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Winning design #8 by Nasrul, Trade Show Swag Design for Layfield Flexible Films Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nasrul

Project description

Need Tradeshow Booth Design for 10 x 20 booth.

Need a "sustainable-looking" design with two side panels, one bottom panel and two podiums for Supplyside Tradeshow in Las Vegas.  We are featuring two products, one that can be recycled called 4Flex and the other one converts to energy at the landfill called BioFlex.

The structure is in the pdf provided. See word document for further instructions on requirements.

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  • Thank you everyone who submitted a design! I'm very impressed with the creativity here! I will get feedback from my managers but I definitely see a winner in this contest! I will update everyone shortly.
  • About #15, @littleturtlewang Can you move the bioflex circle label on the right side? it should be close to the bioflex side.
    • @nina_wang hello, could you open the contest, it is expired I cannot submit

  • one more variation on tables. #32
  • About #22, @manojkg2000 Can you make the Bioflex and 4Flex logo at the top.
    • @nina_wang updated as suggested....please advice further #31

  • updated as suggested....please advice further #31
  • About #21, @savina wow, this one is really nice! However the animals are mixed up. The tiger goes with the bioflex and the bird goes with the 4Flex. Can you make the grass green under the tiger?
    • Hi @nina_wang, I am very glad you like my design. Here is a revision #33, #34, #35, I hope you like it

  • About #14, @Nosib this one is a bit too plain. can you try a different font for sustainable packaging
    • @nina_wang thank you sir for your feedback, Please check out my update design for your project ,,, any feedback appreciated...

  • a newer layout.....also previous variation have also been submitted #22
  • with centered image #17
  • please review this layout #16
  • About #14, @Nosib this one is a bit too plain. can you try a different font for sustainable packaging
  • About #14, @Nosib this one is a bit too plain. can you try a different font for sustainable packaging
  • I like have a bit of blue in it to represent. #10
  • About #12, @manojkg2000 Nice! can we try another image for the circle at the bottom instead of the hands and plants?
  • About #7, @littleturtlewang the center vertical line at the bottom will not exist. Stretch the sustainable message across the bottom, center it. Move the circle bioflex label to the podium or somewhere else
  • kindly review and provide feedback.....we can replace the right panel image with your products .......regards, manoj #12
  • About #2, @littleturtlewang Great start! For the bottom panel, it can be one complete design. So instead of having the two bioFlex circle logo just have one. Sustainable Packaging can be very large at the top of the bottom panel. You have it correct with Reduce Your Environmental Impact underneath.
    • @nina_wang thanks for your reply, I will redesign follow your comments

  • About #5, @Nasrul I really like your idea but I know one of the managers would like to have a more serious tone. I would like to see the "4Flex" and "BioFlex" logos stand out more.
  • About #4, @luk this is not correct, please look at the design submission from #2
  • About #3, @littleturtlewang I think i LIke the "100% recyclable" to be on the podium and Convert to Energy on the Podium as well.