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Winning design #22 by 3187mohit, Trade Show Swag Design for TurnKey Property Management Sign Contest
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designed by 3187mohit

Project description

TurnKey Property Management is a property management company based in Chicago providing a one stop shop for all your property needs including landlord activities, maintenance, tenant placement, rental management, expenses and sales. I would like this to be used as a sign to be placed on properties, similar to like a logo. i would like a white background and like colors of blue, green and maybe a gold/bronze color key to be used in the design.

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  • would prefer background to be white
    • what design you need please clarify like poster, flyer or else

  • i would like the sign to integrate a home in the sign or a couple of homes in an animated manner as this is a residential property management company
  • i would like this to be used for a sign to be placed on properties, so almost like a logo. ideally i would like brighter colors like green, blue and maybe the key in gold but am open to different perspectives.
  • hi can you do a version with the house in blue?
    • Please see #17, I was already working with blue when you said that :) Also, it is made to look a little less formal.

    • And please have a look at #18, it has the new graphic of #17 and color combination of #11. Thank you.

  • Mr CH, Let me know the design # 12 about. Thank you !
  • silver1331, Let me know how I can improve #9 to better portray your company. I can redesign the key "T" in any way or do anything else you'd like.
  • hi this design is a little too detailed i think i would prefer more text less image thanks
  • hi there this style is a little less refined than i am looking for but thanks
  • can you make this one word (but still with a capital K) and make the font a little less formal with the letters in blue?
    • I posted #11. My next entry will have a font as you asked. Tell me if this is going right. Thank you.

  • var
    Mr CH, I made a sketch of the idea I had to design your logo, if you approve of this idea will work on improving #6. Thanks!
  • Dear CH - pls take a look at my designs #5 and #7 . I'd appreciate if you let me know what you think about it. Thank you in advance. Regards. despolams
  • thanks for eliminating my design with a very open ended comment.
  • too bland
  • Hi there Contest Holder! I really enjoyed this contest and I really hope you enjoy my designs just as much! Please give me feedbacks, and I'll do my best to improve them. These two are my designs, #26 #25 , I have more coming up! Thanks, Anny
  • hi an you take #21 and make the e and Y in Key orange as well - so turn is blue and key is orange. thx
    • Hello Silver, 'key' is orange in #22. Please review. Thanks

  • can you do just this one #11 with just the house/N letter in the same blue so only the K is gold. Thanks
    • I posted #21, it is designed as you asked. Please have a look and let me know what you think. Thanks

  • can you make the font at less of an angle?
  • this design appears a bit too plain to me thanks though
  • I submit my new design please give feedback Entry No. 30 Waiting for your reply
  • You are not allowed to use clipart/third party images in logo contests. Source:http://www.thinkstockphotos.co.uk/image/stock-illustration-chicago-skyline/95268712?countrycode=GBR _ http://www.designcontest.com/print-design/turnkey-property-management-sign/entry/28/report/