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Winning design #31 by maxx, Trade Show Swag Design for Invitation Contest
Gold Medal

designed by maxx

Project description

We need a design for a printed invitation for an Award Show. It should look exclusive, like an invitation for a wedding. Something that you dont recieve by the mail every day. We imagine a four page 12 cm x 12 cm invitation, printed on high quality white paper, but please feel free to challenge us with great ideas. Our target group are executives within HR, IT & Communication in the fortune 200 Danish companies. Enclosed please find a document with the contents of the invitation (in Danish).

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  • Please check out the design from last year for inspiration - uploaded as pdf in the brief
    • Dear Sander, Thank you very much for your kind feedback. Here is the new version of design #23. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Kinda regards.

    • Hi Babba, I still think your design could win the prize. Here are some suggested improvements: 1) Work a little more with the text / bullet layout on page 3. See #29 for inspiration 2) Use the blue and/or green color from our corporate design (see 3) Please try to place a graphical element on the front page or page 3 with the following text: 'Faglig inspiration, Film premiere & Sushi' (summarizes the benefits of participation).

    • Thank you dear Sander1! I shall work on design improving and get back later. Kind regards.

    • OK, please note that we expect to appoint the winner in 2 we need to send invitation for printing today before 13 DK-time

  • dear Sander1 Please see my entry #7 I would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions (ifany)
  • Too all, I have uploaded an example from last years Awards design for inspiration. Please have a look for inspiration.
    • the example of last year is not how invitation cards are made like of weddings... you also said you need to have a look of a wedding card

  • Thanks for the entry, would probably work fine as a digital design, but we don't think it is optimal for a printed design.
    • Dear CH , thanks for feedback . my concept was round ribbon will be insert in card separately .

  • Thanks for the entry. We are looking for something more classic / simple
    • Hej. jeg har nu lavet noget der er mere simpelt #3 . Mvh/ Christopher

    • Hej Christopher, vi er stadig et stykke fra det udtryk vi leder efter. Find inspiration pÃ¥ og se de oplæg vi har rated højest. Mvh. Søren

  • Dear Sander1, Here is mine design #5 (I have uploaded previous design #4, but it is too large preview). I wanted to keep simple and elegant business design layout. As you may see, I have used the colors from your logo in invitation design, to stay with your company/corporate image. Hopefully you will like it. I am open for any suggestions you may have, and looking forward for your feedback. Kind regards.
    • Hi Babba, here is some detailed feedback / suggestions: 1) we like the orange, but not the purple. Please have a look at to see the four main colors that we use. 2) Right now we use many font-sizes in the invitation text. I think the main text on page 2-3-4 should be the same size. 3) Note that page 3 needs to draw attention - this is where we communicate the benefits of participating in the award show. One idea could be make the bullets text in bold 4) Please try to place a graphical element on the front page or page two with the following text: 'Faglig inspiration, Forpremiere & Sushi' (summarizes the benefits of participation).

  • This looks really good!
  • Hej. jeg har lavet #2 . Hvad syntes i om det? og lad mig endelig vide om der evt. er noget i vil have ændret. Mvh/ Christopher
  • Hello Please let us know your desired colors. Regards
    • Actually - it could be black and white or you can get color inspiration on

  • Do you need a plain background or with texture? or any specific color you need in background?
  • I like the basic concept / template. Here are some some comments: 1) The font / text layout need work 2) I'm not sure the black on white front works
  • I submitted my design! I also have the Photoshop document available if requested.
  • Hi, check out my design #18. The idea is to be printed with partial UV varnishing over the text.
  • Excellent work :-) If we appoint you as a winner, we'll need two versions delivered: 1) A version which we can send for the printer - this should be delivered in AI files and 2) A version, where the invitation is four page PDF, which we can send out via e-mail. Can you deliver this today?
    • I think it won't be a problem. What time I have to get you that files?

    • The one for the printer is needed asap (in the next hour) and the pdf later today. If you can do that and we have an agreement, then I can appoint you as the winner

    • Ok,I will need 30min to prepare files................................

    • Files for the printing in AI are ready! I will upload them as soon as you request them.

    • OK, I will appoint you as the winner now :-) Congrats and thanks for a job well done!

  • Dear CH Sander. I have my second entries #36 & #37. Please check my design. Thank you.
  • Very good - here are my comments: 1) I don't like the strikethroughs of the two 's' and the 'd' on the front, but understand that the /// is part of the design (which I like). Maybe try to include /// somewhere else on the front page? 2) Move the banner with 'Faglig inspiration, film premiere..' from page 2 to page 3 - and put it in a plain box instead of the banner. 3) Make the 'Tilmeld dig...' text on page two in bold 4) The text '2200 København..' should not be bold, just normal font 5) I suggest you use the blue and green for the outline of the boxes on page 2 and page 3 - just like you use a white outline for the box on the green backside 6) Finally. Please check that you are using the same fonts as used on I will appoint the winner tonight or tomorrow morning, so please submit your design asap
  • Hi Maxx, thanks for your entry. We really like the way you have layoutet the text on the pages - best text layout so far! Here are a few comments: 1) Try to use the blue and green from our corporate color palette (see 2) Try to simplify the front page a little. 3) Insert a graphical element on page 3 or 2 with the following text 'Faglig inspiration, film premiere og sushi'. This highlight the customers benefits of parcipation.
    • Thank you for your feedback. There is my new entry #30, with modifications as you suggested. Feel free to ask if any other suggestion you have. Thanks.