White Rabbit Frozen Yogurt - Wall Art

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Winning design #7 by Amezarak, Trade Show Swag Design for White Rabbit Frozen Yogurt - Wall Art Contest
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designed by Amezarak

Project description

We have a self-serve frozen yogurt store where we are looking to put a wall design. Our Store is called "White Rabbit Frozen Yogurt". Check out our website – www.whiterabbitfrozenyogurt.com The theme for this art is (a) Candyland (example – a chocolate pond, lollypop trees, cotton candy clouds,) with (b) Fruits (example – Strawberry parachute, pineapples, bananas, blueberries etc) and (c) Frozen yogurt. - Put our logo in the picture (our logo is the yogurt cup inside the bubble see attached picture), example logo as a house. - Somewhere on the art have it say "white rabbit frozen yogurt". White Rabbit Font is rabbit ears and frozen yogurt font it - geosanslight - I have attached the rabbit we use, we want all the four rabbits in the picture, make them do different things if you want, (example: have one of them flying, eating etc) - Make it a landscape where there are trees, mountains, sun, clouds. Keep in mind it is for a Frozen Yogurt Shop, see attached pictures of how our store looks like. We want bright colours so kids like it and make it cute and fun. Swimming, jumping, dancing, to give you some idea. Dimensions: 6 feet wide and 4 feet tall Format - .EPS and .ai It is going to printed on to a wall If you have any questions please ask us! :) Get creative!

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  • Hi, Submitted #1 It is a work in progress - is there any adjustments you would like at this stage? Any feedback is great. Thanks :)
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      JonathanMatthew {*wrote*}:
      Hi, Submitted #1 It is a work in progress - is there any adjustments you would like at this stage? Any feedback is great. Thanks :)
      |--| are you going to be submitting more work?

  • #2 I wanted to create a frozen yogurt landscape, I used ingredients (fruits and other) from the ones listed on your webpage. Any thoughts? Cheers!
    • Hi Amezarak Love the Strawberry parachute and the yogurt mountains! I like how you have a lot of fruits as well. Here is my advice: - The chocolate pond needs more activity and needs to be a bit more refined, i.e. have some movement in the water (i.e. waves), have one of the rabbit surfing or playing in the chocolate, or having a cup of yogurt or an ice-cream sandwich, smoothie (we sell these as well). - Couple of the fruits in the front looks like tomatoes if you can take those out. - Add trees, maybe made of candy, the picture needs some greenery - Overall, have a little bit more of organization in the picture like fruits and candy are just sitting on the ground. Have a basket of fruits or a fresh cut fruits in a yogurt cup or on top of the yogurt with toppings. - The yogurt mountain I really like them – but take out the one on the left of the picture – the brown on beside the grey swirl. - I want the picture to tell a bit more of a story. - Here are some Ideas - (1) have a row of candy lollypops, like trees. (2) We have yogurt for dogs too so if you are able to put a picture of a dog licking yogurt from a cup. thanks A

  • Hi Jonathon, It's a great start. Here are my recommendations: - Please make 2 mountains instead of 3 layers of perspective. - Have some activity in the sky like strawberry parachute, (I like the sun candy) - Add `frosted animal crackers` (Google them to see different shapes and colour) - Make a house out of our logo (the cup with the yogurt swirl) - Bring in more candy – like candy trees, I like the cotton candy ones maybe big lollypops as trees as well - Have some activity in the chocolate river, one of our rabbits surfing on cookie - Put sprinkles somewhere - I like the ginger bread couple (cute) - Show yogurt in the design as well - write White Rabbit Frozen Yogurt somewhere - Lastly I don`t really like the flowers can you make them out of candy or take them out. We want stuff to be made out of fruits, candy or chocolate. - Oh and add fruit stuff as well Think of it as we want kids to get excited and customers to crave candy and yogurt when they walk in and see this art. Its a great start again, like where you are going with it. Also, I have each of the rabbits in all the different emotions you see example - I have the pink rabbit in the eating yogurt pose and the dancing pose. So if you require that let me know. Thanks A
  • see my feedback above.
  • see my feedback above.
  • I'm working on a design uploading it soon please wait
  • Sorry need another 2 days to complete my wor it's little complicated
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      dulphy82 {*wrote*}:
      Sorry need another 2 days to complete my wor it's little complicated
      |--| ok thanks. Looking forward to it!

  • Feedback - the "i" in the rabbit is touching the white a bit. Space the White and Rabbit a tiny little more. - the yellow tree on the right hand side can you make it purple or orange (which ever one you think looks better) - The pink swirl behind the pink Rabbit make it stick out a little more. Maybe make it orange it sort of blends in to the background. I like the tree changes you made. thanks A
  • hi erkou The picture looks good. Here are a few recommendations: - too many rabbits take 3-4 out. - the 'frozen yogurt' in the banner should be at the bottom right of White Rabbit. check out the attachment to see how our logo is. - the cotton candy trees - maybe make them different colors - white and blue - I see too much pink or other colors you think might look good. - the two chocolate swirls on the right can you make the right most swirl one pink - take out one of the pink swirls underneath the "bit" in the white rabbit banner. I really like the organization of the picture and the creativity of the banner and our logo presentation. Ideas - Our actual yogurt has different colours not just chocolate, white and pink, It is also blue, red and green. Just some ideas. You don't have to change the swirl colors. thanks A
  • Sorry for my late submission #6.. Hope you like it :).. And if you need some improvement feel free to give me some direction.. regards, Erkou
  • On #5, I removed the baskets and made a few improvements to the profundity perspective of the graphic; also removed the "lollipop" looking trees and replace them with some candy fluffy trees (they reminded me taffy or some candy like that), dunno, the other ones seemed to me that didn't quite fit. I'd be glad to hear some comments. Cheers!
  • Hi Tiff - Can you make the rabbits pop out a bit more, they blend in a little bit. - The bubble that the green rabbit is thinking can you make that an actual yogurt inside the bubble - Change the house a bit, I don't really like the way the sign on it. Add more detail to the house.
  • Hey Amezarak, I like the changes. Keep everything the same but take out the baskets I actually don't like them. thanks!
  • thanks for the edits. Last edit - can you make the frozen yogurt right justified. thanks a
    • Dear whiterabbitfroz, here my last revise #13... regards, Erkou

  • Thanks Erkou - - can you make 'frozen yogurt' a bit bolder. - add our logo bubble the on the left of White Rabbit like our sign in the picture I had attached - to the left of White Rabbit.
  • Hi Erkou - Just a quick edit - The 'Frozen Yogurt' has to be a bit be the same width as Rabbit. The Font is Geo Sans Light.Thanks
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      whiterabbitfroz {*wrote*}:
      Hi Erkou - Just a quick edit - The 'Frozen Yogurt' has to be a bit be the same width as Rabbit. The Font is Geo Sans Light.Thanks
      |--| Dear whiterabbitfroz, here my revise #11.. regards, Erkou

  • Hi Dulphy Feedback: - the can you take the candy cane out or make it smaller. - The yogurt swirl on the house is not a perfect swirl it is leaning to the left a little if you can straighten it out - The strawberry on the right of the picture is really big, make it smaller a bit. - the rainbow needs to be dimmed a bit in color like the fruits in the background. - like the yogurt cups on the left side of the picture.
  • Hi CH.. Here my revision #8.. I revised as your command.. With your ideas I've tried to change the color of the swirls yogurt mountain.. And it's greater with more color.. I think children like something very colorful.. But if you dislike it I don't mind to return it back to previous color.. And while I revised them some ideas pop up in mind.. I add some yogurt house.. Hope you like it.. :).. If you need more improvement I'd be glad to hear.. :) regards, Erkou