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Winning design #18 by Amezarak, Trade Show Swag Design for Print advertising Contest
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designed by Amezarak

Project description

We need a full page color magazine ad which will be used to market a new software application designed to automate administration associated with life insurance trusts. Our Target audience is advisors of high net worth clients, Lawyers, trust companies, accountants and insurance advisors. Clients themselves may also stumble across the ad which is targeted to appear in the industrys trusted publication, Trusts and Estates magazine. The software we are marketing can be found at

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  • Hello CH, Can you upload the logo file and, if possible, some images and information that need to be used in the advertisement? (Specific products, specs, websites, sell phrases/taglines, etc.) Thanks!
  • Hello CH, Do you have a write-up of the wording for the ad? Thanks!
  • We have uploaded our logo and two previous ads but we are looking for something much better.
  • Hi CH I entered your contest with #5. Please have a look and tell me what you want to improve. (It's A4 size, but can be made any size...) Cheers Andrei
  • Hello CH, Please inform the required paper size. Thanks!
  • Hi, thanks for feedback, will be posting another entry soon.
  • Thank you. We like what you have done but have a few edit requests. 1. Would like to see another option that uses a client-advisor photo instead of the family photo and use "Solidifies Client-Advisor Relationships" as the tag line. 2. Replace the free trial offer with: Receive 12 months of ILIT administration FREE when you register at Heckerling 2013 (Booth #208)** **Applies to one ILIT, a $400 value 3. Add somewhere the excerpts below: Our technology has been well received by the legal community and was rated in Trusts & Estates magazine with 4 out of 5 stars for overall usefulness* *Trusts & Estates online edition March 2012 by Donald H. Kelley Can eliminate the following bullets: • Managed by your staff or ours • Creates new opportunities • Empowers trustees to server… We like the blue bar at the bottom but the graphic in the logo doesn't look good in white
  • Hi, what do you think about #10? Let me know if you like the design. Thanks
  • Oh, ok, will do the updated design, thanks for feedback again!
  • This is great but we like the two photos. We want to keep the lady but replace the family with a different photo. An ipad would be great. Please see uploaded document for edits.
  • #10 by AGStudio. The colors can be changed as you like. Thank you
  • Hi CH No comments on my entry #5? By giving comments, ratings and feedback to designers you can get better results and closer designs to your needs. Cheers
  • my email is how do you send the art work to us and in what formats?
  • The editor of Trusts and Estates just wrote to us and asked if we could restate as follows “Rated 4 out of 5 Stars for usefulness by Don Kelley in Trusts and Estates Technology Newsletter, March 2012” If we include the entire piece we can get rid of the "*"footer referece. Please make changes to both pieces. I am approving you as the winner now.
  • Hello, designs #18 and #19 updated with the requested modifications, also adjusted to size, trim and bleed (these values are for printing purposes, due the process involved in magazines, print, cut and arrange; it's just technical adjustments so the information fits right to the magazine's size and so the entire design wont be affected). This being said, i had to adjust the bottom blue bar, hope this does not bring up some concerns, i feel it looks ok, but if you have any other requests, just let me know. Again, thank you for your feedback and attention.
  • Hi, I uploaded and made the writing more readable. What do you think? Thanks
  • This is almost perfect and you are getting this business and more. On the IPAD picture please add words "Custom Branding Options", on the top of the ad slogan, remove "you" so it is just "Remember", on the bullets below remove 3rd bullet "solidifies...since we have it on the photo of the girl and replace it with "Automates and Sends Time Sensitive Notices", the ad dimensions are Trim size 7 3/4 x 10 3/4, 7x10 live area and 8x11 bleed size not sure what all this means or which is better for this piece. Finally I need a second version that can be used outside of the Heckerling trade show so replace Bottom text "Receive..... with words "No Risk 30 Day Free Trial" and remove the **footer reference. Great Job
  • cool idea too hard to read
  • too much color
  • This is just an idea #15 .