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We prefer a wordpress type of layout such as that of Ebon Website

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Main pages of the website:

One Sustainable Wold (Homepage)


One Design & Build

Sustainable Business Consulting


Strategic Alliances

Contact Us


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One Sustainable World (Home Page):

Building cities and countries where sustainable societies can thrive as one with nature.


Mission (Pop-up Window):

To continuously improve the standard of urban habitat and the way we interact with the environment

Committed to creating long term value for shareholders and partners.

Establish sustainable and renewable practices for planet, people and profit.

To enhance the unique physical makeup and perceived qualities of a place for both human and nature.


Values (Pop-up Window):

The core values of One Sustainable World is centered around Ubuntu.





True Innovation



At One Sustainable World, we believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently in everything we do.

We challenge the status quo by constructing products and providing services that are sustainable for planet, people and profit. Our area of expertise just happens to be real estate development.



Who? (Pop-up window):

One Sustainable World believes that strategic relationships in real estate are the key to boundless success. Our aim is to facilitate continuous sustainable return through ensuring the underlying business longevity in its sociological, financial and environmental context.

One Sustainable World specializes in developing underutilized real estate and new property into high yielding developments.

What makes One Sustainable World unique is that we have a holistic approach to each project from a developer, urban designer, architect, and contractors point of view.

Our philosophy: If the project will not yield a sizable return within its unique context, then we simply just won't develop it.



Why? (Pop-up Window):

"It is not what you have that counts in life, it is what you do with it."


At One Sustainable World, we believe in integrity and sincerity in any task that we are called upon to perform. Our diverse in-depth experience is a great asset not only for us but also for our clients. They can be confident that we will meet their highest expectations and that we shall deliver excellent results. Our achievements in past projects have helped us to use our ideas and expertise to advise property owners on how they can maximize their property value and achieve a higher return on investment.


Founded by C.S. Nel, One Sustainable World is based on the African belief that "I am what I am because of who we all are". Within this belief, One Sustainable World fosters life time relationships with like-minded people, consultants, companies, and organization with the aim of  creating a legacy of a more sustainable world for our children.


One Sustainable World can boast with a wide range of exceptional experiences in Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. They have been involved in multiple award winning projects as Developers, Urban Designers, Architects, Project Managers, Contractors and Manufacturers. The budgets for these projects ranged from 15 Million to 3.4 Billion. This gives them the unique edge to approach every project holistically, solving problems and finding solutions  which propel the project forward.


Following all their successes and vast experiences with internationally-renowned and multiple Award-winning construction consulting companies, they are now leading the next generation of construction entrepreneurs through personalized business consulting, designing the Architectural blueprint of selected businesses. They are natural leaders with a huge appetite for knowledge, driving them to build diagonal congruencies by ingraining vertical and horizontal thinking in every daily function.



UMOJA Properties (Additional url linking directly to this part = UmojaP

Building sustainable societies that are re-integrated with nature and its surroundings.



One Design and Build (Additional url linking directly to this part = OneDesignAndB

Continuously enhance the human experience within the habitat we live in.


Services (Pop-up Window):

Urban Design

Architectural Design

Interior Design

Construction Management

Sustainability Consulting

Integrated Project delivery

Programing and Space Planning

Contract Negotiations

Visioning and Strategic Planning



Sustainable Business Consulting (Additional url linking directly to this part = SustainableBusinessC

Developing competitive advantages for our select clients in the construction industry through adopting sustained successful practices.


Services (Pop-up Window):

  Strategic Planning.

  Organizational Assessment.

  Business Development & Marketing.

  Business Process Engineering.

  Project Management Improvement.

  Productivity Improvement.

  Intergraded Project Delivery.

  Building Information Management.

  Virtual Design and Construction.

  Benchmarking & Metric Development.





Will follow-up with the rest of the project write-ups.



Strategic Alliances (All to have website links to them, Will include the logo's also):

Development Management Group - www.DMG

Northpoint -

Ebon -

Wild and Free Foundation - (Matt and Rohan)

The Earth Charter -

LEED - US Green Building Council -

Green Building Council South Africa -

Singapore Green Building Council -


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