great way to help her relax, and have given us a fun and unique way to bond with her. Amber made this a wonderful experience, and is a knowledgeable and fun teacher. "
Kristine R

"I learned how massage can help with stomach issues or anytime baby is feeling unwell. Amber is very sweet and calm herself. I adore using these same massages on my 3 year old son. It was so much fun and cute! Thank you for helping us calm our babies."
Ashley A.

To sign up for a group class or to schedule a private class go to or call (719) 684-5034

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  • Look below at feedback for nunber 3
  • About #3 and #4 Thank you for this design. I really like how you used the pictures to explain infant massage. They way you positioned the three babies receiving massage is a great explaination. Great job. I really like how you did the coupon. It draws attention to it and I like the size and overal coupon. I really like how you used testimonials. That is another great way to explain infant massage. Thank you for that. I like how large you made my logo. I appreciate the way you separated the website at the bottom it really draws attention to it instead of having to search for it. Maybe the phone number could go with it as well? As far as colors, I am trying to stay away from the typical pinks and blues of baby products so maybe if we could try some new colors that would be great. I am more going to the spa feel and sarfi theme. I have a baby elephant, monkey, and giraff that I give away when people purchase gift certificates. Maybe these animals could be incorporated?There is no information about what to do next if you have to take a class. So maybe something eye catching that says " to scheudal a class please visit the web site or call" .. Im just throwing out ideas here but I want to it be clear what to do if they are interested int he product. I Don't care for the border around my picture. Thank you for this submission it does look good.
  • #4 is the front and #3 is the back. Thanks for posting the font info earlier Oops! I just realized I forgot the QR code. I can add it in after you let me know if you'd like to see any other changes
  • I don't mind if the front goes one direction 6x9 and the back goes the other direction 9x6 if that makes sense.
  • About 1 and 2 I appreciate the logo on the front and back. Whenever the name, swish, and hands are all used together I would like them to be in the same relationship to each other as the logo that was uploaded. I see that they may have been enlarged and moved apart to make the tag line larger and make room for the hands. I would still prefer for them to be in the right relationship when they are all together. I do like how you used the swish to pull together the boxes. The boxes either need to be alligned or purposefully not alligned. Right now on Image 1 they look accidentaly irregular. The box spacing on image 2 looks good. On image 2 what is the green flower looking object between the top two boxes? The back drop image appears fuzzy. Is that on purpose or becuase it is a draft? Thank you for all of your first ideas.
  • Feedback for entry one and two are the same. Look below
  • For #1&2 This is a great start. The animal print fits the theme but it is not what I am looking for. I would prefer to see that switched out with some thing with texture like grass or something, I like the way you did the safari theme. It looks very professional. I have a giant stuffed kangaroo with a baby joey. It would be neat to see some designs with mother and baby safari animals like mokeys, giraffes, and elephants. I am trying to stay away from the tipical pink and blue that many baby companies use but we can use mother and baby animals and themes. I appreciate all the information about infant massage from my website that you included. I Don't need every single benefits for baby and parent. About half of thoes would be appropriate. Just enough to get the idea across. When you list the website please do not list the http:// I just want to keep it simple I really appreciate the area to change out the coupon. I like the creativity of putting the scan box in the hand of the logo but I would prefer to not have that in the logo. Maybe it could be in the hand if the hand was by itself but not when it is put in the whole logo.I love the picture you used for the backgroud but I was looking for more greens and browns than orange. If you have any questions please let me know. This is my first large marketing tool so please be patient with me as my thoughts evolve. I look forward to seeing some very different designs as well.
  • To jkliever the fonts used in the logo are Black Jack Regular and Franklin Gothic Book Regular
  • Notes With Entry # 1 & # 2 - #1 is the Back of what would be your card. Also all text will be editable (font, size, words) Seeing as i was unsure what you wanted... #1 is the Front Text also will be editable on copys i give to you if chosen, Along with the coupon text and bar code. Hope you like!
  • Hello, Could you tell me what fonts were used in your logo? I might want to re-use them in other parts of the brochure so it looks consistent. Thanks!
  • I hesitate to replace koala or not, and a kangaroo that's all I can, revisions are always open to you, I hope you like it. best regards vart
  • About #17 and #18. Maxx This design is great very good. I love using the hands as bullets. Love the information box great job. The location of the testimonys is great. I love how you used the swish from my logo around the brochure looks really good. I am trying to stay away from pinks and blues so if you could change that color that would be great. I love how you did the animal out lines and how they do not distract from the brochure I do like the parent and baby concept with the animals. Could you replace the hippo with a kangaroo. I hope this helps as I really like your design.
  • work for the revision now, give me time! thanks you. vart
  • About #19 and #20. Vart4riony. You did a great job I really like what you did with this revision. I like the fonts changes that really helped. I like the testimonials together they look much better. I like the animals that you added. The Panda bear is perfect, Maybe use a different kangaroo picture where the joey is more obvious. The panda and Kangaroo look life like and the koals look digital and I would like them all to be similar. Please take the red writing off of my picture at the bottom. PLease swtich "5 weeks classes" and put 5 Session Classes. Please take off the Supported by proffesional and experince instructors and and fine print below that and replace with what consitutes a "special consideration class" and maybe a comment about private classes being in the clients own home and and group classes being at a discount. Please take off " get you coupon now: and replace with redeem your coupon now. On the front I would like a group picture next to benefits instead of another single picture of the infant. Thanks for this design I really am liking it.
  • About #17 & #18 Dear CH, I hope you like my design, and need some feedback for further improvements. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, sorry, if there is a lot Improve design from me, if excessive, and you do not like, then I would be revised again, I hope you like it. I always open your revision, and I hope you blind this contest,so we are free to be creative, if possible. thank you best regards, vart
  • I respect and thank your comments, however i feel i may not resubmit for this reason If fixing small issues or simply taking things out will not fix the issues you have with it, i feel it is not worth my time in editing it. With so many asspects in a brocher it is a lot of work. And re designing it with only a chance of $150 is not so much worth the time this has/will take to do it over once more. I love your cause and your business, if i lived close I would definatly take a class! I wish you all the luck in finding something Perfect for your business :)! If i feel up to trying again in the next day or so i still may, becuase i love the feel of it! Thank you again for your comments on helping me be the best i can!. :)! -- Also if you can tell me the asspects of it that you really like (if any) that may help in keeping what you like and outting the rest if i feel up to trying again :)!
  • This is for #15 and #16 Miss Emily I am still not blown away by this brochure. I have some overall comments and then just some small ones. Changing the small issues will not fix the overall issue. Over all - I need this brochure to be an attention getter not a mini version of my website. This is just to get them interested and wanting more which will lead them to call or go to the website where they can get more details. Your ad at a glance seems overwhelming with paragraphs and it looks like a lot of words. It does not grab my attention yet and convince me in a few second that I NEED to learn how to massage my infant. I hope this makes since. I love the way in which you are using the bamboo background and I like the idea you are bringing out with the animals. But there needs to be few less words and the overall design needs grab my attention and make me feel like " I have to know what that add says" Small Sugestions - please put the % after the 25 instead of before it. Try a different accent color, the grey green does not make the brochure jump out at me. The Gorillas are not as "cute" or eye catching maybe try monkeys? The Social networking emblems look awkward maybe they could go under the phone number instead. The IAIM symbol does not tell potential clients much where it is The IAIM needs to be in the section that talks about my credintials.I really do want the logo with the words going around becuase the words are writen out otherwise clients do not know what it stands for I agree with you that the information that you have included on the brochure is helpful for clients but there is just to many details and I want the to grap women's attention and in a few words explain what infant massage is and why it is so important for them to contact me and sign up for a class. This is why I feel the pictures are so important "A picture is worth a thousand words " ... and it intrigues people without be wordy. I hope these comments help direct you and Thank you for your wonderful submisions.
  • #15 (front) & #16 (Back), First off, thank you CH for the extra credits! I needed those :) Also means you are liking my desgins and wanting to see more, so thank you again!. Now, Here are my revisions you would like to see. Changed all fonts, Added the Tan color bars, two Black and white pics on greeen bars. Also Zoomed yours onto just your face so they can see who they are working with :) Also took the information about yourself and moved it all in one spot - I added that part of your "about Me" section, i think reading it it has your training and they get a tad personal with you knowing you have lived in thier town as long as they have, and so had your husban. I think i would feel better knowing that if i was a potitional client. I also changed out the Mom and Baby Gorilla for a Mom, Dad & baby :). Also added a facebook and inLink icon (i read you liked that so added it also so u dont have to ask :)). I also added the IAIM icon on the back left corner as you asked. (the white one didnt read well being so small). Also changed out the Not Convienced block to explaing more about the classes you asked for.! On the back with the benifits, i took out the 2nd block of it, also with the new font i had to make the font bigger so it was readable, therefor i wasnt able to add to the text Sorry about that.! But it is far more readable in the bigger font. Well, Heres your revisions, Hope you like and thank you!
  • thank you for your feedback, I'll be back with your revision, give me a time,thank you. best regards vart