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Winning design #33 by Aaronik, Trade Show Swag Design for New Yoga/Music class needs poster Contest
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designed by Aaronik

Project description

We need an 11x17 full color- one sided poster design that has the following elements: -Name: Electric Flow -Tag Line: Yoga Amplified -Short description: smooth grooves, hip vibes, inspiring yoga -Location: (to include small logo) Sound Roots School of Music - 3954 N Williams Ave. Portland - 503-282-9999 - -Short teacher Bios: Chris: textextextextextextextext Dina: textextextextextextedxt The poster should be bright colored, eye catching, a little edgy with elements of yoga and modern music. Photos of people doing yoga would be okay but not imperative.

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  • Hello CH, my poster has a grey tint as background and a person doing yoga as well as listening to music.. all the other elements are made right from scratch.. As your logo is not available in .eps or .ai format, I can't take the image as it is having a yellow surrounding.. apologies for that one.. If any other revisions are required please tell me.. Thanks
  • Thanks for the revision. Things we like: -the people doing yoga instead of the dancers. - The multi-colored ribbon across the top- although it could possibly be slimmed down to make more room for the title. -the placement and layout of the bios. -The yellow ribbon for our contact info. Things we would like to see modified: - enlarge the 'electric flow' title to differentiate it from the tag line. - new font for tag line. less asian looking -Although we like the yellow ribbon where the contact info is, we would like to see it smaller and would like to remove the rock band image. -a different font face for the "smooth grooves..." line- something a bit more fun and edgy rather than pretty. Thanks!
  • thanks anyway!
  • We like this version better than the first. Things we like: -font and color of 'electric flow' -Silhouette of person in tree pose -yellow background behind the bio -overall layout Things we would like to change: 'yoga amplified should be more prominent -contact info on top should be moved to bottom and the black space filled in with some other imagery. We would like to see another color ribbon behind the other teacher bio. We look forward to seeing your revision.
  • I think you can upload it in the brief section or provide us a link to the file somewhere hosted in the web. or upload it in your FTP and provide us with a link.
  • Designers- We are two partners working on this project together. Please give us an opportunity to get together on our feedback tomorrow morning and will give more detailed reactions then. Jijoneyyan- I really like your design. I am pretty sure we will be interested in a revision and will let you know ASAP. I do have a high res file but am not sure how to upload it. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!
  • Hi contest it possible to have your logo in an .esp format. Thank you for your input! I will make some changes.
  • are u interested in the layout. I can revise the dancing bodies according to your taste if you are interested in the design,
  • dont like how the logo and teacher bios are layed out
  • i like the structure of it how things are laid out
  • i dont like the dancing bodies
  • Need the logo .eps format. can i use any picture or vector arts? i submit a simple file without tracher's name, font design, music picture etc.
  • this is a cool concept but a little too 'dark' and not sure we like our logo lit up in the crotch of the yogi. LOL
  • CH, I read your message last night and have submitted this design and #46 in green. They both may need tweaking, the glow on the title may be to bright and the smooth groove text can be tweaked for the best visibility. I can easily adjust things if required. I can also add elements from previous designs such as the electric wave from #42. Hope these designs are close to what you are looking for.
  • CH- There is also #44. Do you have something specific in mind?
  • sorry-- computer keeps "submitting" our feedback before we are done responding. we like the background colors but feel the words get lost.. can you have them contrast more?
  • although we may want to tweak the colors a bit more.
  • very cool-- thank you-- this is a contender.
  • Aaronik- I am still online. If its not too late, can you try one with purple and one with electric green in the color scheme?
  • About #44 CH: #44 is the correct coloring not #43. Maybe you will prefer the lighter colors. Thank you for taking your time to comment. :)