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Positive outcome. Should be a mechanism for splitting 1st place without client paying extra.

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Winning design #32 by maxx, Trade Show Swag Design for White Matter LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by maxx

Project description

Create an advertising display that captures the spirit of a hi-tech startup!

White Matter LLC is looking for a skilled designer to create graphics for our exhibit booth.

White Matter LLC manufactures sophisticated electronic devices and laboratory equipment for neuroscience / brain research. The target audience are scientists.


We’re after a clean modern design that radiates cutting edge engineering and quality. Think Apple-style refined engineering and minimalism. Feel free to rearrange and re-size the logo how you see fit, as long as the basic elements of the logo do not change.

There are three components of the exhibit (refer to the ZIP folder). One large backdrop and two smaller graphics: 1) the Main backdrop 2) Graphic under the Hop Up Counter 3) A wrap around graphic on a stand alone podium (OCP).

We are mounting two TVs on the main display (27" and 43", see hopup_with_LCDs.png below). All necessary files - including the logo, the three different graphics dimensions, and the layout of the TVs can be found in the attached ZIP folder. nb: we have decided to put the 27" LCD lower down, just above counter, center is 34" from the top please refer to "hopup_with_LCDs.png".

The main display should incorporate the attached logo and the logo's color scheme. The logo (banner with company name) should start in the upper left hand corner. Feel free to adjust the text, "White Matter" and to fit within the bounds of where the two TVs will be positioned (see attached diagram). The display should have neuroscience / neural engineering themes without using any human-specific images or copyrighted stock images. 

Some blended abstract combination of engineering and neuroscience would work, e.g. neurons, binary 0101010 patterns, circuit board elements, neural networks, audio waves, etc. But it shouldn't be too high contrast or dominate as the TVs will be running digital signage and we don't want the overall look to be too busy or crowded.


The OCP wrap around graphic should incorporate the logo without the words "White Matter"


The graphic under the Hop Up Counter should use the same color schemes and should have the following title + bullets:

Advanced Neurotechnology

* scalable electrophysiology systems

* electrode testing and conditioning

* next-generation multi-electrodes

* system integration and design services

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  • remove hyphen for "multi- electrodes"; space bullets evenly. #56
  • center vertically on black strip :) #56
  • As you requested... #56
  • I prefer the simpler font of # 51 #50
    • @whitematter Will change. Just a notice, if you like both designs, you can buy second awarded work within One-On-One project.

    • @maxx Yeah, maybe I will. Though I thought $300 was a fair price for the whole lot, I don't like seeing somebody get nada, even if it is the nature of these contests...

  • center vertically, slightly larger font #50
  • Remove spots / network nodes #50
  • Please check it #54
  • like this orange. I dunno, maybe you need to reduce the contrast of the background pattern a bit? #53
  • please check it #53
  • About #48, @mediaproduction
    Do you like podinum wrap also same style like this ?
    Please confirm.
    Thank You
    • About #51, @mediaproduction
      Yes, but even simpler, don't overuse the wave pattern! Just the logo in the middle, on simple background or gradient, similar to #18

  • please check it #51
  • Try background color a bit more orange rather than brown #48
  • Change to: "Automated Electrode Testing and Plating" #48
  • Change to: "Next Generation Multielectrodes" #48
  • About #43, @mediaproduction
    I am waiting for your feedback
    Thank You
  • I slightly redesigned wave graphics, hope you like it. If not I will redo initial one. #46
  • URL for here and the end caps is "www.white-matter.com" (note the hyphen) #32
  • No 'LLC' anywhere, including podium and under counter #32
  • Note the slightly different text and order: Advanced Neurotechnology * scalable electrophysiology systems * electrode testing and conditioning * next-generation multi-electrodes * system integration and design services #32
  • I can try to finish it in 3-4 hours if that works for you?
    • @maxx OK, thanks for getting back... It'll be a race between you and the other guy, but I will award the contest immediately to the winner once we have all the pieces.