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designed by maxx

Project description

I need a half-page horizontal ad designed for a Canadian oil and gas trade publication (see to see sample publications). The ad will be an informational/editorial type ad. I want it to look like actual content – i.e. an article – as opposed to an ad that will be overlooked by the readers. [I would like the title heading to read as follows:] Ask the CRA Tax Expert: Dale Barrett, tax lawyer and principal at Barrett Tax Law, answers commonly asked CRA tax questions. For more detailed answers to your legal, tax-related questions, call to schedule your free consultation* with Dale at toll-free 1-877-8-TAX-TAX or visit [The actual questions and answers that I would like in the ad are as follows:] I have an existing tax debt; in order to prevent the Canada Revenue Agency from seizing my bank account and/or protecting my property from seizure, can I transfer it to my spouse or other relative? If you have a pre-existing tax debt, Section 160 of the Income Tax Act allows the CRA to pursue your spouse or other non-arm’s length party who is in receipt of funds or property. If they have received funds or property, they will become responsible for the lesser of the tax debt or the value of the property transferred. In this case, any money transferred from your bank account would be considered “property”. If the CRA places a lien on my home, can I still obtain a 2nd mortgage on it? Whether or not you can get a 2nd mortgage on the property would depend on the lender and on the amount of equity remaining; however, there is no legal obstacle against obtaining one. I lied on my tax return and am worried the CRA will find out. Should I consider participating in the CRA’s Voluntary Disclosure Program? A successful voluntary disclosure is the only way that you can be guaranteed that there will be no criminal prosecution and no civil penalties, which can be up to 50% of the tax owing. Success depends on various factors and a tax lawyer can help you obtain the protection of the VDP as long as the program’s requirements are fulfilled. These requirements can be found at How do I lodge a formal complaint against a CRA employee? All complaints must be done in writing via form RC193 available at or 1-800-959-2221. If upon submitting your complaint, a satisfactory resolution has not be offered, then you may contact the Taxpayers’ Ombudsman office at 1-866-586-3839 or to have them review the decision made by the CRA. [The end of the ad should promote Barrett Tax Law, which should read:] Have more questions? Barrett Tax Law has answers. Call for a free consultation with a tax lawyer* 1-877-8-TAX-TAX [And the corporate logo with slogan should be located somewhere in the ad. See attachment] [And somewhere at the bottom of the ad should have the following disclaimer with the asterisk in small print:] *Conditions apply. Visit for details. [Also, I've attached several images that can be used in your ad (although not a requirement)...I haven't purchased the images yet, but of course will be purchasing the image for the winning ad, and the winner will need to do a final update with the purchased image. If you would like to browse for additional images that you think would be a better fit for the ad, please do so at] [Size of the half-page, horizontal, full-color, ad: 7.0625" x 4.625" Resolution of the images should be minimum 300 DPI Ad should be in CMYK Font, for the actual content of the ad, should be no smaller than 10pt.]

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  • I do like what you did with it, and although it does stand out, it still looks too much like an ad.
  • Good job! I had something like this in mind when describing the ad...Thanks!
  • If you're not able to use all of the content provided in the original description, go ahead and eliminate the last question and answer found in the content of the ad. Let me know how that goes! And please don't feel as though you need to use an actual image for the ad (the only important image that HAS to be there is our logo). Thanks!
  • Hey buddy, plz. don't mind. R u sure about d size of ad. [ 7.0625" x 4.625" ]. If i just copy n paste d content given by u in d brief, it's goes beyond d size of ad with d Ariel font n 10points. just try d same with any of ur txt editing / graphic design. Thnx n cheers!!!
  • @neatnut716. That's no problem, but if you win, we'll need to replace the image with a Shutterstock image, since that is where I have my account and have prepaid images available. Good luck!
  • I found a similar image through my getty images account and will use this to submit.
  • I had some images I wanted to submit as sample images that can be used in the creation of this ad, but I couldn't find where to upload those images. Anyhow, if anyone is interested in using an image for the ad, please go to and type in the term "oil and gas worker". Our target market is men, aged 40 to I personally like the images with the older man wearing an orange helmet and jacket. Let me know if anyone has any questions!
  • It is NOT necessary to use the colours I specified in the description...feel free to come up with your own color scheme.
  • #12 here is my submission for your ad. I have made this to catch the eye of the reader. I can make any changes you may want to see. Your feedback is appreciated and i look forward to your comments. I may want to make improvements to the area where the logo is but will need your logo without a background if possible. I can do that if need be but am trying to save myself from doing the extra work involved.
  • Hi CH, Wanted to know if it's important to use the colors you mentioned in the brief for background or i can use any other color as well?? Thanks Manju :)
  • Good job!
  • This is my favourite one so far, but I have to say the font for "Ask the CRA Tax Expert" kinda bugs me. Could you try a different font for me? Thanks!
  • Dear CH, In the number #7 design option i just missed second line so i re-upload the new design #8 with little design modification as well. Thanks
  • @btaxlaw - Will do it and upload ASAP. The font which i have used for this advt to be clear and visible in reading. Anyways i will send an option thanks
  • Would be nice to see that line you used at the bottom of the ad also used to separate the questions a bit. Maybe a bit more color too...But good job overall!
  • If you are willing, I would like to see you modify the order of things a little bit...Could you raise the "Ask the CRA Tax Expert" box higher so that it is on the same line (i.e. same level) as the top blue line where the questions are. Then, rearrange the text boxes on the left-hand side so that the "Ask the CRA Tax Expert" white box comes first, then the Barrett Tax Law logo, and finally the blue text box (where it states, "Have more questions?") at the bottom of the ad on the same level as the blue line at the bottom of the ad. I would also like to see a different font (more corporate looking) for the title heading, "Ask the CRA Tax Expert". Otherwise, great job!
  • About #4 Dear CH, Mine rather looks plain, but I was unsure for I started this yesterday, and I wasn't quite sure what you wanted. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, I uploaded files. Please notify me is everything fine.
  • I found a typo in the ad...Please correct the following: The last answer to the question, "How do I lodge a formal complaint..." states: "If upon submitting your complaint, a satisfactory resolution has not be offered..." - it SHOULD read, "has not been offered" Could you tell me when you expect to submit the final product? Thanks!
  • Dear CH, I successfully downloaded high resolution image. Give me some time to implemet it. I will upload it as soon as possible.