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Winning design #33 by cyrixian, Website Design for a Competitive, Commercial, Empowering IT Support Design. Contest
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designed by cyrixian

Project description

We are looking for a simple, clean and modern template that should be presented as reliable / Trustworthy, user friendly and cutting edge. This Design is for an IT Support website that will have a Competitive, Commercial Appearance that would make any other Large Organisation jealous of the high standard of design and effort that was put into it. Awesome comes to Mind.

Two Templates I Like from themeforest, for you an example of into my design Tastes But Don't Make this layouts offical for the I.T company Design. I Just Want Something Visually striking.


Please Put Social Media Interative buttons such as Facebook, Twitter .etc, Post your Job Button and pay invoice,Testimonials & Site Map, if you have any clever ideas let me know and we'll fit it in somewhere.

Please Create us Awesome Layouts to be a Contender! Be Creative and give us a positive image – My IT Technology support site won’t have to be boring either, but please remember we want it to be a serious contender in the IT Support Industry and a cracking design is needed urgently.

Don't Make this look like a Freelancer site Make it look like an elite computer repair Company

Menu should have:

1. Home
2. About
3. Services
4. Local pages
5. Reseller Program
6. Terms and conditions
7. Articles
8. Help

Also About the Logo supplied -- I'm uncertain if this will be good for the website and may change if it dos'nt look good: if you got logo idea you can try it. -- Thankyou.

Check out these othwe websites for Idea of services and Industry competition:

• http://www.itlab.co.uk/
• http://www.iyogi.com/
• http://www.geeksquad.co.uk
• http://computertroubleshooters.co.uk/

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  • ok Sir :) thanks !
  • Hi ChrisBills -- Psd files only: HTML is'nt apart of the competition rules, Just the Graphic Design.
  • Design #2 is a Template from a previous site. I need a personalised site that has been created from scratch and unique.
  • Design #1 Looks to Freelancer || Need it to be a Computer repair company.
  • Not what I'm Looking for guys, Sorry! Needs to be more like iYogi.co.uk, geeksquad.co.uk, itlab.co.uk, computertroubleshooters.co.uk -- Displaying the I.T Services that we sell only.
  • The colors and the font-type can be changed. The content sections can be rearranged or removed if you wish. I'll be waiting for your feedback.
  • Hi CH, I've completed an initial design with your defined requisites. If there is different content that you would like to see somewhere on the page, please let me know and I can make the appropriate changes. Enjoyed working on this, hope you find what you are looking for.
  • Hi, Please check my design #13 and send some feedback
  • I have submitted #10 with the logo you provided and #11 with the name only. I would appreciate some Feedback please. Thanks.
  • Hi, I have submitted #8 and the #9 is with different logo. Feedback appreciated. Thanks.
  • #7 Hey michael, thanks for the compliment and feedback. I have submitted a revision I hope is to your liking. Always open to your input. best, Hector
  • Naturally, all the gadgets are optional so if you don't need a twitter block it could be switched with whatever you want. I used Twitter because it's one of the more popular options in web-design and showed one of the many possibilities.
  • Hi Michael, Any feedback on the design? Regards
  • Design looks to tacky for my likings.
  • I'd like to see would more Focus on the selling side of the IT Support Services on Offer. Love the Open shirt super hero concept though... Heres some ideas, pics and examples you could add in there. Visit http://preview.tinyurl.com/6kja6yj for Ideas and pics.
  • Will this need to be coded? Thanks.
  • PLease read altered brief to personalise templates I like from themeforest.
  • I'm not too sure about this design. too dark. -- Please read the altered brief to modify templates I like from themeforest.
  • I would like a much nicer template - maybe an adaption of http://themeforest.net/item/mobilityapp-ipad-iphone-or-android-app-theme-/full_screen_preview/336513 -- More Techie I.T Support Headers and a much better layout of the service displays.thanks