New West Truck Centres Grand Opening Party

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Winning design #17 by dc0, Trade Show Swag Design for New West Truck Centres Grand Opening Party Contest
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designed by dc0

Project description

This design will be meant for a invitiation that can easily be sent in the mail to our customers, vendors, etc...We plan to have an Oktoberfest themed party on Friday September 6th. We want something that will fit in a envelope and will catch the eye of our customers to attend this event. For more information about our company please visit

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  • Hello Scott, I have a couple questions to ask: —- I was just wondering about the use of stock imagery on the invitation... would you allow the use of stock images, and if yes, would you have a budget for that? —- This may be a rhetorical question considering it's an Oktoberfest-themed party, but will beer/alcohol be served? Thanks
    • by stock you mean our truck inventory? let me know. and yes there will be beer/alcohol. For some of our employees there will be drink tickets but primarily it's a cash bar. It would like great with our contact information and new address on it. please feel free to visit our website to get some ideas to incorporate with the Oktoberfest theme. thanks, Scott

    • Thanks for the response. By stock imagery I'm referring to websites like or (or similar). But speaking of truck inventory, if you do have any potential photos of your trucks/products that you might want to include on the invitation, feel free to upload them as well.

    • I'm not too sure where to upload pictures (new to this site) there any way I could email you a bunch including different coloured logo's. thanks, Scott

    • Hello again, Unfortunately DesignContest rules don’t allow direct communication outside of the website. You should be able to unload files/a zip folder under the brief section. Or you can use a file-sharing site to upload all the material, and then you can just post a link to it either here in the comments or in the brief section. Some of my favourite file sharing sites that you may want to try:

    • Or if you don't want to go the file-sharing route: Sharie, an admin. here on DesignContest, can upload the files for you. Her email is . Send her the files and let her know which contest you are running and she'll gladly help you out. Hope this info helps.

    • I've added our freightliner logo. I will send more images of trucks to Sharie. doesn't seem to be working for me after I added the one picture.

    • pictures have been uploaded. look forward to seeing the design. The Oktoberfest part can be subtle but keep it modern and straight to the point as the layout is meant for an envelope and does not have much room. Let me know if you need anything else. good luck

    • Thank you for the pictures and info. Glad you were able to make them available. Just letting you know that it may take me a few days to submit my design. A lot is happening simultaneously for me right now, so I'll be working through it all. Edit: Sorry, I have a couple more questions: —- Forgot to ask about the stock images. Are they allowed to be used on the invitation? Or should we just stick to the truck photos you provided? —- Do you have a preference with the file format? (e.g Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF, etc.) Thanks

    • i think if we stick to truck images and one of our logo's that should be subtle enough for the invitation. as long as the image works for you, you can use it. Please keep it clean and readable. Feel free to try the different images attached regardless of file format.

    • I prefer sticking to the images posted. There will be alcohol served but we do not plan to plaster the Invitation with alcohol. It is an event that will have some families there, it is not exactly a large work party.

    • Alright, that makes sense then if families/children will attend. One thing I do not understand is the Oktoberfest theme though. The current top-rated design does not incorporate the theme what so ever. Has the brief changed? What are you looking for now?

  • dc0
    Hi Scott, Just wondering what size of envelope do you plan on using for the invitations. Are you able to supply dimensions? I got an idea in my head, but just need to know how much space there is to work with. Thanks.
  • Hello Scott, Unfortunately, I can not open the website. Do you have any idea why? Meanwhile, would you know what should be written on the invitation? Please advise. Kind regards.
    • im not sure why it would not open for you: We have never had problems with it not opening for someone.

  • hi sir plz see my design no 2 as u mention that this will use for online invitation thatswhy i use single page and less text. it is eye catching and to the point if u want any change then plz give me ur feedback.
  • Dear Scott, I have proposed three invitation designs #3, #4 & #5. If you have a time for a review and a feedback so I could improve designs, I would appreciate it. Kind regards.
    • I have reviewed them. thank you very much for the entries! we like #4 a lot.

  • dc0
    Hi Scott, For your review are my entries, #6 and #7. I wanted to create a balance between your company's visual identity and the Oktoberfest theme. One design reflects the colour scheme used on your website, and the other has a more traditional colour scheme. I also included a photo of Alberta in the background which I think contains some appropriate Oktoberfest-ish colours. Please do not hesitate to give comments or suggestions. Thanks.
    • dc0

      My apologies. I misspelt "Oktoberfest" on my designs. Since I cannot update my existing entries, I have corrected my source files should you choose one of my entries.

    • that's great. We really like #6. however we might want to add a map of our new location to the invitation on the back side. I will upload the image and see if you have time to update it. Thanks

  • also, I will add the JPG red logo that has New West Truck Centres underneath the logo. Please use that one if you can because not everyone recognizes just the logo without our name.
    • dc0

      Thanks for the feedback, Scott. I have made the requested changes to the logos and created a design for the back, however I do not see a map attachment yet so I cannot upload the revised designs. As there are only 16 hours left at the time of this comment, do you think you can attach it sometime tonight? If not, I may have time during my lunch break tomorrow to complete it, but that will be cutting it extremely close. Please let me know how you would like me to proceed.

    • just got into the office now. I will attach it now. apologize for having 3 hours left.

    • dc0

      All good, Scott. I actually found a bit of time this morning to finalize a couple alternatives for you. Please see #15 and #16, the latter of which was done as I thought that there was enough space to fit everything on a single side.

  • we are thinking about adding a map of our new location and taking the wording from the front "attend our Oktoberfest party & address". If you could make our logo larger and the freightliner one bigger that would be great. I will attach a image of the map we would like to use.
  • Ahoj, Å el jsem pÅ™es vÅ¡echno, co jsme probírali minulý týden a vyvinul design, který je zabudován Oktoberfest motiv s logem New West Truck stÅ™ediska "(#9 a #10). Fonty a zjistil, metafor jsou vhodné pro komerční využití. PÅ™estože pivo / alkohol se podává v oslavÄ›, protože teď jsem se rozhodl držet zpátky na zobrazení alkoholických nápojů na pozvání samotného (nechtÄ›l jsem naznačit souvislost mezi vlivem alkoholu, protože pozvání také zobrazuje dvÄ› vozidla). Pokud máte nÄ›jaké pÅ™ipomínky, návrhy, nebo pokud byste chtÄ›li vidÄ›t nÄ›jaké další úpravy, prosím, dejte mi vÄ›dÄ›t a já se vrátím k vám co nejdříve. DÄ›kuji.
  • would you be able to move the new west and freightliner logo's apart from the middle a bit. they seem clustered in the middle near the "Oktoberfest party" banner. hopefully you get this in time to change it.
    • dc0

      Hi Scott, Please see #17. Afraid this is all I have time for. Thanks for considering my designs.

    • looks great.

  • Hello contest holder About #11 and #12, I think this design it's perfect for you. it is eye catching and you have all information you need in front of invitation, no need to print bothside. If it's ok for you I' am ready to make any changes you want. Thanks