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A number of really good designs, it was difficult to choose a winner. We'll use DesignContest again.

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Winning design #27 by rajagee, Trade Show Swag Design for Print ad for website design firm Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rajagee

Project description

We are in need of a design for a print ad for our web design firm. Our firm specializes in websites for law firms, and this particular ad will be placed in various lawyer journals. The design must be simple and very professional in appearance. The ad will be 1/2 page (7.5 inch wide x 5.0 inch high) and black and white. Please keep the black and white requirement in mind when designing the ad to be sure your design will appear acceptably in grayscale. Included in the attached file is a the text we want in the ad and our logo. You are free to place the text where you want and however you want. You are also free to use whatever graphics/photos you think would look best in the design, given the target audience and content of the ad. In fact, we think a graphic and/or photo is going to be necessary to capture the reader's attention. Clearly we would purchase the stock photo/graphic as necessary from the proper source once the winning design is chosen. We require the winning design to include a layered PSD, with the ability for us to change text and/or fonts as necessary. If you use a font that requires a license, we may opt to purchase a license or change the font ourselves.

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  • Dear CH, Please check my new entries & appreciated feedback thanx
  • Dear CH, Thanks for feed back, i upload 2 more entries different design any changes please feel free to ask me thanx
  • We don't care for this design, sorry, it just does not look professional enough to place in a law journal. Needs more graphic design like the other entries, particularly #3.
  • My very first impression of this design is very good. I like the curve on the left side. I like the bold headline. I love the 100% Performance Guarantee graphic. Some things to try: Change the headline so "Are you seeing a positive ROI" is more word the left and "On Your Website" is more toward the right. I know there's not much room to work with but give it a try. Second, the paragraphs need more separation. It all looks like it runs together. Third, change the "features/benefits text..." to some other header. Something like "With us, you get:", use your imagination here. Last, the address of our company is not formatted properly.
  • Dear CH - I've put #16 more contrasted as you suggested- I'd like to focus your attention on the fact that what you see on your monitor will be much darker when printed. If you want to see the actual brightnes and contrast you should arrange your monitor on 50% contrast and 0 - 30% brightness(depends on the monitor). Thanx.
  • I've made some changes to the project - pls take a look at #15
  • Not sure we like the placement of the words "are you seeing a positive roi", nor the placement of our website url. We like the use of shadowing on the "On Your Website" text much like that which is used in our logo. We think there needs to be more contrast in the ad somehow, we feel the ad will blend in too well with the rest of the newsletter and not stand out.
  • We like the use of shading, curves, and photo to grab attention. However, the "100% performance guarantee" placement looks like an afterthought; consider something more like #6. There's something I don't like about the font of "are you seeing a positive roi on your website". Maybe try a different font or different alignment or spacing? Overall it's a nice design though.
  • Essentially same design as your other one, just darker.
  • Good combination of white/black, grabs attention but is not too busy looking. I just wonder if it is not eye catching enough due to its newspaper look and feel (as opposed to say #13 which uses curves and large photos/graphics to grab attention). Also the "100% Performance Guarantee" is not part of your design, which was a requirement in our brief.
  • Much better than the last design, thanks.
  • Too much white space to grab attention.
  • Nice design, but it is too light and washed out, and will not grab attention when it's placed in the newsletter.
  • About #61 Same as #59. Performance Guarantee updated.
  • Hi CH #60 is my VERY late submission. At least please take a look at it and rate, maybe you like it. Thanks
  • Hello CH, My entry is #59. This is the updated version of #18. The bold headline type and clean footer are the same. I updated the image to be more of an attention grabber, while steering away form predictable shutterstock imagery. Please let me know if you like any changes.
  • Dear CH, Please check my designs (#30 & #39) and give me your feedback. Thanks & regards, Adi
  • Hello Contest Holder, Please find my new designs uploaded: #50 & #51. Please tell me how do you like them. Thanks & Regards, Premiumlogo
  • Dear CH, thank you for feedback i upload 5 different ad different pic & text changing as u want please feedback
  • This is a great design. Two minor changes: can you modify the "On Your Website" text so that it is all caps such as #18? Second, try changing the photo to something more related to web design such as #18 also. There is a typo in the main ad text, the last sentence where it says "you website" should be "your website" (my fault).