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Project description

We are looking for a print version (capable of using electronically as well) newsletter template. We are primarily a Microsoft shop and therefore use Microsoft Publisher for the basics of this print literature. We need the design template to be Microsoft Publisher ready and in that format/file extension for future editing/additions/etc. This will be an on going template used 3-4x annually. We want custom designed headers/footers, etc. and areas to add/edit content for articles, write-ups, etc. Our logo and lots of info on our company from a design perspective can be found on our website at This is our first project with Design Contest and I was hoping to have a place to uplaod some images and other design concepts we have done but if anyone has any shortage of design inspiration, I am glad to provide any past work we have on file including email templates, both square and rectangle logo formats of our standard logo, etc. Our primary colors are orange/grey/black. The "orange" color in our logo is (Hex # F8991D or CMYK = 0% 47% 100% 0%) . The white/black/grey is usually pretty straightforward. We are looking for a simple design that integrates our color scheme well overall and is in keeping with our current marketing components, primarily in line with our website. Our slogan is "Solutions Outside the Box" and the logo reflects that. If the design could reflect that slogan in some unique way, that is a bonus. I have posted my name/phone per the DC template but I am more than happy to answer questions via email if that is allowed at DC in relation to content/design.

Total project design should be a 4 page newsletter format with the back page mainly a header and open bottom for mailing information. Typical newsletter design.

Here is a good design document used internally for us that integrates our color scheme and logo well:

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  • Hi In this submission all the copy and picture used are just dummy. These are used from your previous design. Hope you will like it. Any comment will acceptable. Thanks
  • First draft of the design template. Please comment if I am on the right track.
  • Sushant9 - please reply asap. From what I understand, we only have 7 days to finalize communication and the final design of the project. I am checking communiction daily. Thanks.
  • Sushant9 - I chose the design #3. I like it mostly but would like to confirm a few adjustments. First, all Microsoft Publisher files are a total of 4 pages with the front being header/table of contents/footer. The inside pages are mostly content or articles from the table of contents and the back page a split between content and mailing info when properly folded down to the bottom area (usually mostly left white space. Need to complete the design in this format so when I open in Microsoft Publisher, it will populate all 4 pages, etc. Also, would like to make a couple minor adjustments in that I like the other submission you did for the value of the larger image in the header if we could incorporate that into this design with the "swoosh" line design for the header that you used. Let me know your thoughts.