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Winning design #43 by syyar, Website Design for Backyard Harvest website Contest
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designed by syyar

Project description

Backyard Harvest is an Organic Produce Gardening Service. The business is similar to a Landscaping, Lawn Care Service, but we exclusively design, build, and maintain raised bed, organic, produce gardens for our customers in their yard, for their consumption. We do all the hard work of gardening, all the customer needs to do is pick what's fresh and eat it. The two primary demographics are people 55 and older, whose typical interest is eating healthier as they age looking to avoid or minimize diet related health issues and young families looking to feed their children the best food possible. So the site needs to appeal to both. It is typically women who are the driving force behind the actual purchase decision. I am also interested in appealing to the Do It Yourself (DIY) crowd who can purchase raised bed kits, raised bed kits along with installation/setup, or raised bed kits with installation/setup and maintenance. As you can see from the logo, the brand is open and approachable with a bit of fun. The colors should be consistent with the brand and logo, the colors of the earth and fresh organic produce. I would like to site to be inspirational, photo heavy and plan to use photos of actual customer gardens. However, since this is a brand new business, we don't have any pictures yet. So stock photos are fine for now. The site should also be adaptable for various computer and mobile devices.

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  • Hello, CH! Do you want a layout only for the homepage, or for all the pages? Thank you!
    • All pages. Thanks.

    • hello CH. is the coding required or only template design? .thank you

    • Template Design only. I have a local resource who will do the coding. With this contest, I'm looking to establish the branding, look and feel of the site, navigation, etc.

  • Hi CH, just to clarify... is it ok to design two pages of your choosing then complete the other two after the contest is over? Reason being, it will be unfortunate to dedicate so much time to designing and not win. Thanks
    • I'm open to the idea, but not really sure how that would work. Since each page is so different (homepage, blog, ecommerce, video/resources) it seems like it would be difficult to pick a winner unless the first two pages just absolutely blow me away. Also, DC charges additional money and increases the prize amount for each additional page, so what am I paying for if I don't get a sample page for each page I got charged for?

    • I understand your concern and its perfectly ok. What happens when you pick a winner is you have the option of having the designer continue to work on/modify the design until you are satisfied before releasing the prize money. But then again this is just a suggestion if you are not certain we can still work on all pages. Thanks!

    • Hello. I agree with jmaya since two pages will give a complete idea about the design. But also, you have a point CH. My suggestion is just to blind the contest since it might be a long run. 3 contests opened at the same time, and even though this is the only guaranteed one, designers are starting with the blind ones. Kind regards

  • Dear CH, I have uploaded my design for the home page. Please look at my designs #8 #9 and give me your feedback. The difference between these designs is the header only. Please let me know which one you like so that I can proceed the next page designs with the same theme. Kind Regards,
    • iNoesis, First, let me say that it is apparent you either already understand organic, raised bed gardening or you've done your homework. Either way, kudos to making the sample content highly relevant. To answer your specific question, it's a difficult choice. The addition of the sunrise/rolling hills graphic in #9 definitely evokes a pleasant feeling of farmland, nature, etc. But I also like the way the logo pops on the clean white background of #8. I can definitely say I like the way the picture at the top of #9 without the white frame around it. It seems to make it a bit more prominent and also helps provide a bit more separation from the informational areas of the page. My gut tells me that from a consistency of branding standpoint, #8 is preferable, so I'm perfectly fine with you proceeding in that direction with the other page samples.

  • Hello CH, Can you please rate the current designs so I know what I'm up against. Thanks
  • Hi CH, Please give me some notes on #18 .. Thanks.
  • Hi CH, I have submitted my 1st design in your contest. Please rate my entry #19 & #20 . Also feel free to let me know the required changes you need in this design. So that your design expectation can be met. Awaiting for your kind comments. Thanks. Best Regards/WebStar
  • Hello CH, I have uploaded another design for homepage #17. Can you please give me a feedback, I would like to know what design you like most and what can I do next. Thank you!
    • I suspect with #17 the pictures would scroll with a carousel type effect? If so, that's certainly an interesting idea. However, I think I prefer the look of a single large image at a time. This would allow large images with more detail visible. I'm not sure how I feel about the 'funnel' effect around and behind the logo though. It feels a bit off to me. I do like the clean layout of the bottom of the page. I also like the layout at the bottom of #3 vs. #2. Comparing the two, it seems to work better for me.

    • Thank you for your feedback. I have uploaded another layout for homepage, blog and resources. (#25 #26 #27) Do you want me to continue working on this idea and design the products page too? Thank you.

  • While I like the overall clean layout of the page, I don't think I like the black and grey backgrounds. While it certainly helps frame the images, it doesn't seem to support the brand concepts of the life, growth and vibrancy of fresh healthy produce.
  • Dear CH, Thank you very much for your feedback on my previous designs. Yes as you said I already designed few designs for gardening. And here I have uploaded the other pages designs. Please check the following designs and give me your valuable feedback on the designs. #21 Product category submenu view design. #22 Product page design. #23 blog Page design #24 Resources page design but I have used as Gardening Tips. If you need to change it we can change the title. Please let me know if you need any changes or modification on the designs. Kind Regards,
  • Dear Ch, Please give feedbacks for our entries, so we can improve our designs and we can know what you expect. Thank you
  • Hi CH, my design for the homepage at #37. The design based on your user/visitors age demographic which is 55 or older, That's why I'm using large font and simplified the design so senior citizen could easily focus on the content. Feedback appreciated. Thanks. Regards
  • Hello Sir, Looking Forward to your valuable feedback of #36 design. Thank you
  • Dear CH, I have uploaded my updated design for home page (#29, #30) and single product page design #31. We can incorporate the single product page(other inner pages also) in to the home page which you like most. Please look at my designs and give me your valuable feedback. Kind Regards,
  • Hello danielhebert10, a review for my entry (#14) and any ideas on how to improve it would be really appreciated. I used a more non-formal design that is colorful and a bit fun, in other words it is "catchy" and showcases content well. It can be very easily modified for a blog or product page version, since the major elements are already done. Looking forward to your opinion. Thank you!
  • Dear CH, I have submitted updated layouts for homepage (#40, #41) and 2 for product page (#38, #39). Please let me know if you like it and if you want any kind of changes. Thank you!
  • Having a large photo taking up the top of the page with the menu bar and logo over top of it, I think works well. I also like the addition of a featured projects area. The layout of the 3 columns for resources, blog, etc. is appealing and works well, I think. I also like the use of the green and brown colors to highlight and separate the various areas.
    • Hi; I made a cleaner version #43. Actually, in this concept I'm trying to create a tight and clean garden theme. #44 is a products page of the same theme with shorter background image. And in #45 I changed to a white/green for products background adding a quick product preview screen. The bottom of the page still promoting featured products, "resources", and "blog".

    • And I'm updating my other designs and I'll submit in few hours. Thanks.

  • All of the additional graphics seems to add a level of business to the page. It just takes it in a different direction than where we would like to go.
    • Actually, my idea was to make the site more fun and colorful but still organized to better suggest healthy products for families and older people (since the use of the additional graphics). I also think it retains a blog-like look combined with e-commerce elements. Sorry to hear it's not compatible with your needs.

  • Thank you a lot for your feedback and rating. I will try to improve the blog page and the resources page, but if you have any thoughts about what else do you need on those pages, or what you don't like in my design, it will be much easier for me to meet your needs. Thank you.
  • I think the pictures are not prominent enough and it focuses a bit to much on "contact us" and "learn more" and not focused on who we are and what we do.
    • Thanks for the respond. Let see if I can work it around to meet your requirement. Regards

  • Feedback for #8, #21, #22, #23 and #24. First, thank you for giving me an example of each of the pages requested. The layout of the home page seems nice and clean. Product pages seem a bit busy with s lot of options really close together. The resource and blog pages have some interesting things going on as far as the overall layout of the pages.