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Full Heads just finished a full Real Estate Newsletter for my Team, and we are completely happy with the finished product. His eye for detail and incredible creative vision inspired a better Newsletter than we envisioned before we started the contest. He really researched and understood our target market of who we were trying to appeal to, and we have no doubt that the quality of his work will help generate more income for our business than we would have anticipated. Thank you Linas, we will surely hire you for many more projects in the future as we discussed! Warm Regards, Andrew Brunner/Ab

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designed by FullHeads

Project description

Project Details:

This Condo Magazine will reach a demographic of 25-35 years old young professionals. Please keep the content modern looking, clean, and use modern fonts and buttons. Looking to create a four page real estate newsletter that should contain the following:
Page 1:
• Create a branded logo using the following words:”The Condo Kings” with a subheading of :”Your Square One Condo Experts”
• Small intro about what we do: “The Condo Kings are excited to finally introduce to you the condo news publication that everyone has been waiting for!”
• Please see the attached photo to be used on the cover of our newsletter
• Either a header or a footer is be included on all four pages
• Within a header of footer our brokerage information needs to be included on only one of the pages
• On the front page include our number 905-897-9555
• The colour used throughout the publication is a lime green background, along with a vibrant white to offset this within the text, and any other creative colours for the buttons that work with the theme.
Page 2:
• Page 2 will have 8 featured condos listed for Sale. The heading will be : “Featured Condos” (For now, these spaces can be empty, we just need the layout.)
• Include either a header or a footer on the second page
• One of the eight slots will have a silhouette of a building, and a heading or button with an arrow pointing at the silhouette. The heading will be :”Have your condo featured here”
Page 3:
• A heading of: The Condo Kings Sales
• 16 listings will be featured under this section
• Call the Condo Kings to have your condo sold today!

Page 4:
• Condo King Logo on top of the page
• Footer will include my brokerage information
Sutton Logo (Please see attached file under “Sutton Group”)
Sutton Group Summit Realty Inc. Brokerage
1100 Burnhamthorpe Rd. West Unit #27
Mississauga, Ontario L4C 4G4

The following giant button should stand out the page:

Ultimate Online Marketing !
87% of buyers search for Square One Condos Online!
Why List with the Condo Kings?
-Our websites generate 48,273 visitors/month. (January Stats)
-We have a database of over 10,000 potential condo buyers at Square One
-Show us an agent with a greater online presence, and “We’ll List Your Condo For Free!”
-We will create your very own unique condo website
-Your Condo Listing Featured on over 1000 websites
-Professional Virtual Tour and Photography for Your Condo

(Underneath these points we will require a button which stands out and says the following)

Advertise your unit with The Condo Kings today!
(phone # here, in bold)

Create a separate button that includes the following text: -Flexible Commission Plans Featuring “Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans.” (This too should stand out on the page)
****Make the following 3 statements stand out****

• Have 17 years of Award Winning Service work for You!
(Listed below this statement, have all of our awards laid out…See attached awards.)

• “We would like to thank all of our fantastic clients from 2011, and look forward to servicing everyone in 2012!”

• List your condo with The Condo Kings, and have your unit featured in next months issue!
Lastly, on the forth and final page, we will need 2 testimonials from past clients.
Heres the 1st one:
"The Condo King's are consummate professional's and elite Real Estate Agents in the Square One Condo market. Their research on the area and our condominium was phenomenal in helping us decide on pricing and marketing strategy. They were also very thorough with guiding us through the buying process after helping us sell our condo for full price in 3 days! We HIGHLY recommend The Condo Kings services, and have already referred our close friends to them twice."

-Francis Perry and Elise Constantine

2nd Testimonial
"The Condo Kings knowledge of the Square One Condo market is equally matched by their honest and dedicated nature towards their clients. We have sold several units with Martin, Andrew and Sebastian, and they truly understood our needs. As great negotiator’s, they got us $19,000 more than the last condo sold in the building, and ensured that the details of the sale were looked after in a timely, and efficient manner. We were very pleased with the outcome of our sales, and would recommend their professional services to anyone looking to move."
-Suresh and Asha Sharma

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  • We are looking for a very professional publication, rather than a playful design. Thank you for your efforts so far :) Andrew/Ab
  • #3 Front cover of newsletter featuring strong logo on a clean and professional layout. Best, hector
  • #14 The logo is comprised of 3 towers forming a crown which can also be intrepreted as 3 figures representing the 3 Condo Kings.
  • Hi there, Any chance of a little more information on the direction of the logo? Could you give me (us) a run down on the following questions to help form a better idea of the brand image you'll be trying to convey. Otherwise it'll just turn into a model of 'here's a few more random stabs in the dark, anything take your fancy?' I think you should really get the logo done outside of this competition if you want the best chance of creating something that will at least reasonable convey the brand/corporate ideals and pillars you're looking to portray. If that's not an option, as mentioned before, these few questions should give a better feel for what you're after. How do you want customers to perceive you? What do you want to be known for? What kind of words should people associate with you? Why should customers choose you? Do you need a logo 'mark'? Will your brand likely change in the near future? How often will the logo be seen without context? How much does the name alone contribute to the brand? Where will the logo be used? What restrictions (size, colour, readability, modifications) should it be designed for? Will you want to logo in your brief's specified colours? What future uses seem likely for the logo? Are there any inspiring visuals associated with the business? The rest I think we can piece together from the brief you've already supplied. Thanks!
  • #9, i got rid of the top lines and made some other modifications. Your comments are welcome.
  • Hi there, very clean and aesthetic design for the cover. Would like to see the logo part of the design changed. You may keep the part in the logo which says "The Condo Kings" however for the graphic I would like to see something different. Also, could you please cut the photo off just above the hands please. After this, I would love to see the other 3 pages as well. Warm Regards, Andrew/Ab
  • Hi there, great design! Here are the changes I would like to see: -A different logo. You may keep the ribbon and the 5 stars below it. Also change the subheading which says "Your Square One Condo Experts" to a white font. -add brokerage info to the footer in page 2 and 3. After these 2 changes, we will review again. Thank you for all your hard work! Warm Regards, Andrew/Ab
  • Hi, great cover. Love the design of the cover. Would love to see what creative design you come up with for page # 4. Thanks again for all your work. Warm Regards, Andrew/Ab
  • Andrew, #8, the general look of how i would do this up. I wanted to be consistent in how the pages look and added some details that you may or may not want. I will work on improvements should you like the general look. I simply wanted to provide a visual of how i would like to do this project for you. The black in the image has been used to separate pages for visual purposes only. Your comments are welcome.
  • Ch, i guess time is tight here. I wanted to work on a new submission. I wanted to ask a few things though. Are you looking for a coloured background? I am thinking where images are involved that may not work out so well. Please let me know and if there is time i will work on something.
  • //// //// //// //// ///// //// ///tahnks i will do changes . bus untikl you aword design i cant upload any files no more as well as contact you by new messages. please aword it and then i will be able to upload changes and all files, you will still have 7 days for all changes to be made //////////////////// ////////////////// ///////////// I uploaded few new logos, they can be mono-color for use on multi-colored backgroud and also can be done in your firm colors if you would like, so you could pick one and let me know i will arange that one on design layout and make logo files by color profile. If some changes needed , let me know. Kind regards, FullHeads visuals
  • uploaded some different color sheme with blue tones for consideration as well
  • what would you like to see in logo ? Are those 2 buildings the main point, i can stylize them Or more conceptual , maybe you could drop a link of logo you like in style. And please rate me if you would see poterntial in choosing my design, thank you.
  • Hi there, Everything Looks great. We are looking for a different modern type of logo though. Would you be able to do a revised logo. Thank you. Warm Regards, Andrew Brunner/Ab
  • About #12 I have no idea why, but your entry got Eliminated. Please re-submit it again. *Done*
  • Also, when creating a logo add the 5 star ***** concept to your logo)
  • Great job so far!!! We would like to see a different logo Page 2 - Spelling mistake - should be Featured Condos Page 3 - Make top of Background same vibrant white as page #2. Page 3 - Make subheading "call the condo kings to have your condo sold today" stand out more Page 4 - Make our phone number stand out more Second half of the page below the commission plans needs to be redesigned (it's too cluttered)
  • #12 Great job so far!!! We would like to see a different logo Page 2 - Spelling mistake - should be Featured Condos Page 3 - Make top of Background same vibrant white as page #2. Page 3 - Make subheading "call the condo kings to have your condo sold today" stand out more Page 4 - Make our phone number stand out more Second half of the page below the commission plans needs to be redesigned (it's too cluttered)
  • Hi, so I've updated the details as requested. I've also updated the logo but have several options sitting here that I plan to upload together as you've not had an opportunity to reply to my questions below. Busy selling condos I imagine :] Unfortunately they'll all be harder to decypher on the newsletter when you have to put four pages into an area as small as a 480x480 jpg. Victim of circumstance unfortunately, but I've made it as big as possible on the page. [edit] So it turns out there's a little box I have to check which states I'm not allowed to post more than one 'design' per page. I'm not sure it relates to logos in a newsletter contest, but if anyone can provide me with any clarification that would be great. Thaaaaanks!
  • Hi there, We are ready to award you as the Design Contest Winner! Thank you for your great design. Before we 647-361-8500 -We absolutely love your design for the cover on design # 32. -The phone number on page # 1 and throughout the newsletter will be (647) 361-8500 -We would also like to include the logo from design # 32 in the header for page # 2 and 3 -For the 4th and final page (back of the newsletter) we would like the following finishing touches: 1) Where the current logo is, we would like this replaced with the picture attached under Moxies, and underneath the picture we would like a nice tag-line which says “Log In to Win!” and then show the website 2) Where it says “We Have 17 Years of Award Winning Service Work For You!” could you remove the word (WE) 3) Please add the 4 awards we attached to the spaces dedicated to awards Once this is all finalized, we will award you the contest winner, and look forward to the final e-files. Thanks again for your great work, and we look forward to doing some of our up coming projects with you shortly, so feel free to contact us J Warm Regards, Andrew Brunner/Ab