Success Power Media 2

This is really cool. Mimoza, thanks so much for really going the extra mile for us, two for the price of one. God bless you richly. DesignContest, this is an awesome initiative. More grease to your elbow.

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Winning design #47 by Mimoza, Trade Show Swag Design for Success Power Media 2 Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Mimoza

Project description

We need another sleeve for a title: The Secrets for Building Lasting Success. Kindly check our sister organisation website on our taste and

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  • Hello, could you please specify what exactly you need? (Size of the sleeve, format etc.)? Or is this free for the designers to decide?
  • Hello, I submit #3 as idea. Hope you like it :) Anything please let me know.
  • Hi all, We have posted two pictures of the speaker and our logo to be used as deemed appropriate by each designer. Thanks
  • Hello rajagee, Thanks for your design and Sorry for not responding promptly. Pls kindly explain this concept. Your second design may not fly. It may clash with the authour's picture
  • Hi all, Thanks for your inputs. The dimension of the sleeve is 5.25inches for the front and back while the spine is 1.23inches and height is 7.25 inches. Thanks
  • Dear CH, please feedback my 1st entries thanx................
  • learning from the previous experience, I'll work on this :)
  • Hi CH, I uploaded #9 for your review. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, please check my new entries & feedback thanks
  • CH, Do you have anything you want to be fixed ABOUT DESIGN #7 ?
  • Thanks Mimoza, It is noted
  • Hi rajagee, Could you kindly upload the speaker's picture on this design and blend in our logo? Thanks
  • Sorry for the mistake but i double uploaded my work cause I had a problem with their colours. he right ones are #7 and #8
  • Hello Contest Holder ! ;) What about my first entry ( #4 ) ? There are 2 mistakes in the word "success" but I can fix it and also the texts are fully editable. Thanks !
  • Hello CH. Please give me some advice with my design #23 and #26. I hope you like my design. Thank you very much..
  • Hi CH, I uploaded #22 with a lighter background and enhance title lettering. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  • About #20 and #21 it's the book in 3D design the front page,the side and the back.The difference between them are the colours in the back.If you want some changes at the back feel free to tell me :)
  • Thanks, Kindly check our initial instructions.The design is for a sleeve and the dimension has been given earlier. Once again, thanks
  • Hi Mimoza, Could you seperate the two graphics on two designs and use them very well. That is, use the front design alone on a design and the back design as a seperate design? Lets see how they will turn out seperately. Thanks
  • Hi jasndavis, Thanks Probably if you could do something about the major colour background. The design concept and title are not legible probably due to the background colour Well done