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Create a template that can be used for Sales Data Sheets. These sheets are used to describe each of our various software applications. The sheets typically contain text describing the application (features, functions, value it delivers), a description of Workstream and some screen shots showing the parts of the applications. The sheets are generally two or three pages long - although we'd be happy to get it all in one page. The sheets are typically sent by pdf to prospective clients after the prospect has expressed an interest in our product The winning design will be a template that can be used for all of our various data sheets and that 'fits' our products positioning as "simple, easy to use and easy to install" software.

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  • Contest Holder, Can we please get clarification on any specific text or imaging you would like as part of the template? Thanks in advance.
  • About #5 Well, I have designed this file in Adobe Illustrator so basically the layout is vector and can easily exported as a PDF in a high quality and less file size. Also I can try to make it in MS office format if you needed. Let me know what type do you actually need. Regards,
  • What type of file would you give me if this is the one we like?
  • Hi, I assumed by 'page turn' that your were looking for that curled edge effect, I also added a beveled effect on the header/footer shapes.
  • Can you make the template have two columns where we can put text. Also, would like to see it with a 'page turn' or something dynamic looking in the lower right hand corner
  • Dear CH, #7 is my entry with a design in 2 color. One color will be its Brand color and other one is Black/Grey as you prefer. And the paragraph is also divided as the main paragraph can be written in a horizontal way and further writeup regarding the subject can be explained in detail in a vertical way. If you need I can design a further continuation sheet. Thanks,
  • Also please provide us with a high resolution logo so it would look in good quality when printed Thanks Bernadette
  • Please tell me what you think about my 1st entry I will be able to deliver it in .pdf , .ai , .eps, .psd, .tiff, .jpg Regards, Bernadette
  • hi Ch, i need some clarification about the content of datasheet,like overview and description. many thanks
  • Imagedpi This will answer your question: If you have any more queries, please contact the support team. thanks
  • I would like to participate but what is final file format requested. I would do it in Indesign but perhaps the client wants anyone to add text so Word may be a better option here. Client, would you please let us know? Thanks!
  • Hi CH, Here's my submission. The template is done in Word for easy editing. However, if you need additional file formats, I can easily convert the document. Best, Tina
  • Good day dear CH, I've made one project that represents simplicity but including modern view. Used colors are the only ones from your web site. Fonts can be changed if needed - specialy when texts will be perform in some random office application. What about photograph - it's one of my resourcec that represents cooperation and company work such as factoring or expert advice as consultation. I have also request like Bernadette did about high resolution logo for chosen layout. Sincerely, Damian M.