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Winning design #29 by ramsro, Website Design for AFrame Software :: Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ramsro

Project description

Need to refresh my current website.  I have started a raw bootstrap template here:  This may help in creating a design, but I'm certainly not tied to it.  Also, some of the copy needs help, but I assume I can modify that later.  My existing website is here:

The color palette of the website should be:

primary: #2B557D (blue)
secondary: #FF7A06 (orange)

I like the use of whites and light grays to create a very clean look.  The primary and secondary colors above should be more of accent colors.

Examples I Like:

Site should be one-page "scrollable" navigation.

Looking for an AI or PSD deliverable.  The use of web fonts is fine, would love for them to be free (at least the web version) and in the Adobe TypeKit if possible.

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  • About #29, @ramsro I think this is the one!
  • About #32, @iNoesis
    Dear CH,
    Thank you very much for your feedback on my previous design. I have uploaded my updated design with the changes you said.
    Please look at my updated design #31, #32 and give me your valuable feedback.
    Kind Regards,
  • could you need any changes update me please. #33
  • Hi Sir,

    Here is my second entry. I have adjusted the layout based on your feedback, hopefully I got it right. Thanks for the ratings and for this kind of opportunity. #27
  • Hello there,
    Here is my first entry, sorry for taking a bit longer to submit, and i hope its not too late.
    I wen't for a clean minimal design, considering that we have quite a bit of content to share with the user. I also think that the design reinforces the brand identity.

    As far as feel of the website goes, i think we need a smooth transition between pages, something similar to this:
    And each scroll should be consistent with one page, so on a screen at once you only see one section of the website ( lets say features ) and when you scroll once, you get to next page, pricing.
    I also think that we should have an always on top menu, so people can easily navigate from page to page, and its good to have the sign-up button always present.

    The images/fonts/icons i've used are all legal and purchased ( will share the rights with you if we get there ). Except the font, those are free google fonts.

    The top image its a double exposure image, these are very good when you want to send a clear message without overcrowding the design. If you are ok with the general design line and brand identity i will change the second image of the buildings with something more residential.

    Should you want anything changed, don't hesitate to let me know.

    Thank you,
  • About #6, @Egolay I really appreciate the entry, but I feel that your design isn't exactly heading in the direction that the others are. They are much closer to the design I'm wanting. Many thanks and best of luck!
  • I like the way you did this. Good imagery and still incorporated the cool blue box. Nicely done. #25
  • After thinking about it, I might make this area display all 4 bullet points without a slider. I want the user to quickly see the 4 selling points without having to wait for the slider or click something. Just want them right in the users face when they see the site for the first time. #25
  • I love the way you did this section. Collapsable, but when expanded it's very powerful. Well done. #25
  • I think this section is cool. I'm thinking we might want to expand this area a bit. For example, I assume the icons in the lower left are clickable? But this might not be so obvious to the user. I also want to make sure this area is easy for me to translate to a responsive layout on the iPhone fro example. #19
  • We wont' have a physical address or phone number at the present time. Like the form. #19
  • I won't have images of my customers who give testimonials and don't like stock images for this section. Perhaps we can replace the headshot with an icon of somesort? #19
  • Like this a lot. Good imagery to make the main feature areas pop. Might make the imagery a tad less large and increase text below so the user can immediately see what the icons mean. #19
  • I would lose the "What We Do?" and move the title to "Residential Real Estate..." as the title. I might make the font a tad bit larger in the section for the description #19
  • I would move the Customer login trapezoid button above the blue line instead of below. This is supposed to take you to a new site and shouldn't be realted to "Sign Up" button #19
  • Like the contact us form, very compact. Just FYI, we won't have a phone number or a physical address on the website so the bottom portion may need to be changed. Also, after thinking about it, I should probably have a SignUp form somewhere on this website. Fields: First Name, Last Name, Email, Sign Up button (30-day money back guarantee), Free 15 Day Trial button. Again I want to give the user two options but promote the Sign up (not the 15 day trial) #21
  • I won't have photos of my customers who give testimonials and don't like to put "stock" headshots on a testimonial so perhaps you could rework this section a tiny bit? #21
  • Since this section will be responsive, I think I might work on this a bit. I also want to shy away from the "read more" becuase I want the full website to be a one-page scrollable. It also needs to be responsive, so the different features should be easy to tralate to an iPhone screen. Also, the main feature of the application is not the mobile phone, so I would rather not have a photo of a phone here (we don't have a native phone app..yet) #21
  • Here I might have two buttons. One for "Sign Up" and another "15 Day Free Trial", but have the sign up button orange and a less pronounced "free trial" since what I really want them to do is sign up! ;) #21
  • Perhaps here is where we can put "Sign Up" and a check box or a button for the "15 Day Free Trial" Again, I don't want to promote the free trial as much as the sign up. #20