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I need a simple elegant website for my engineering consulting business. I do industrial automation. googling PLC and DCS (Program logic Controller and Distributed control system) is a great way to figure out what that is. essentially it is the programming that runs factories power plants mines, refineries and other industrial installations. I want my potential customers to know that can handle any part of the engineering: architecture design, hardware spec, configuration, install, programming, and commissioning. As well as continued maintenance.  below is my company profile below for details. I don't want to get to bogged down in details because it's all really complicated and each job is different. What I do want to have noted in particular is Siemens PCS7 and Siemens TIA Portal. Siemens is my specialty and I want to target those users as my primary customers.  

here are a couple websites of similar companies:


Atlas seeks to provide the best in industrial automation process design and system integration on a contract basis.  In an industry of time and budget constraints, we can provide an affordable and complete automation engineering package.



Atlas is equipped to perform regular maintenance or complete ground up services: design, build, and/or commissioning. We perform all documentation, planning, and fulfill regulatory requirements while meeting the strictest of industry and customer standards.  We have experience in a wide array of industries including, but not limited to:

·       Mining & Milling

·       Nuclear

·       Water treatment

·       Waste water treatment

·       Cogen power/steam

·       Pulp and paper milling

·       Manufacturing

·       Petrochemical refinement

·       Turbine controls

·       Food and Beverage

·       Agriculture

·       Building security and

Atlas understands that as systems grow and evolve, the need to integrate multiple manufacturers into a single system is inevitable. We can help you in adapting, integrating, modifying or building systems on a variety of platforms including, but not limited to:

·       Siemens PCS7

·       Siemens TIA Portal

·       Rockwell Allen-Bradley

·       ABB Bailey

·       Bentley Nevada

·       Foxboro

 Instrumentation and Networking                    

In addition to primary system configuration we also assist or perform peripheral requirements such as:

·       VFD configuration and management

·       Soft start configuration and management

·       ProfiBus/ModBus/Heart/Foundation FieldBus/ EtherNet/IP

·       Instrument configuration and maintenance

·       Networking and TCP/IP configuration and maintenance

Data Management and Historizing                  

Your system brings you important data. Our mission is to present it to you in the best way possible. We can help you optimize your process and minimize downtime through innovative HMI and reporting techniques using industry underpinning tools such as, but not limited to:

·       WinnCC

·       OSIsoft PI

·       Microsoft Access

·       Wonderware

·       Linux Clustering

·       Unix Databasing

·       RSView

·       SQL

Atlas strives to deliver a product that allows you and your organization to run more efficiently and smoothly. We will meeting all your needs in a cost effective and timely manner.

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    • Dear Ahmad Jodeh @ajodeh I have a proposal for you. Since it's obvious that you're not satisfied with the entries here, I'm offering a one-to-one project with you to do the website. As a client who didn't opt for a guaranteed contest, you can always ask DesignContest's customer service to exchange this contest to a one-to-one project with me. I believe DesignContest will be more than happy to see their client stay and have a better chance of getting desired results, so they would likely allow such a request from you, if you wish to do so. Details of the one-to-one project:- 1. Deadline: As per client's choosing 2. No. of revisions: Unlimited until client ends the project in any way Do let me know of your decision.

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