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Thanks so much. We have gotten the files and are all set. Also, would you be interested in selling us just the logo design you had on your other contest? We may like to make a sticker or t shirt out of it. How much would you charge? Thanks!

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designed by nvillegas

Project description

We have been coming to design contest for years to get terrific, high quality design work. We are now in need of a fresh new poster idea for our music school. The poster should 11x17 and a general info poster about who we are and what we do. You can check out the details about our school at Please do not use the design elements from our website as we will be redesigning that as well in the near future. We are small and family owned and in Portland OR where people love music and art. The design of our poster will really have an impact on the marketing. We focus on giving students the opportunity to explore their musical interests in a very low obligation, highly customized way. We are about to launch a new system that will allow people to drop in for just one class at a time on any instrument or subject being offered. Many of our clients have expressed wanting to try lots of things and then, if they find something particularly fascinating, they hone in on one instrument later by taking private lessons with a teacher who has similar musical interests and styles to fit the particular student. We want our advertising to portray that we are not your typical music school, not stuffy or confining, yet we are made up of some of the most talented musicians in Portland and offer classes like Kids rock choir, Holiday Caroling, Karaoke perfecting, rock band camps etc. Our biggest "product" is teaching private or group lessons in just about any instrument for any age (kids to adults) or skill level. We have patience and clear direction for beginners and have expertise to teach advanced level students as well. We like the basic look of this poster idea (mountains and trees are a big part of Portland's persona) but would like to see it feel a bit more broad as far as musical genres and instruments and in bolder colors. We are looking for something artsy, edgy, moving and speaks to our love of music and music education for all ages and skill levels. It should be colorful and be able to stand out on a bulletin board full of other posters. The poster should contain the following info: Our logo 3954 N Williams Ave Portland, OR 97227 503-282-9999 "highly customized classes and lessons for all ages and skill levels" "camps, parties, workshops, performances and more!"

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  • hi CH, let me know what do U think for my entry?...for circled logo I do not mean to copy others concept...just quick crop from your sites to make LOGO appear...if possible I had the vector logo of U... I can do much better with alternatives.... :) - Hope on the right track! Thanks.
  • Yes #jstensing, that is more like it. However, at first glance (and assuming most people will look at this for a quick moment on a bulletin board full of posters)it is hard to tell what exactly this is a poster for. There are a lot of words but not a lot of visual indication. Want to try again?
  • I added some bokeh and lens flares here and there to bring it to age. Also the darkest parts now have a sense of deep purple to them. Is this close to what you had in mind?
  • Hi! Thanks for your entry. I like the retro feel of it but I feel it looks a bit too dated. Like we might be using an old ad. Any way to give it that retro feel with still a modern edge?
  • Purrurin- No way!! :) The contest still has 6 days left and although I really like the design concept of our first entry, I am excited to see what else DC designers come up with. Please feel free to submit! Thanks!
  • Thanks CH. The coil thing is actually a watermark for a stock image. It wouldn't be part of the final poster. I will continue to work on this concept. Thanks!
  • oh sorry, do you mean that you are already in love with #1 concept and there is no sense to offer you something else? :)
  • About #2 Thanks for your entry. This is a bit too simple for what we are looking for although I do like the retro feel. I would like to see more exciting fonts and a clearer design to show who we are or what we do. I also should say I like the red you used. Good color choice. I hope you will try again!
  • Hi Libby- Thanks for your entry. I LOVE this concept and the flaming treble clef is great! I would appreciate another iteration that might have some brighter colors and perhaps a silhouette of our logo (just the tree not the words) behind the clef instead of the coil thingy. Great first attempts though! Hope you continue to compete in this contest!
  • Hi sorry, but do you have your Vector logo?.........
  • Many Thanks for reviews... :) here the next development... #10
  • I like this try a a lot better than the first. Good track. I would like to see this with more colors.
  • I like this try a a lot better than the first. Good track. I would like to see this with more colors.
  • I like this try a a lot better than the first. Good track. I would like to see this with more colors.
  • I like this try a a lot better than the first. Good track. I would like to see this with more colors.
  • I like this try a a lot better than the first. Good track. I would like to see this with more colors.
  • There is a lot going on here and it is very difficult to read. Please remember this is a poster for ad boards that will have a lot of other posters and fliers on it. The point and the call to action (take music lessons!) should be very clear from first glance.
  • This is very hard to read and the photo does not describe playing music at all. I hope you will give it another shot.
  • This is a pretty cool concept but a little too blocky and difficult to read. Also, the colors feel a bit girly and we would like to make it unisex.
  • This is not quite what we were going for. As I mentioned we are planning to change our website soon and this looks a lot like our current site. We are looking to move away from this look and feel.