John's Incredible Pizza Needs A Print AD and Banner for upcoming Facebook Campaign: 50K by Valentine's Day!

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Winning design #50 by deleted101, Trade Show Swag Design for John's Incredible Pizza Needs A Print AD and Banner for  upcoming Facebook Campaign: 50K by Valentine's Day! Contest
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designed by deleted101

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John’s Incredible Pizza Company is looking for a logo for an upcoming campaign to gain 50,000 facebook friends by February 14th, 2012 (Valentine's Day). The campaign will be targeted toward all adults and children above the age of 13 years old. We will be using this design throughout the entire campaign: on register toppers, banners, website, social media sites (you tube, twitter and of course facebook). Also will be used when doing press releases.
Prize: If we reach our goal of 50,000 "likes" then every one of our fans will receive a FunCard worth 50 Credits. (SEE EXAMPLE for an IMAGE) Also, one (1) grand prizewinner will receive a private party for up to 50 guests! See the attached inspiration. We would like to stay consistent with the way facebook is branded and they way they have designed their website. (Similar fonts, colors, etc. so it reflects a facebook style). Visit this website for an idea of what we are looking for:

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  • Hello! Like the logo direction. Need the following copy in the banner also. Banner size is 24'' by 60'' Can you incorporate some type of art to reference V-day. One idea is to change the globe in our logo to a heart. Need the baner to say 50K (logo) by Valentines’ Day …and EVERYONE wins! Ask Us How
  • #6 is the initial idea. ready to make any changes you suggest. Thank you
  • We are looking for something with the same fonts and color scheme as facebook. Check out our inspiration for a better idea of what we are talking about. Can you do something like this and incorporate the $50 FunCard?
  • Ahh so close! Can you continue the gradation throughout the rest of the hearts, because it almost looks unfinished.
  • Good day Ch. Gave you two revs. For #20, I just applied the instructions verbatim. For #19 on the other hand, I added a white outline on the logo and typography to give it additional contrast from the background. Also added a soft highlight on the heart background to give it a little depth. Thanx for the opportunity to show my ideas.
  • Its starting to really come together! Can you capitalize Us and How? And can you darken the hearts even more? When I print it, it looks very pinkish and we'd like it to be red.
  • Good day Ikroth. Here's the revision you asked for in submission #18. Hope I hit the mark with this one. Thanx!
  • Looks awesome! Can you just darken the hearts in the background a bit. Also, in lower portion under "EVERYONE WINS!" can you add "Ask Us How" with the link below: "" Thanks!
  • Designer, like this directon. We are almost there! We uploaded a document called "50K By Valentines Day Project Overview". Please see that for changes we would like to see. In general, needs to be much larger for our large banner size. The file is a Word Document and I have uploaded it under the design brief. Let me know if you have trouble locating the document.
  • Good day Ikroth. Submissions #9 and #10 are also based on you r inputs. The design works in 2 ways - minimized it works as an icon for your digital marketing campaign (you can also use it as a violator on your printed materials), Blown-up it works as a cohesive design for your on-site collateral (banners, x-stands, wobblers, etc...) Again, Thanx for the opportunity to present my concepts.
  • Good day Ikroth. Submission #8 is the revision you asked me to apple on the #5 concept. Hope that's what you had in mind. Thanx for the opportunity to share my idea!
  • Hi Ikroth. Hehe. Thought I had the last one in the bag. Hehe. Please look thru submissions #37 and #38 for your latest input. Was planning to submit more color options, but I'm down to my last submission. I'll send over the other color studies/options when requested. Thanx for appreciating my ideas... on to the battle! ^_^
  • Hi Designer, I like what I see, but lets change a few things. - Everybody wins! = Yellow Font (same color as “John’s”) - Add yellow border to bottom (same size and color as the top border) - Change font color to white. Except leave 50K and thumb blue. - 50 K- the K needs to be the same font size as the 50. - Bring down the “by” to read: “Like” us on facebook 50K (thumbs up) by Valentine’s Day and EVERYBODY WINS!
  • #34 and #35 Hi there! I'm so glad you like it. I have incorporated the changes you asked for and also uploaded an alternate design with more white space. I was afraid the blue on purple text would be hard to read. Let me know if you like these and if you would like me to make any more changes. Tina
  • Hello designer, Thanks you for your submission. I LOVE this banner however got feedback from the big guys and they need our banner to be more consistent with our “John’s” brand. Here is what they came back with and I am wondering if you can incorporate these changes in this banner: 1) White background: Can we change to a dark purple background with swirls and small hearts? 2) Lets leave a small space on the bottom white where are facebook badge is but the the right of the facebook add lets bring the this text down: “Ask Us How/” 3) They would like to see the John’s logo enlarged. Is there a way that we can make it pop more from the 50K logo design? 4) Can we also add the John’s logo to the top of the banner and bring everything down a bit. 5) Can we change the font to Lucida Grande. Except lets leave “facebook” how it is. 6) Since we are using a dark background, lets use white as our font color and see how that goes. Thanks so much for all your hard work!
  • Hello designer, Thanks you for your submission. Love what you have, but I would like you to make a few changes: 1) On bottom white space: Add facebook badge to the bottom left. With “Ask Us How” and below that text please put the link: “” 2) The pink drapes/spot lights please delete. We cannot have any pink. 3) Text should say: Like us on facebook 50K by Valentine’s Day and EVERYBODY WINS! Ask Us How 4) Font Size: Needs to be much larger because this banner will be hanging up 60 ft in the air. 5) Font Color: Keep the “Like us on “F” = blue like facebook Thumb’s up needs to be blue like facebook 50K by Valentine’s Day and EVERYBODY WINS! = white Ask Us How/ = same color blue as facebook Thank you!
  • Hello designer, Thank you for your submission. I would like to see a few changes: 1) Background colors: Can you change this to a dark purple, and add some lighter color swirls and hearts. Cannot have any pink colors. 2) Text should say: Like us on facebook 50K by Valentine’s Day and EVERYBODY WINS! Ask Us How 3) Font Color: Keep the “Like us on “F” how it is. 50K by Valentine’s Day and EVERYBODY WINS! = white Ask Us How/ = Same yellow as “John’s” in our logo 4) Don’t like how the Thumbs up is covering part of the K, can you play with that?
  • Hi Ikroth. Please see the latest revs in submission #32. Hope this brings it home for you. Thanx!
  • I like the facebook in white, however, we have tested white font in our store's displays (high up with a spotlight) and the white font seems to wash out and it is very hard to read. Can you just change the "facebook" to a blue color. I like what you did with the registered marker too! Great thinking!
  • Good day Ikroth! Revs on submission #31. Changed Font type as per your preference. While fb normally uses cooper as thier headline font, I took the liberty of putting in the "actual" facebook typography for the Facebook word as well just so that you can see how it feels. Thanx for enjoying my work!