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There are some requirements for designing a twitter background, so just any design won’t do - you’ll need to know a bit about Twitter and download a background template HERE: http://www.blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/tutorials/twitter-background-design-how-to-and-best-practices .  But, don’t let the extra learning discourage you - learning about your client’s needs is an important aspect of design and an excellent way to grow as a designer.

The winning Twitter background will be used on our own Twitter page, so please make it appropriate and complimentary to the new site design. Aside from being appropriate and built in the correct background template, you are free to use your own creativity and ideas to create something exciting and fresh. You must use your own original design, please no stock images or clipart.  No photography of any kind.

If you wish to use to use the DC logo in your entry, you can download it here: http://designcontest.net/dclogo.eps
The font used on DesignContest.net is called Anivers, and can be downloaded here: http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Anivers.htm

Once you’ve developed your new background image, just save a low resolution (within 640x480 pixels) jpeg to upload to the contest page. At the contest end, the community will vote for the design they like best, and the winner’s design will be added to our Twitter page as the new background! The winner will also get an awesome DesignContest t-shirt and bragging rights!

The winner will be contacted at the contest end to provide the full size background files, and to provide your address to receive your t-shirt. Good luck!

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  • Can we extend this contest? :p
  • I was wandering if you want a textured type background or certain colors?
  • Thnx for the feedback. I'll post some other ideas.
  • interesting! but I think if you want to use logos designed on DC there should be more of them and they should be all over the background. but it's just an idea. I am not sure about menu-like bit there. I think we try to avoid making the visitors think that they can actually click on the background.
  • I have to agree with Brandy, #2673 is a good start, but we need something more. By the way, I think we should extend this contest. We will probably not be able to award a prize if there are less than 3 designs.
  • this is good, but I think we need more excitement, more color, a more vivid background image, maybe?
  • wow this is nice
  • i have a problem loading the logo file..it gives be a blank illustrator page!! donno what's wrong
  • link to the logo has been added.
  • its Just a small wood texture and repeating, Are we talking about the wood texture it self? or the background size?
  • I am not sure if twitter allows this disposition of the background... it would be cool if it did...
  • any feedback? :)