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Winning design #32 by aandrei_24, Trade Show Swag Design for office supplies flyer Contest
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designed by aandrei_24

Project description

Want to create a flyer that will be given to firms. This flyer is a partnership with another company. This firm shall recommend tonerweb to their customers by leaving a flyer to the firm. The goal is to new corporate customers to order office supplies on Know that it is easy to read and gets your attention quickly caught. Text wishes written in Norwegian. In order to understand the Norwegian text I translate it into English so that you can understand. "Tomagruppen har et samarbeid med og kan anbefale dette firmaet som total leverandør av kontor rekivisita" (Tomagruppen collaborates with and can recommend this company as a supplier of office rekivisita) "Spar penger" (Save Money) "Billigst på blekk og toner" (The cheapest on ink and toner) "Alle maskiner - Alle merker" (All machines - All Brands) ”- 50% ferdig rabatterte priser" ( -50% completion discount prices) "10.000 produkter på lager" (10,000 products in stock) "Rask levering" (fast delivery) "Gebyr kr. 0" ( fee 0) "levering på døra" "Gratis A4 printerpapir på hver bestilling" (Free A4 printer paper on every order) "Gavekort kode: xxxxxx" -100 kr. (Gift code: xxxxxx" -100 kr.) The advertisement should include some pictures of ink / toner and or office supplies or graphic design. It should be serious and action. Feel free to use color to match with You put it together. Photos can be found by google. If you have suggestions for other sales generating text then insert it. Certainly English, so we can only translate later to Norwegian. URL must be clearly stated on the flyer

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  • thank you for your comment, i will try another design
  • Hi CH Please check my entry #4. USed colors from website, pics from google Thanks
  • #2 by notji143 too messy try do do it more cleaner
  • No This is too messy #2 by notji143 too messy try do do it more cleaner
  • To - #13 by aandrei_2. Hi It's a very good starting point. The flyer is best from the text "Tomagruppen har et samarbeid..." and the rest is very good. But over it need to be better. Instead of a picture of a big printer could some of the main arguments be ​​clearer / flash up a little bit. F.eks text "-50% ferdig rabatterte priser" and "Billigst pÃ¥ blekk og toner" Try to change the text with the picture og the printer. You also have 3 photos of ink and toner. I think its enough with 2
  • Dear CH. Another one from me, #13, maybe the lucky one. It's letter size but I will convert to A4 if the case, since I only have one more entry... and I uploaded before I read the updates.
  • Its only one side. The Size is A4
  • Yess, thats rigt. Its a simular contest on
  • Ohh, its a4 :) same contest on another website says so :)
  • Hello, you didn't specify what size you would like the flyer to be and if both side or not so i made #11 - a5 one sided, because there is a lot of text and it needs to be big and visible. it's also cheaper if you print in bigger numbers.( an a6 2 sided would also look nice) I suggest you talk to the company were you will be printing this and ask them for a quote, and maybe decide what size/folds you want it to be. Anyone that wins will need a vector or large format tiff of your logo, otherwise it will look bad after printing, so it would be nice if you could provide that :) Thank you, Vlad
  • i have renewed my design #10. i am looking forward for your comment. thank you
  • I work on it and i will post later this afternoon... thanks
  • Dear CH, Please look at #21 and #22, and please give me your suggestion and feedback too, to improve my design as per your need. Thank you
  • Hi CH! Applied the changes in entry #20. I made "Total leverandør av kontor rekvisita" as the head and the remaining text as subhead. I did that so there's a hierarchy of text on the upper part of the flyer. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment. I'm more than happy to make the necessary changes for you. Thanks!
  • Its best if you can put all 3 in. But if its to much, then try one ore 2.
  • Thank you for your feedback and suggestions! I have a question about the highlight text. Do you want me to put all the text that you listed or you just want me to choose one in those three?
  • Dear aandrei_24 Good suggestion. Still, it is the upper half which is not quite good. Try using smaller images and text. I'm thinking of the highlights that text: "Total supplier of office supplies" While ... "Total supplier of office supplies" "The cheapest on ink and toner" means "The cheapest ink and toner Wed" "Save Money - 50% completion discount rates" means "Save Money - 50% completion discount prices" At the very bottom. Take away the company address. Let it rather be in large, clear letters
  • Dear nvillegas Good suggestion. Orderly and nice. But instead of a picture of a large copier try rather to bring out the highlights on the upper half of the promo. I'm thinking of the highlights that text: "Total leverandør av kontor rekvisita" Mens..."Total supplier of office supplies" "Billigst pÃ¥ blekk og toner" means "The cheapest on ink and toner" "Spar penger - 50 % ferdig rabatterte priser" means"Save Money - 50% completion discount prices"
  • Dear Jarle Sorry for the delay in uploading, but something unexpected came up. I resized it to A4, removed one of the laser toners (the color one), and enhanced the two arguments you mentioned by making them larger, coloured, added a shaddow and a "saving" themed picture.... It's uploaded as #19. I am waiting for your feedback. Cheers
  • DEar CH Thanks for the rating. Working on the modifications and uploading in a couple of minutes....