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Winning design #71 by meganeli002, Trade Show Swag Design for Poster and Follow-on work for 2012 Bicyling event Contest
Gold Medal


  • Haha, after I submitted the design, I thought the scarecrow looked a little like a crucifix myself :)I'll scale the cyclist up and experiment with the scarecrow a bit. Thanks for the tips!
  • I like some of the framing elements that you used in this but they don't seem totally cohesive. The cyclist seems a bit lost in the landscape. I'd scale him up. Way up. It that a scarecrow in the background or a crucifix? ;)
  • I like the aging that you've done. I'm not sure it's what I had in mind, but it might grow on me. The penny farthing bike is a little over-used these days. Try something like this: There's tons more where he came from: All way too old to have active copyrights.
  • This excites me so much! I have some good ideas. Your sketch helps a lot. I've asked for feedback as to what the contest holders want before, but so many are either really vague, or don't respond at all. :) Thank you.
  • +++ A BIT MORE DIRECTION +++ A picture is worth a thousand words, yes? Here is a sketch I did that is a possible direction for the poster: This sketch proves that I need your help! Hopefully it helps give some direction too. The cows that I sketched were inspired by this photo
  • Thank you for responding. It is a challenge, but it's nice having a contest holder that is so helpful and descriptive. So far I've got 3 pieces of my design hand drawn/colored. It's fun trying to create in the style of Mucha- lots of beautiful colors and detail, yet still an element of minimalism.
  • I think you're on the right track but need to get more into the style of Mucha. There are some great examples here Of interpretations of the Mucha style. Please also see my general comments.
  • ++++++++++GENERAL COMMENTS+++++++++++++ Hi All. Here's another example of some great Alphonse Mucha interpretations.§ion=&q=mucha Many of these take an anime approach but still do a great job of capturing the key design elements. Sweetievee asked about color specs for the poster. It will be printed using four color process so the poster is not limited to a certain number of colors or any particular color palate. The should also be no constraints on the level of detail. Including photo assets is fine. In fact I really love some of these old photos from the period. (scroll down after loading). Imagine using one or more of those photos in the sub panels of this one: Thanks for hanging in there... I know this is a challenge.
  • This seems too victorian and too "Girly" for our mostly male audience. I guess it's frilly, but not seductive like so many of Mucha's works. Here's an example of a very beautiful and seductive Mucha. This isn't the best for advertising work, but there are some elements to this that are distinctive to the style (Note the panels, the flowing hair, the crescents.) Study some other Mucha works and see what you can come back with. Thanks for the submission.
  • I like that you are getting the vintage mindset. Using the photography assets from the website is alright too. There are tons of great vintage photos on this site that could be of use : Also take a look at this vintage Mucha advertising piece: Mucha's use of panels, negative space and hand drawn fonts is what we're looking for.
  • I like that you are getting the vintage mindset. Take a look at this vintage Mucha advertising piece: Mucha's use of panels, negative space and hand drawn fonts is what we're looking for.
  • Dairylanddare, I was wondering if you had a limit to the colors and detail of the poster design?
  • You're knocking on the right door. Need to move away from clip-art and canned fonts. None of this existed at the turn of the twentieth century. Needs to be more organic and connected. Take a look at some of these interpretations of Mucha:§ion=&global=1&q=mucha
  • I've reworked my original design with #14, using some of the elements you mentioned and also adding some antiquing/aging effects
  • I tried to make the framing elements more cohesive and the cyclist the main focal point. I also replaced the scarecrow with a couple of cows and rearranged the text a bit. Thanks!
  • OK I made the changes in the design of the poster and made ​​a variant.
  • Ok I will make changes and upload the poster again, thanks for the comments
  • Hello Ch, this is my poster design take e look, maybe you like ,thanks .
  • About #25 The central image on my design is a part of a big picture and it is free for use.
  • The central image on my design is in the public domain. Thanks for your good comments.