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Aris is a platform where online merchants can create high quality LIVE broadcast to show on their Facebook or Instagram where their audiences are. (like shopify)

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  • Company Profile Setup Page #44
  • Dear CH,

    I am working on design but need 1 day more to complete my design, if you can extend to contest for 1 day this would be great.

    Many Many Thank you,
    Web Design Master #5
  • Hi @touchaponk,

    I would like to propose the following design for your project. The design is based on my interpretation of the wireframe in your brief. I made several adjustments to the wireframe to keep the design as minimalistic and user friendly as possible. I'll be more than happy to make any further adjustments based on your feedback if necessary.

    Thank you for your time. #43
  • Greetings sir @touchaponk,

    I have done creating the whole web design layout and how it would be when the actual website is created. i have added an actual robot that helps someone who used it first time or to read "Help" and "FAQ" by clicking on the robot itself. this will make the Botchat more lively than "type and text".

    i am using combination of blue and green as main color palette because the combination of these color creates harmony and calming color tone. the color combination also represents hope, and growth.

    As for the design i added some additional features and accessibilty such as language change, share button, etc. so the website itself doesnt look too empty but not too crowded as well.

    I hope my website design does live up to your expectation.
    if the full mockup of the website design is pixelated to you i can make it into 2 separate entries so it would not pixelate too much.

    If there is any feedback or anything that i should revise/change please do tell me.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    R.Valentino #42
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  • mockup of all screens / pages #28
  • Please give your valuable feedback #5
  • Hello, i wanted to ask that what we need to create is only the visualized what the website will look like or we need to create the website as well using jquery, css and such?