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Winning design #21 by HerbertNordal, Trade Show Swag Design for JACKSONVILLE MAGAZINE AD FOR: GLENN W. FORHAN DMD Contest
Gold Medal

designed by HerbertNordal

Project description

This is a quarter page ad for a local magazine for Dentists who were voted by their peers as a "Top Dentist". I will attach last year's ad plus samples of other ads. The ad is in color. It is an attempt to showcase our experience and specialty with General Dentistry and anesthesia. The previous copy stated: Dr. Glenn Forhan has been in practice 26 years. His practice ARGYLE DENTAL PROFESSIONALS, emphasizes general dentistry, a field in which he holds a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. In addition to general dental needs, other special services offered include intravenous sedation, general anesthesia in a surgery center as well as dental implants and mini implants placed with the aid of an in-house CT scanner. His office provides services to the fearful, the medically compromised, special needs adults and many others throughout the Jacksonville area. "All our care and treatments emphasize comfort, cosmetics, longevity, cost containment and most of all---the patient's desires".

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  • Hello, I was wondering if there is a photo you would like to use for this ad. Also, would you happen to know what dimensions are needed for a quarter page ad? I looked online and it gives two different specs: —- 1/4 PAGE (VERT.SHARE PAGES IN JAXMAG & 904 ONLY) 9 5/8" wide by 12 3/8" deep —- 1/4 PAGE (VERT. MARKETPLACE IN JAXMAG ONLY) 9 7/8" wide by 12 5/8" deep I'm not positive if these numbers apply to this particular ad; if you have any info on this that would be great Thanks
    • HAPPY GD I'm not sure about the size but my best quess is the first choice ver.share pages in Jax Mag 904 only. I can have a picture done------and will need to leave space for it. Thanks so much Dr. Forhan

  • Dear CH, #12 submitted with alterations for your review
  • Dear CH, please check my new design i hope you like simple clean & font size bigger thanks
  • Please drop the Meet the Dentist Line
    • please check i have remove the meet the Dentist line

    • Well...I think they have better balance with the Meet the Dentist line----let's keep that

  • Please drop the meet the doctor line
  • I like this can you eliminate the Meet the Doctor Line
  • Dear CH, ad #7 is a one quarter page ad. Other submissions seem to be FULL page ads. Space is tight. The text in #7 is a standard 9 point condensed size. If the other submissions are quarter page then the text is very, very small. Thanks for your consideration.
    • Herbert Good point I can consider both sizes but prefer 1/4 page as it is "way" less expensive. Can you drop the Meet the Dentist Line in your #7 aD? thanks

  • Dear CH, please check my design ad i hope you like my designs appreciated feedback thanks
    • Dear rajagee; Looking for something totally original. These are nice but too close to the existing ad. Thanks

    • Thanks for feedback sir, i have upload new design different style i hope you like my new idea rate & feedback thanks

    • Would like to see this in all black and gold

    • also Please spell my name Glenn --Two N's

    • And it should say meet the Dentist---singular rather than Dentists

    • I just put a new photograph on---crop as you see fit,,,, thanks Glenn

    • Dear CH, please upload again file didn't open show error thanks

  • please give the Web address WWW.ARGYLEDENTAL.COM instead of the netscape email address thanks
    • Dear CH, also i have submit new entries included your original logo appreciated feedback thanks

  • please replace the email address with WWW.ARGYLEDENTAL.COM
    • Dear CH, thanks for feedback i upload new entries as your required changes done i hope you like my designs thanks again !

  • Hi Dr.! I entered (hope not too late!), with two concepts, #19 and #20. They meet the sizes, and are modern and clean. Please be so kind to comment and provide feedback so i can improve them. Also, the picture can be replaced with the current one, also all text and contact info is editable. Regards Andrei
  • Hi Glenn, By chance would you have any feedback or comments on the designs I submitted? Any ways it can be improved? Thanks
  • The name under my picture should be Forhan. Please eliminate the .net address altogether in the lower grey box and expand the font size with the remaining in that same box. put the bottom argyledental.com in gold not blue. thanks
  • Hi Glenn, I have submitted #13 & #14 for review (with and without "Meet the Doctor"). #16 & #17 show alternatives. There is lots of room to work with based on the ad dimensions we discussed, I did what I could to optimize the space that was available with a clean and structured layout. A hand-picked font and generous spacing was used for the body text so readability won't be a problem. Let me know if you have any comments on this Thanks
  • Hi I made #26 and #27 using the colors of the Argyle logo (gold/gray/black). Thanks for taking a look at those. Regards Andrei