Infant Massage Educator Needs Energetic and Informative Marketing Brochure

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Project description

I need a 9inx6in card with both sides different and full color
This card will be used as a mass marketing tool such as a hand out at trade shows or included in gift bags, and available for customers to take from a display stand.
It must include my logo
One idea is to possibly incormporate a safari theme but it is not to be over done or childlike.
My target audience is women 20-40 year old
I have found that most potential customers do not understand what infant massage is and therefore; this print must be clear and concise about the purpose and beneifts of infant massage. Please see my website for details
It needs to include the bar code I have attached for smart phones to read.
Must include a coupon for 25% off of any service but can not be combined with any other offers.
The file submitted needs to be editable so that the coupon, barcode reader, and changable information and can be updated periodically.

With the suggestions of the designers I have included below the information I would like in the brochure. I don't want this to take away from your creative thoughts so still feel free to make modifications but this should help guide your designs

My certification is through the International Association of Infant Massage and their logo can be used in the brochure as long as it is small and does not disctract from the brochure.

What does a class involve ?
My courses are taught over 5 weeks to give both the parent and baby time to learn and become comfortable with the massage. Each week parents learn strokes for a new part of the body while reviewing strokes from previous classes. Pressure, rate, rhythm, the length of the massage, respect, bonding, why baby cries, baby’s body language, position of the baby, relaxation and parent empowerment are some of the skills and tops that will be discussed.
Benefits for Baby and Parents
• Promotes better sleep
• Boosts immune system and improves blood circulation
• Helps digestion and waste elimination
• Balances respiration
• Relief for teething pains
• Helps you learn about your baby (his or her needs and desires)
• Caregivers report feeling more comfortable and confident in their ability to care for baby.
• Parents learn to understand and respond to baby’s cues.
• Parents acquire techniques to comfort, calm and soothe their babies.
• Provides an additional avenue for close and nurturing contact.

I offer Private and Group classes

Regular classes are for infants up to one year of age

Special consideration classes are for children up to seven years of age and include: premature infants, children with special needs and medical conditions affecting growth/development, adopted babies, and babies in foster care with the intent to adopt

Testimonials I think the best testimonials are the two below
"My husband and I loved learning infant massage with our infant daughter. She loves getting her daily massages, they have been a great way to help her relax, and have given us a fun and unique way to bond with her. Amber made this a wonderful experience, and is a knowledgeable and fun teacher. "
Kristine R

"I learned how massage can help with stomach issues or anytime baby is feeling unwell. Amber is very sweet and calm herself. I adore using these same massages on my 3 year old son. It was so much fun and cute! Thank you for helping us calm our babies."
Ashley A.

To sign up for a group class or to schedule a private class go to or call (719) 684-5034

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